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When a Cult Calls Out A Cult

April 3, 2016


There is nothing cultish about worshiping authors with self serving ideologies for cash, who ask you to pay to hear them speak or tell you what to think, and post pics of their gods everywhere, and yell at anyone and call them names for not expressing fealty to their specific gurus. Libertarians are just as cliquish, cultish, immature, and intellectually sloppy as anyone else. And to consistently proclaim that they are different, and call out people for being the same, is disingenuous at best, and bullish at worst. “Rothbard, Mises, Paul, Rand!” “Mao, Hitler, Obama, Hillary…” Beware the false gods of false ideologies, and the people who serve them to you, always for a price… They are salesman, and should be treated as such. Beware, beware, beware! Poor scholarship is and faith based belief in demagogues, is how these salesmen get to your door, and EMPTY slogans, and false ideologies are how demagogues win. Trump is no different than Rand Paul, who is no different than Hillary, who is no different than the MSM, who is no different than the “alternative media” who are offering one system of control over your will and your mind, vs. another and are competing for your allegiance and your last dollar. Bless you Tom, but you are a FOOL who uses magical thinking and groupthink, to separate yourself, at the expense of everyone else, just like the people you despise the most. An ideological gulag, doesn’t liberate you from an actual gulag.You are not the smartest person in the room, if your expertise is not relevant to the inhabitants of that room.You, like Ron Paul, and Rand Paul are islands unto yourselves, making a living off of people who are just as powerless as you are… Content to acquire subscribers to your particular diagnosis, without getting involved, to actually treat, let alone cure, the sick and dying patient, which is freedom for all men, no one excluded. Even the people who disagree with you. What you have to offer is not liberation, it is nothing less than standing still.

But then standing still, and scrutinizing and theorizing about problems, is a hell of a lot easier than daring to actually solve them, and lose a niche, cottage industry, which is what policymakers have done and created, to insulate themselves from society, just like the makers and facilitators of self perpetuating and self interested ideologies have done for decades, which is why the profit motive for not fixing things, is just as profitable for the outsiders as the government insiders…

That is not good enough for the people anymore. This is why yourself and the politico’s you despise cannot understand the populist uprising against the political and pundit class, which in your own way you are a member of, and gatekeeper for. They hold down the fort at the front door, you guard the back door, keeping them enclosed in the box, and satisfied to stay obedient in one form, over another. And never fully escape the ideological plantation.

Changing the plantation owner, as Ron Paul and yourself would have us do, still keeps us slaves, ideological and otherwise.

The master may have a way for you to earn a living through consent, but our consent is killing us, and leaving us with literally nothing. You may not be in a position to understand the predicament we are all in, but one day, and very soon, you will. A system of unlimited consumption will go on, until there is no more to consume. Then all are equally in danger, and on the verge of extinction.

Shoring up the mechanisms of social control, do nothing to save yourself, or the rest of us, from this ultimate fate.

We have to think outside of the box, you revere and want to reform.

Putting new tape on that box, does not get us out of it.

Breaking out of that box, is all that matters, then we can think about the society we want to live in.

In the end, talk is just talk.

Actions speak louder.

Condemning those who take action, is the equivalent of doing nothing, and acting like you are accomplishing something.

A REAL revolution belongs to the PEOPLE who participate in it.

NOT to the people who make a living coming up with ways to consent to their servitude.

And revere the institutions that enslave them.

And say that the only hope for freedom, is being permitted to give the order to enslave another man from his or her own free will, and non violent action.



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