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Proxy War & Democracy

July 19, 2016


We didn’t have the technology….


We investigated ourselves, and found nothing…

A GOP judge’s contempt for the Constitution and you…

You have a right to democracy, until you exercise it.

You either have a bad company or that wasn’t real money.

If a person’s gender matters more than her judgement… Yikes!

Report: Adult Refugees Enrolled In Canadian High School, Harassing Young Girls

Oh, Canada… What the HELLL!!!

Not my “DAMN” President!

She failed to answer the 3 AM phone call and our guys DIED, pure and simple… She is DISQUALIFIED!

Her mistress is an Arab spy….


War it’s got it’s reasons….

Of course… they consider the American people to be terrorists…

I’ll just leave this here…

Hillary Clinton Says Americans ‘Deserve Better’ Than The Right To Bear Arms

They deserve to be abandoned and killed while the police don’t show up, then see the police give themselves medals, just like Benghazi.

Israel and the Saudi’s armed, funded, trained, and gave medical care to jihadists. Of course the US doesn’t want to piss off it’s money men, and surveillance apparatus… (Cough, ADL!)

Clinton Email: We Must Destroy Syria For Israel

Hillary admits to starting proxy war in Syria on behalf of Israel.


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