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Alternative To Electoral College

April 3, 2016

The shortcomings of the Electoral College often go like this: The person with the most votes, could potentially not be the nominee, if they don’t carry the big states.

The winner take all delegates give the winner at times, a false sense of mandate, since they get an, at times, unwarranted mandate according to the media, and themselves by eradicating the point of view of the minority of voters of the party, even when that minority is as close as ten people less, than the winner take all majority. Immediately the winner has a false mandate, and asks the minority to fall in line or go away.

An elected slate of electors, can and sometimes do, disregard the will of the voters and the party, there are several examples of this in history.

Smaller states can have a larger impact, than bigger states, see Iowa and New Hampshire, and candidates dropping out before California and New York have their say.

In some cases in history the Congress actively decided the election.

This is as anti-Democratic as it can get, unless you want to count the Supreme Court intervening in 2000…

So it can be easily established that the current system falls short of representing the will of the voter. And securing the intent of their vote.

What if we tried something different…

If the arguments are that the states with the most people cut off the states with the fewest, how about regional primaries, or a playoff system?

Seed the states by population and have them face off in regional primaries. Northwest, Southwest. Northeast vs. Southeast. High Plains vs.Texas and the Gulf Coast. Make it proportional to population, and have a primary regional playoff.

Then You can have a 8 to 4, to 2, pairing down of candidates, giving the candidate the option of selecting a VP, or taking on the runner up in the regional primary.

Rather than give Iowa and New Hampshire too much influence… Make them compete against their neighboring states in the region for supremacy. Let Massachusetts check New York, Detroit check Chicago, and so on.

Now the regions are represented. And the best of each region can face off in a runoff. No one year election cycle, we can do a month for each regional primary, and get on with the general election in half a year.

With campaigning as short as is comfortable. Why not a month? Or a couple months with a robust debate schedule?

Restrictions on campaign financing and advertising per state or region…

Rotate the primary schedule, every year to shift the burden of influence.

Open the primaries to all voters.

To be fair we have to open up the process to more than just the Democrat and Republican party, so we could open it up to say that any nominee must have a simple majority of delegates within their respective party. And it must be contested. Trump can’t pull a Perot and run on his own ticket, he has to be challenged, even in a 3rd party. And win. I bet you will see regional parties spring up, to try to catapult their interests into the main election. This would be a growth in Democracy, with a nod to a more direct democracy, than we currently see in this bloated, and rigged two party duopoly that feeds the oligarchy.

Everybody can participate, but they have to compete. And it doesn’t have to be drawn out, it can be as quick as 6 months and certainly done by a calendar year.

Campaign advertising can be regulated to public media, and cable media can be outlawed. That way if people want to follow the campaign ads, they can choose to do so, as they please. Rather than be saturated and preyed upon by the Billion dollar campaign marketing advertising strategies, that give us negative ads, and little to no substance about what the people are listening for.

An accelerated, highly competitive playoff primary structure, doesn’t allow for time to waste on fallacies and lies of each candidate, you have to get your message out, or be left behind.

You simply have to send commercial speech to the public airwaves, and remove it from cable media. To take the money out of the political system. If campaign advertising is going to be regulated, let’s put it where it belongs, and make the candidates, their debates and their records, front and center of the process. Let’s make performance matter. Let’s see just how competent and qualified they really are.

Something drastic has to be done to get the people back in the process.

And to make it more fair, and a more participatory, representative democracy, instead of a privatized auction to do the bidding of the highest bidder and benefactor.

You can publicly fund campaigns, or give free advertising with restrictions. Demand that any assertion be proven with citations, and that policies can be supported with detailed proposals, that are accessible to the media and the people, with equal access.

You can ban foreign money, or require that any money spent in a state, must be donated from that state. Private citizens can contribute, but only in their name and once per primary. No entities can contribute financially. Only an individual citizen. And yes, citizen. If you have to reside in a state for a certain period of time to vote, you sure as hell must be a citizen of the country to vote.

This is just a small part of the reforms that are necessary to restore the concept of a Republic, by of and for the people.

Rather than aligning against a Trump or a Hillary to stop them from abusing the system, we need to alter, abolish, or reform the system itself..

The simpler the process, the cheaper it is, and faster to implement.

Clearly the caucus, primary and party delegate process to elect is flawed. With no sense of urgency to improve.

If we are going to have a say at the table, we have to make a new table, and eject the one that is no longer adequate, or suitable to meet it’s existence.

If we can remake Democracy for nations who did not ask, and do not want our help, we sure as hell have the right to remake it here at home, to work for the American people, instead of used to work the American people into the ground on the road to oblivion…

What do you say?

The current system sure as hell is not gonna save us, therefore it is NOT worth saving…



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