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How Israel Was Created

June 1, 2016

In the news Britain has decided to award Florida to the Orthodox Jews, since there “treasonous” support for Palestinians is a “national security threat” to the nation of Israel. Native Floridians are expected to welcome these citizens of Florida, and grant them tours and access of their homes, businesses and properties for opportunities for housing and schools, and public education of these “immigrant citizens” of America. If you have a problem with this, the police and soldiers of UN and NATO nations will be present to “restore order, and maintain a civil assimilation” of the dual Israeli and American citizens who shall enjoy all protections guaranteed to them under the US Constitution. “Floridians” are expected to “gift” existing businesses, properties and homes, and their contents to the “guests and friends of Israel and America.” Anything the former property owners cannot carry, is now property of the immigrant citizens or is to be transferred to the state of “New Jerusalem.” Those who will not or cannot leave, will be sent to interment camps for reeducation or deported to other states within the United States. This order is to be in effect in 36 hours. Signed, the President of the United States and New Bethlehem. An election is to be held in Israel immediately to select the Prime Minister of New Bethlehem. All police and military is now under the jurisdiction of the Provisional Authority of New Bethlehem. Soldiers or police who do not cooperate in providing security will be extradited to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. And tried under military tribunal for Treason… the penalty for such an offense is death by firing squad. Sentence can be commuted in exchange for the criminal’s conversion to Judaism. Work permits can be permitted and tourism visas can be issued should the guest of New Bethlehem respect the traditions and customs of the citizens, and do nothing to offend or criticize the policies of “New Bethlehem” it’s government, it’s representatives, it’s citizens, or it’s allies…” Any accusation by state or citizen police will result in a trial by military tribunal, and a sentence ranging from deportation and banning from the state for life, a mandatory life sentence,with restitution to be paid in full or through draft into the Prison Inmate Labor Program, or death. This order has been carried out in accordance with the UN, The Department of Homeland Security, The Knesset. The Mossad, and MI-6. Good night, and God Bless Amerika.

(This is how Israel was created….)



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