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The CONservative Version Of “Truthiness”

May 30, 2016

FWO:  ^ BS, on so many levels…

Lynn Snyder Obviously you are the one that doesn’t understand the concept at all!

FWO: Uggh… Okay Lynn… (Sigh!) 1) Read Thomas Paine: Agrarian Justice… 2) Corporations don’t pay taxes, small business has earned their money. Multinational corporations don’t have to. They lobby and bribe lawmakers to regulate their competition out of business, or kneecap them… See the movie “Tucker, The Man And His Dream” You think Trump EARNED his money, his father GAVE him his 1st million! 3) Corporations don’t pay taxes…  People pay taxes……/the-decline-of-corporate-income… See this:…/the-poor-pay-a-higher… 4) The rich again, lobby, make exemptions and create loopholes to protect their wealth, while making you pay in taxes for benefits, THEN if you are unemployed thanks to workfare, you get to pay AGAIN for food stamps, and assistance, by being mandated to community service like a common criminal, or debt slave, in debtors prison……/workfare-is… Don’t worry, you can thank Conservative Democrat BILL CLINTON for that one! 5) Define your terms. What is socialism… Is it spending for the people’s welfare… for service like health care, food, aid to the poor and the disabled… or is it something more offensive like THIS:…/ten-examples-of-welfare… Should we just eliminate services from government, to eliminate taxation, when not one penny of the income tax pays for services from government… THEN WHAT IN THE HELL DO WE HAVE A GOVERNMENT WE ARE PAYING TAXES FOR!?! Here is a homework assignment for you. Compare what Germans were entitled to under National Socialism, to what the average American citizen is entitled to today… Keeping in mind that, and Austerity. Then compare that to what illegal immigrants get. That BTW BOTH parties welcome with open arms. See NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, Kyoto Protocol, and Obama’s trade bills. There, now can you turn off Bill O’ Reilly and Jon Stewart for 5 mins, and have an INFORMED argument based on FACTS! The clock is ticking…..


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