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Moneyball Is A Primer On Politics… Unfortunately

May 28, 2016
Grassroots: “la-la-la-la” Guys, you’re just talking. Talking, like this is business as usual. It’s not.
Libertarians: We’re trying to solve the problem here, Billy.
Grassroots: Not like this you’re not. You’re not even looking at the problem.
Libertarians: We’re very aware of the problem. I mean…
Grassroots: Okay, good. What’s the problem?
Libertarians: Look, people, we all understand what the problem is. We have to…
Grassroots: Okay, good. What’s the problem?
Libertarians: The problem is we have to find a candidate for President of our party.
Grassroots: Nope. What’s the problem?
Establishment LINO’s: Same as it’s ever been. We’ve gotta nominate one of these guys that we have existing.
Grassroots: Nope. What’s the problem, Barry?
Wannbe Establishment LINO’s: We need a candidate that has the name recognition on par with Hillary Clinton and Donald Tru—-
Grassroots: Ehh!
[imitates buzzer]
Grassroots: The problem we’re trying to solve is that there are rich countries and there are poor countries. Then there’s fifty feet of crap, and THEN there’s us.
 It’s a unfair game… You have made and are defending…
And now we’ve been gutted. We’re like organ donors for the rich. Arab’s have taken our kidneys,
Israel has taken our heart.
And you guys just sit around talking the same old “name recognition” nonsense like we’re selling camel shit. Like we’re looking for the next Billy Mays!
We’ve got to think differently. We are the last dog at the bowl. You see what happens to the runt of the litter? He dies.
GOP/Democrat/LINO’s: Wow, that sound’s like fortune cookie stuff to me, buddy
Grassroots: No, that’s just… logic…
(Shakes head, walks away…. Doesn’t vote, and the establishment calls the number of those who DO vote, consent for their right to rule, EVERYONE, even the non voting MAJORITY who DID NOT consent….!!! Then they gave it a name and called it “Democracy,” and told you “you are free to do as we tell you!”
and if you don’t like it, there is a global military and local militarized police force, to take your freedom, your property, and even your life…)
Impose this model on the world, no wonder they hate us and oppose us at every turn. Look what we do to our own people…

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