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Who’s Buying (This)!?!

April 16, 2016

Oh shit, Citizen’s United, Super PAC’s, 1 percent talking points…
Must be Bernie

Hillary, talking up New York…

911 card, first responders bill???

Talks up “New York values?”

Like Trump?

Bernie, goes after Hillary on Iraq,free trade, Super PAC’s… and Wall St.

Hillary plays New York and Obama card… She has no defense.

Hillary talks about Judgement on Day One, how about Benghazi

Bernie calls out Hillary on taking money from Super PAC’s.

Bernie calls out Hillary on Health Care.

Hillary talks Obama Super PAC, Corporations and Dodd Frank
legislation, saying Sanders opposes Obama….

Hillary says she will break up banks… according to Dodd Frank… A
bill the bankers wrote.

And calls out hedge funds and insurance companies.

Bernie makes the case to break up the banks that are bigger than the US economy.

Hillary wants financial penalties for CEO’s.

Bernie calls out Hillary for taking money from Goldman Sachs.

Hillary told them to “cut it out…” and left taking their money…

Hillary refuses transparency when it comes to releasing transcripts
from the speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs.

Hillary tries to blame Sanders for Glass Steagal, when Bill was the
one who brought it through congress.


Hillary refuses to release tax returns… Why? What does she not want
us to see…

Perhaps money given to her and her husband’s Global Initiative?

Slamming Bernie for not releasing tax returns, when he is one of the poorest
members of Congress is ridiculous when you compare it to how rich
Hillary is.

Bernie goes out against outsourcing which Hillary supports, when those
corporations pay no taxes in the US.

Raising the minimum wage, means nothing if you don’t handle inflation.

Bernie slams Hillary for her support free trade.

Hilary “I have a plan…” here you go, again!

“Where is the BEEF!”

Hillary’s “plan” is her husband’s record… Not a plan, platitudes….

Hillary comes out for 15 an hr. minimum wage.

The audience isn’t buying Hillary’s BS on the minimum wage.

Bernie kills her for wanting a 15 min wage, when she backs a 12 min
wage… Talking out her ass.

Clinton gets called out for blaming Bernie’s state for New York gun violence.

Hillary, if the New York law, allows guns from out of state to get
into the state, New York’s gun laws, do NOT work!

And gun control doesn’t work.

Bernie doesn’t believe lawful gun transactions should be punished.
That is just common sense.

Hillary pushes back,with his support for assault weapons ban.

Hillary dances around her and her husband’s support for the crime
bill, which targeted poor and minorities with long, mandatory
sentences for non violent offenders.

Which leaves violent offenders on the street, and given early parole…

She says “she is sorry…” Pathetic…

Now Hillary plays the race card… Jesus, she is running out of boogeymen…

Bernie kills Hillary for calling black men “superpredators” which is
now as then, a racist term.

Bernie calls for criminal justice reform…

He calls for investment in the black community creating opportunity.

He calls for reform of the drug policy, which criminalizes, non
violent offenders. And wants to decriminalize marijuana.

Hillary wants to invest in child education… And teachers… How does
that address the issues Bernie just addressed?

Bernie Sanders wants to rehabilitate ex cons. And make them productive
members of society.

Hillary thinks climate is a threat to society… The ULTIMATE
invisible boogeyman!


Hillary fumbles her talk on contributions from energy companies… and
tries to obfuscate the issue with climate change.

Bernie hits Hillary for her financial support from energy lobbyists.

Bernie buys into the climate boogeyman, as well, actually calling it
an enemy… Really!


He wants to tax carbon… which isn’t even pollution…

The bill Hillary got from China exempted China and targeted the US….
How is exempting the biggest polluter and targeting the United States
do dick to protect the environment?

Bernie hits Hillary for her support of fracking… OUCH!

Hillary thinks she is Obama… Apparently she is running to BE Obama…

And keeps kissing his ass…

Hillary gets caught backing fracking. And can’t weasel her way out of it.


Backing fracking in the name of climate change is CRAZY! Fracking
leaves RADIATION as a byproduct in fracking fluid, which by the way,
the ingredients of is CLASSIFIED as a “trade secret!”

Hillary, “I will plan.. to do what Obama… has done…” Uhh… That’s
all you got?

Hillary says Congress won’t support Sanders. So what?

They won’t support her, either!

Neither candidate knows shit about climate, how it changes, and why…
(Hint, the SUN!)

