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The Regressive Left (Behind)

April 29, 2016


Why I DON’T listen to 18-22 year olds/college kids…

You haven’t done anything…

You haven’t paid a bill… You’re parent’s have.

You haven’t paid, on one date, your date has.

You haven’t had to plan or organize for anything… That did not coincide with your self interest.

You haven’t led a group filled with competing ideologies, goals, and selfish interests to overcome you.

You haven’t been responsible for Jack… Shit…!

Your parent’s catered to you, your flings and partner’s flattered and spoiled you….

You have yet to realize how much you don’t know, haven’t done, and that what you have done, aint worth much in the REAL WORLD! Where RESULTS matter, more than intentions, or having the right opinion, the right clothes, the right amount of money, right amount of guilt, or enough personal insecurity and lack of confidence in yourself, that you have to attack and vilify and destroy, anyone who does… Especially if they don’t believe in you, or your Bullshit!

What does a 20 year old know about anyone else’s daily life? You think they who don’t read books, and get their views and opinions from tv, media, tenured professors who can say anything, and literally “do” their own student’s for their self gratification, and then give them marks on the basis of how well they “serve” authority… You think they who don’t debate, but shout out, ignore, Occupy, violate property laws, and laws against violence and inciting real violence, in the name of protecting everyone from imagined violence, of the perpetual interest group, have anything of value to offer. Any insight to share with the guy who has a shit job, to pay his bills, and can’t afford health care, because he has to work less hours, and take less pay the more productive he has to be, and with a smile, and a willingness to do ANYTHING, just to keep his head above water in that shit job… Under constant threats of “evaluations” and dress codes, and speech and harassment codes, et. al… You think THAT guy or woman thanks you for the useful idiot, unproductive role you play in making their livelihood or job, that much MORE difficult and impossible to accomplish basic, fundamental tasks…


Try holding a job shrieking out “TRIGGER WARNING!” when your boss tells you, you have to smile more, work faster, and NOT draw attention for yourself, at the expense of the company and the customer… You know, that inconvenient truth that: TRIGGER WARNING!!! “YOUR OPINIONS DON’T MATTER!”

Try keeping a job the minute you go ape shit and start destroying the office or work station, when your check is delayed because of a clerical error.

Try having to work a job, working with ex cons, you don’t even want to know what they did, because the husband or boyfriend of the owner’s daughter is an ex con, and they like the cheap labor. And if they decide to “lose your time card” and can’t pay you, well it sucks to be you…” But you are still expected to compliment the woman on her latest Gucci purse purchase, which is 3 times what you make in a week, that they just decided on a whim, NOT to pay you…

Try calling out “sexist, racist, misogynist!” Every time you see a woman as a secretary, or a doctor, or a laborer, or nurse, and call them OUT for denying men, the right, proportionally to be employed in their traditional fields!

Boycott colleges that graduate too many people of a certain race, like Asian, in engineering, and DEMAND that men, women, and people of all ethnicity are represented proportionally according to yearly Census data.

And if there are not enough women or minorities to fill that gap. Let those positions be left wanting… If we truly as so committed to “equality.”

What if the doctor to perform the heart transplant you need, objects because he feels he should not be subjected to further “slavery” to do his or her part to save a representative of the class that has oppressed him/her, and their people for NOT approving of immigration, those who do not have English as their native language, and does not approve of the patient’s social habits, vices, and gosh darn it, just isn’t comfortable around them, and “serving” them in ANY possible way?

What if the pharmacist won’t fill your prescription for a certain drug, because it violates their beliefs.

What if we believe just what the 1st person told us, and were suspicious, even FEARFUL of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING else, to the point that we are loyal to ideas and ideologies that modern times have discredited or made impractical, if not illogical.

Why are we basing SO MUCH in the 21st century on ancient ideas, ideals, and technologies?

We design our social structure on the views of men and few women who lived in the 18th and 19th century.

