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April 27, 2016

You guys hate Trump because you sound just like him. I’m smart, your dumb, nah, nah, nah…. It’s the Three Stooges level of politics. Talk about reducing the discourse to the lowest level, have you watched some of your videos. Let alone the garbage you talk about when you don’t talk about politics. I really see no difference between you guys and Trump. Outsiders, who wanna be insiders, who bluster, insult and gag their way through the issues, and always with a “look at me, I am smart, so much smarter than you, STUPID!” attitude. You guys are JUST LIKE TRUMP, and you are TOO STUPID, VAPID and ARROGANT to even see it. Cenk is the only one here who makes any sense, but then HE allows the idiots to spew their crap, Wesley Clark’s son, come on! Ana, John, Jimmy, only Cenk, and the brother who rarely gets to speak make ANY sense on this channel. The rest of the lot are attention grabbing insult comics who ARE NOT FUNNY! Did you guys see “Left of the Dial” about the failure of Air America… I see the same BS from you guys as them. Watch the documentary, and tell me what you see… I don’t even support Trump or any candidate, and I’m sick of you guys, already… Your shtick is old…. How about having guests that DON’T agree with you on, every once in a while. Can your smug attitude and general arrogance handle THAT! Guess not, right, Cenk. What a waste…


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