Solar energy, and greening the economy, is a waste. If it was viable,
the free market would have done it, by now…

Hillary gets called out for backing intervention in Libya. And then
blames the people for not doing what she wanted… What a bitch!

There were no chemical weapons in Libya.

They funded and trained al Qaeda to overthrow Libya, NO WONDER they
didn’t want “help” from the US to establish “security…”




Bernie calls her out for supporting regime change, creating a vacuum
for al Qaeda in Libya, and doing the same in Syria.

Hillary, if you create the mess, the countries are NOT going to ask
you to intervene in their nations, and affairs! Good Lord!

Bernie calls her out for trying to say his support for Democracy is
the same as supporting regime change, which it is not.

She creates the pretext for destabilization, then scapegoats the
people for not doing what she wanted them to do. Sounds more like the
mob than diplomacy to me.

Bernie targets ISIS 1st, and Assad after the problem is solved. Assad
is NOT the problem. Hillary thinks Assad needs to go, and let ISIS
fill the vacuum. The No Fly Zone protects ISIS, NOT THE FLEEING

This woman is evil…

Bernie thinks Europe should fund NATO, not the US who is broke.

Hillary backs NATO, why? To check Russia. Which is no longer a threat
to anyone…

Hillary will back NATO even though the US spends more money than 21 of
the 30 nations on NATO. It is welfare. Nothing more.

She wants you to believe that Russia is a global threat. Hilarious…

Bernie is willing to criticize Israel. Good for him.

And advocates a peace initiative… being a fair broker to both sides.

And investment in Palestine.

Good for him.

Hillary wants you to think that Israel has no intent to do harm to
Palestinians. So why do they occupy it? And kill civilians…

She is full of Shit!

Bernie calls Hillary out for not being willing to say that Israel
responds disproportionately, to respond militarily against civilians.

Bernie is advocating diplomacy. Which was Hillary’s job, as Secretary
of State. Apparently, she is against her own qualifications to be
President. Interesting…

All Hillary can say is “I was there…” and “I will do…” But what
the hell HAS she DONE?!!

Bernie is willing to hold Netanyahu accountable. Hillary is not.
Therefore she can not bring peace.

A jew has to tell Hillary, that in order to protect Jews, you have to
be fair to Palestinians..

And she is not having any of it.

The media calls out Bernie for social spending, but alibi’s corporate
investment and tax breaks… even “Stimulus” handouts…

The media has NO credibility on this issue, NONE!

Taxing the investment class for social welfare, is heresy. To the
haves, like the media, the bankers, and the politicians owned by the

“Making college affordable” is a euphemism for getting people into
debt to profit the banks, and ruin the people into wage slavery

Hillary saying she stood up to special interests is laughable, when
you look at the list of her corporate donor’s…

Hillary is willing to raise taxes to fund Social Security.

Hillary says women have been left out of Social Security, WHAT?!!

Hillary is caught advocating Sanders position on Social Security…

And then she backtracks with qualifiers, in her next breath.

WOW!!! The gall….

In 2008, Obama was unqualified and “a fairy tale” according to Bill
and Hillary Clinton, NOW he is Hillary’s main guru…Dafuq!

Bernie wants a litmus test to overthrow Citizens United.

Hillary counters with support for Abortion.

Pander, pander, pander, all she’s got…

And she wants you to fear ANOTHER thing… Donald Fucking Trump!

She has NOTHING!!!!


Sanders tops with support for gays…


Hillary saying Bernie is not a Democrat is hilarious, when she is a
Corporatist Republican, running as a Democrat!

To say that Bernie hasn’t fundraised enough for the Democrat party, is
bad, is disingenuous when he is running against corporate subsidies,
not running to keep those subsides in place.

Hillary saying she has more votes, is BS. Caucuses have less raw votes
than primaries.

And Bernie wins caucuses, Hillary apparently can’t.

Love it how CNN let’s Hillary speak, and cuts Sanders off… at every turn.

Now she calls for unity. Um, the campaign isn’t over.

And naturally she won’t shut the hell up… And let anybody speak.

Even the media.

Hillary brings up delegates, and not the Superdelegate party hacks
that back her, even when the vote from the states, doesn’t. Subverting
the voters will. To get the power she thinks she is entitled to, even
if she can’t win it in the ballot box.

Bernie kills her for being a corporatist, and being incompatible, with
Bernie’s populism.

Both were strong. It’s a matter if you believe in either’s Bullshit…
That’s on you…


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