Medical practices that go back to the times when doctor’s did procedures with their BARE HANDS! And it took DECADES for scientist, and the people to call for doctor’s to simply WASH THEIR HANDS before, during, and after surgery to prevent fatal infection and certain death. At one point, the only medication for illness was leeches… sucking blood out of very sick people…

How about our ancient idea of economy, and what we settle for as currency?!!

If we can embrace modern times with medicine, why not our legal system, monetary system, and social fabric?

What is the threat of people informed with the latest in science and technology, and the growing, evolving collective human nature, asserting itself to design new ways of doing old things…

Maybe we need people to assimilate, NOT to decide what to HATE, but meet to decide, what.. the… HELL… WORKS!

We can’t even agree on if people have a right to exist… and if so, that means whether or not they have a right to that which sustains LIFE!

Instead we enforce a groupthink CULTure that is more concerned with who get’s to take a shit in public, based on “identity,” than we are concerned, or are even made aware of how many people have little to no access to food, clean water, shelter, and basic health care and hygiene to have an opportunity to ponder the day when they have the time and the inclination to BITCH about who get’s to pee, where, when and how!

Our water is poisoned by an aluminum byproduct, that is also used to clean our teeth, when it can kill our teeth in large doses, and make us mentally diminished when ingested in large doses.

Our air is poisoned with heavy metals such as aluminium and barium, which in high doses can lead to Autism… Which so happens now, to be a epidemic. Out of nowhere…

Our foreign lands are inundated with Depleted Uranium, which literally is toxic waste, and radioactive… to a point that it even poisons our own soldiers and deforms their unborn children, just as much as the natives on the lands we occupy… to “modernize and bring into the civilized world….”

But you would rather I limit myself to your speech codes, political correctness, and biases, and self fulfilling ideologies, and pseudo religions, to replace all religions.. and ethics of man through the ages of time.

You want to reinvent society in your own image, as it was taught to you, by OLD WHITE MEN and WOMEN, and Affirmative Action minorities, who want you to “check your privilege” but NOT their tenure. Where they are paid to indoctrinate the next generation of social justice warriors, while taking the time to publish research papers on archaic topics, that are sometimes related to their fields, and in the meantime, get to harass, intellectually and sexually, as many students as their unchecked ARROGANCE and personal libidos can sadistically desire.

Because they have the unmitigated GALL to call you “adults, capable of making your own decisions…” while they have total dominion over your intellectual, spiritual, and even sex life…

That is NOT an adult who is free to NOT do as they are told.

That is a child, looking outside for a maternal figure to instruct them on how to behave in order to accomplish status on the basis of how well they follow orders, and conform.

That is worse than a child, that is a SLAVE!

Where are the people amassing to free these poor child slaves, from the exploitation of their masters…

I see no one…

I don’t see parent’s speaking up to save their kids. I see them proud that their kids are engaging in “their right of passage” to be similarly exploited and abused.

I don’t see society, engaging the people who profit financially and personally, in some of the most sadistic and unethical ways imaginable, and taking them into account.

All I see is people who are enslaved in this system, who are ostracized, attacked and insulted, and in some cases, academically ruined… because they dare to speak out against, or offer alternatives to these damaging and despicable, ideologies of the status quo.

This system is not teaching kids what they need to succeed in life, it only teaches them that they are victims who are owed something… Leaving out the point that the whole consequence of being a victim is that you are NOT owed ANYTHING, you are only there to be exploited by your master, and the next master after that.

I see one generation’s indifference to the enslavement and exploitation of the last one, continuing on, in perpetuity…

But then again, this principle is reinforced in the adult world as well, just look at reparations and Social Security.

As long as mechanisms of slavery, intellectual and personal, are reinforced, and reinvented, and extended to those of the next generation as fervently as the last, there can be no reconciliation, no progress… Collective punishment offers no joy.

