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The Capitalists Canard

May 15, 2016


Mixed bag. Ideologies are imagination, actual existence, fucks that up. You can orient yourself to what is, or what isn’t. Ideologies enforce and impose the unreality of what is NOT! Hence, there inevitable failure…

You can’t have a free market with monopolies and government managed trade, and the means of exchange not freely available to facilitate voluntary exchange of goods and services.

The money itself is fraudulent and devalued, the minute you accept it. That is a violation of free and fair exchange because you are not getting back the same value as you put in.

To say that Capitalism rewards “merit, ability and achievement” leaves out the role of advertising, distorting values in the marketplace. On top of the artificial scarcity that is making more precious one good or service, over the other, absent true free market forces.

To say the entrepreneur works to improve the material or spiritual minds of the consumer is retarded. If anything the entrepreneur, works to mass produce, inferior products to create dependable consumers and a market that creates profits. If he can make it cheap enough to mass produce, and guarantee that people will have to buy more in planned obsolescence, then this is not improving the material or spiritual mind, is it in fact controlling it.

“Free enterprise is not possible without rule of law, private property, right to contract, free trade”

If by free enterprise you mean the right to sponsor policymakers to write policy and law that allows them unlimited access to new markets, price inflation, artificial demand through advertising, regulating competition out of business, reimbursing the costs of doing business in the marketplace, with pricing, bailouts, outsourcing, and exporting inferior goods overseas, and privatizing profits while socializing losses on the public,who may or may not, have bought their products or service in the 1st place, let alone having the lawmakers grant tax exemptions and pay the cost of development on infrastructure and facilities on public property, only to abandon them later, voiding their contract with the people, without compensation, and continuing, ongoing liability to maintain that infrastructure, lobbying the lawmakers to throw out labor contracts to cut liabilities, and make the taxpayer pay for it, let alone taking in and licensing multinational corporations to create straw-men, that make them foreign agents, where they are no longer obligated to pay taxes, and can have the government force the people to bail them out, when they waste too much money already….

Then yeah, I can see why they think the free enterprise system works… For THEM!

To say that taxation and regulation destroy the man/woman of ideas is half truth. Selectively taxing and regulating competition out of business is how the market regulates itself. Taxation kills the consumer, and makes them more dependent on cheap products, which creates profits. But taxation is shifted to the consumers. And regulation is how any would be rivals who could get a more expensive quality product to market, are taxed before they can even put that product to market. This threatens the monopoly of the protected producers, and eliminates the unprotected would be producers, who would compete, and stabilize prices and profits, where benefits to the productive workers, who would be valued, and essential to the creation of actual profits, which would put those with inadequate products out of business.  And when the product does get there, if there is not enough advertising to bring it to the consumers, it dies…. with barely a whisper.

Welfare, regulations, taxation and tariffs, exists to protect the superclass from the underclass. That is why we have it. To keep the people at bay. Eliminate that, while pricing labor out of existence with automation and what is left, is to be exploited, while benefits are eliminated and your job may or may not exist if you are profitable, or not… Let alone the notion that even if you are productive, you still can be fired, to save labor costs, and grow the profit base… Well then you are just FUCKED!

To  say that virtues come from the market “independence, prudence, frugality” is a canard. The market wants you dependent on them, to spend as much as you take in, and to spend on credit, if you don’t. If anything the market creates incentive to engage in the precariousness of consumption, by any means necessary. Artificial if need be.

To say socialism has no incentive is interesting when capitalism means you can be productive, and are rewarded with devalued money, and are penalized with flat pay, cut benefits, or have your job outright eliminated,  and even if you do work hard and make a profit, you get no benefit, in fact you can be replaced with a guy off the street, because the company can save on labor and entitlement costs, by letting you go.

Capitalism if anything punishes hard work, just as well as socialism may.

Yes, capitalism has created dependents, in collusion with government. How else can Wal Mart pay slave wages and employ people where they have to remain on food stamps, because they are so poor.

Yes there is immorality to be overcome, but it is NOT the people, or the worker. It is the government and the corporations merging to FUCK the consumer and destroy the American worker that is the culprit. The  author of this article, is blaming the victim. And exonerating the guilty, like all ideological cults do.






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