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What The Liberty Movement Doesn’t Get

June 5, 2016

Me to “FB  Friend”

I parted company with Kokesh after this…

FB: Why?

Watch the video. Adam thinks he is the purist of the liberty movement. He just doesn’t get it that liberty means different things to different people. A better word is autonomy. What he ignorantly said when Mike Ruppert died, was nothing more than trying to use it as a means to trap people into his ideology. He means we’ll. But hasn’t done his homework. Like most he thinks reading Mises, Paul, Rothbard, and Spooner, makes you an expert on liberty and that u have to reinvent the wheel. This is unnecessary. Really they aren’t fighting for liberty. They are fighting for a way to make money off of people in the movement. Buy my book, video, subscribe to my site.

The Ron Paul people are the worst at this. I’ve seen it with big Alex Jones, and small potatoes like Adam and Gary Franchi at When u can’t criticize Israel, question 911, have Libertarian principles and can’t back the GOP, or the Libertarian party, and can’t stand sacred cows and enforced taboos, and you no longer are a liberty movement, but a capitalist, command and control movement. What about the majority of the people? Do they have a say and a right to run their own damn revolution ? To the crisis capitalists, that question is too important to leave to chance. It’s no longer our cause for freedom, its their business, which is the same position and reason government is controlling us right now… That’s my biggest problem with the names of the liberty movement. There ain’t no liberty in the movement. There are valid points made by Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Thomas Paine, people like Peter Joseph, and Mike Ruppert about capitalism and democracy. Try having a discussion about that with a liberty movement slave. You can’t. You are living in their false idol personality cult, be it a person like Dr. Paul, or an ideology like capitalism, or Adam’s obsession with a stateless society. Too many niche, crisis capitalists, telling us their solution for a price, and reducing our role to obedience to them, and to buy there shit. That’s sounds like just another form of slavery to me…. All we do is pick our masters. “If you are looking for a leader, you’re gonna get a master!” — Anthony Antonello — He’s right.



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