Nothing but a protracted, meticulously managed decline, where the masters of our minds, and of the means of society, get to secure it at our expense, as they are entertained with the neverending show, watching people across all artificial barriers, struggle to survive the REAL barriers they imposed, as they destroy each other, with the artificial barriers, that the think tanks, college campuses, and non governmental organizations and corporate wealth class, and political class wealth protectors, skillfully use, to get the slaves to police, sacrifice and ultimately destroy themselves, and make their masters a profit, in the process…

If man itself is to survive, THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO GO!

The very first thing you should do, if you care to do anything at all. Is to inoculate yourself from this hateful poison that goads on the powerless, to enslave the rest of us, to serve the interests and aims of those in absolute power. And to exist in luxury, at our expense, and watch us needlessly suffer and die, for their profit and sadistic pleasure.

Move on, evolve, see the BIG picture, and what your role isn’t now…

But if you bothered to be informed, very well could be, to be an agent of REAL actual, tangible change, for the better of society, your neighbor, as well as yourself.

We ALL benefit when we are inspired to speak our minds, respectfully, share ideas, and work towards a common goal.

We cannot benefit when a self righteous interest group, let alone a collection of them, engage in acts of metaphorical and literal TERRORISM, against life, people and property. That is the tyranny of the majority, the tyranny of mob rule, which is always temporary, until the STATE comes in, and indiscriminately seizes the rights, property, and opportunity for freedom and the free will of ALL MEN AND WOMEN, to think what they want, say what they want, act as they want, and work to achieve a common goal, so long as it is PEACEFUL, and just. Not violent and UNJUST!

These true “Violent Radicalized, Homegrown, Domestic, Terrorist, & Extremist” ONLY exist to create the necessary chaos to facilitate a violent crackdown on ALL people, INDISCRIMINATELY on behalf OF the ALL powerful STATE!

These people are like the little kid that sucks up to the bully. And thinks they are his friend, and are protected. And they help him harass and terrorize, and assault, every kid on the playground… But never see it coming when the bully they think is one of their own, turns on them, and destroys them, to take out their only rival, and maintain their supremacy, and security, as a bully.

The only way to stop a bully is to call them out, ostracize them, and if need be, organize to contain them and disempower them…

But how can we ever come together, if we actively look for, reasons for division and separation. To the point that we are isolated and slaughtered at a time of our master’s choosing?

Mental chains bring physical chains. You cannot have one, without the other.

For people to choose of their own free will to be in slavery, I cannot bring one second of concern…

For people who do not choose, of their own free will to be enslaved, and yearn to live and act, and speak, and assemble freely… I would rather stand with you, and be destroyed, than stand one moment, with any other, who will just destroy me anyway, on the basis of self imposed privilege, and delusional, illusive, final supremacy…

“Check My Privilege?”
Check your ego. Then your maturity. Then your facts… Then once you have the facts in front of you… KEEP DOING YOUR RESEARCH… THEN get OUT of the house/apt./dorm… Meet REAL PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW… And TALK to them!
About what their concerns are.
What their life is like.
What could be done to help THEM, in REAL LIFE
And NOT about how YOU can force other people, to think and act like YOU, against their will…


Here’s an idea, STOP beLIEving everything you are told… and open up a BOOK!

If it just so happens to be a Dictionary, all the better!

Then once you have an actual grasp of what words actually MEAN, and do not mean…

THEN you get to form an argument, so long as it is based on actual events, that took place, in the WORLD, and not your imagination, to feed your personal ego as a martyr, while making people subservient to your will, since they are supposed to be victims, who are too powerless or traumatized to do anything for themselves, least of all THINK for themselves…

When you do that, THEN I will bother to hear what you may have to say, even if it isn’t much. Because then it has a chance to be productive and substantive. Until that time I shall be as dismissive of you, as you are of anyone else. And I will leave you in peace, demanding that you do the same. And if not, I shall traumatize you with multiple fact based arguments, that all of the invented trauma, you are inflicting on your sorry selves, will never be able to eliminate.

You cannot make things you don’t like disappear, and never exist…

For there is a God, and thankfully he/she is NOT YOU!!!




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