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It Doesn’t Make Sense, Until It Does

June 5, 2016


This is a bigger egocentric run than Trump. The GOP has NO problem with a millionaire as President, see Steve Forbes, pathetic repeated campaigns. The problem is Trump is a populist, he wants to restore the economy, stop sending money to people who hate us, and stop wasting money on bad deals for America. He wants to negotiate the Middle East peace process, which is the LAST thing Israel wants. If there is peace, they have to compete with Arabs. Lose military funding. Probably will lose the multi BILLIONS we send to them every year, because then they won’t be seen as “in danger!” It would end the apartheid police state of Israel, and their occupation of the West Bank. If they have to pay for their military, they would have to stop subsidizing the Jews, and the Jews would have to work, or leave. If you didn’t subsidize Jews, no Jew would want to live there in the Middle East, they would go to America, or London. Maybe even back home to Russia. Then Putin would have to deal with the Cechens and the Jews, in a war to control Russia. If you really wanted to take out Putin and control Russia, that is how you do it. Remember Afghanistan and Iraq?!! If Bill Kristollnacht wants to run the world. HE should run, not send one of his lackey, gofer employees to do it. Even if his other employees, like Romney, won’t…. Assholes!


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