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Reingineering Slavery For the 21st Century

April 29, 2016

Workfare came out of Welfare Reform, supported by Republicans for decades, and finally implemented by a corporatist Democrat. Bill Clinton.

The idea was to get women and children off of food stamps and associated benefits, by requiring them to get job training, or volunteer to “work,” in some form of public service.

In effect, asking taxpayers, to work off the benefits they already paid for, with their own taxes, before they lost their job.

What’s the big deal?

So what if they get job training they need, or have something to do instead of stay home and drink and make babies, they can’t afford, or go out and make trouble for the community with all of that newfound “unstructured, free time…”

Here’s a few problems, as with any well intentioned government program, written by the rich to save them from the poor, and any obligation to them.

If you are getting job training, what about the quality? What if you already have two degrees, and computer training, like completed college online, for Christ sake… What is accomplished by mandating the client to repeat training and classes he already paid for, and is in debt for… While asking the taxpayers to pay for it… AGAIN!

If it was inadequate the 1st time, how about something DIFFERENT for a change!

How are you expected to attend multiple online job training sessions AND show up for job interviews?

And if you miss ANY of the training sessions or sessions with your caseworker, in some states you can be CUT OFF from assistance for 3 years!

How about if you defy the odds and GET a job! Take the 1st thing you are offered, which is what the contractors and the government WANT you to do. So they can get paid, and reimbursed for returning you into a productive taxpayer… And that new employer for whatever reason, let’s you go.

THEN you have to get verification from your previous, albeit BRIEF employer that you were employed, how long you worked, and how much you were paid. So they can put you back on the dole….

What if your previous employer has NO INCENTIVE to answer your calls, emails, or “is out” when you pay money to go out to visit him, to BEG him to sign your paperwork, to get your much needed benefits since you have NO INCOME to pay your bills or buy food, and they simply say “we never got X, Y, Z” when you CAN get a hold of them…

What if despite the fact you are poor, you are then forced to depend on family and friends for assistance…. To the point that you are going from place to place, and sleeping on couches, with NO money, or health care, and are STILL expected to “get a fucking job, you piece of shit deadbeat!”

What if you have disabilities, but the doctor finds you are “impaired but not disabled” and therefore are “able bodied” and expected to work?

What if family can no longer support you, and you can no longer support yourself. With no prospects or ability to obtain employment, even when you look for and apply for jobs 12-16 hrs a day…

What if your creditors want you to pay your bill…

What if your school loans, due to your record of unemployment have ballooned to the 75,000 dollar range… And they give you a break, and let you pay $5 a month…. Which means it will be paid off in 15,000 months! Or 1,250 years!!!

What if this constant, ongoing stress leads you to anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, and other associated illnesses, that while impair you, do not disable you….

What are you expected to do, when you are cut off…. Find a job? Go back to school… which they won’t even let you do, since you already can’t pay back your loans.

What if you show up to do your Workfare, community service, like a common criminal/debt slave that you are…

What if you did work, just to do it.

No desire, no incentive, no value, no purpose,,, just do this, so we can say you did something…

You work because you are afraid of what we will do to you, if you don’t.

How is that not mob rule, and like living in a prison…

And when you leave THAT job you are NOT paid for, you get to run to your 2nd UNPAID JOB, which is to spend night and day, looking for a job, ANY job, that WILL PAY YOU, to get away from this debtors prison.

Just to escape the shame, the pointlessness, the fear, the anxiety, you name it.

Now, you tell me, is that living, or dying…???

I get it that you have a house, a job, a car, a wife, and kids, but for how long…

When is it in this house of musical chairs YOUR turn for being left to hold the open/bottomless bag?

Don’t say a degree is enough… It isn’t.

Don’t say being a good worker is enough, in this age of the right for a corporation to profit, it isn’t.

If anything you get to dance on the hat of a pin, balancing the act of being valuable enough to keep your job, but not TOO valuable, or TOO worthless…

TOO valuable, meaning you are TOO expensive to keep and pay what you are worth and bring into the company…

TOO worthless, meaning you are disposable… Or are the wrong race, gender, age, etc, and can be easily replaced with that of another race, gender, age…

You’re expertise, experience, contribution, is meaningless, worthless, and as unnecessary as the menial tasks, and repetitive labor you are asked to do now, to earn your privilege to fucking eat!

The fear of socialism is that nobody will have the incentive to work.

The fear of capitalism is that you will not be valuable enough to exploit, and replace the minute they have to actually invest anything of theirs into you.

Government through tax breaks, exemptions, subsidies and other programs, regulates employment.

The corporate goal is to have highly skilled people to do skilled work, just not too many of them..

Then have low skilled, poorly trained, EXPENDABLE people to do the busy work. And easily terminated, as soon as they expect demand to normalize, and eliminate demand for more for lack of a better word, day laborers…

And to expedite this process and transformation, libertarians and conservatives got together with their corporate masters and found a way to not only get tax exemptions and legalize bribery with unlimited campaign contributions… but collude with the states to make the people pay taxes, then have to work for the benefits they already were taxed and that they themselves paid for.

Which begs the question, what are we paying taxes to the government for? If they can at any time, collude with the moneyed interests to exempt the wealth class from funding government as much as the people do, let alone as much as the unemployed people do?

And if you are expected to work for free as a free man. How can you reconcile the fact that an inmate doing slave labor for corporations in government contractors is actually paid for their labor, (even at 15 cents an hour) and MORE than YOU are, under “Workfare”?!!

They value the inmates labor MORE than yours!

Who is the bigger slave here?

Looks like it’s YOU!

Wake the HELL UP!

It seems the ONLY bipartisan agenda for the moneyed class, is to come up with even more schemes to reinvent slavery, and the mid evil, feudal, caste system…

And convince the people that it is “Freedom…”

Where you are “FREE”… to be as …”Dumb” as you want to be…

And milked, starved and worked like a slave…

Ayn Rand would understand, and applaud…




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