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Tavis Two Face, Carrying Water For His Master

July 19, 2016

Tavis two face. “We need BLM to respect the lives of all citizens…” They just so happen to leave out anybody who isn’t black… (Holy Shit, Rachel can’t tan… She looks like “Walter” from Jeff Dunham… but then she is a puppet, so it makes sense she would resemble one…) BLM is a separatist, racist movement…. MLK preached NON VIOLENCE and reconciliation, and now you have BLM blacks saying, if you aint black, SHUT THE FUCK UP… Tavis is clearly confused here. It’s a shame black people, even rich black people, don’t understand Dr. King’s message of unity, and mission to end inequality, regardless of race. It’s an economic issue. And rich Yes men, and women don’t get paid to tell you that! They get paid to tell you, your neighbor is the reason your life sucks. When your neighbor doesn’t affect one damn thing in the structure of your daily life. These people do… And they are deflecting the blame from their masters, onto YOU, the slaves…. Don’t fall for it… Hell illegals are given free health care, housing, subsides and don’t pay taxes, THAT is the REAL enemy of black people. Because it threatens the social welfare system that the people Tavis serves, uses to keep us ALL down. Regardless of race or origin… Like Malcolm X said, people like Smiley are well paid house negroes…. selling out another generation to the Democrat plantation… It’s embarrassing…

The Color of Crime, 2016 Revised Edition

What does David Clarke here expose?

What is Don Lemon and Tavis Smiley trying SO DESPERATELY to hide:

MLK would be proud of this speech:

I’ll just leave THIS ^ right here…


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