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Bernie Sanders: How To Succeed Without Really Trying

July 20, 2016

As of June Bernie Sanders had $9,163,237 Cash on Hand…
And all he had to do to keep it, was endorse Hillary Motherfucking Clinton… At least he aint cheap. And you can afford not to be, so long as you got a pile of chumps, sending you their hard earned money… Trump largely, has spent his own money…
He doesn’t even have a sizable amount of Big Contributions from Rich Donor’s. And what he does have, is a majority of small individual donations…. So beware of the BS narratives the media and your friends tell you. Bernie sold you out, at a handsome profit, Hillary got a great return on investment. Or check that, make it Bernie. Some lies don’t come CHEAP! At least you were allowed THIS time to CHOOSE to give Bernie your money… Next time, Hillary gets to take it, by FORCE! She burned down men, women and children, alive and had people shot trying to flee a burning building, and she didn’t even want their money…. What do you think she has in store for you… Wanna find out… Go ahead, Vote! What’s the worst thing that could happen, you have nothing left to lose, except what’s left…


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