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What Trump, the Founders & The Constitution Prove

April 2, 2016

It’s well known at this point that the GOP is going to screw Trump out of the nomination, no matter how many delegates he has, in an effort to preserve the party and the positions of those of the party, over the popular will of their own voters.

What is little known or even acknowledged, is that this is exactly how the Founders designed government to work.


If you look at the facts of the matter, you will find that the Founders were largely property owners, some like Hamilton still partisan to the Crown, and only wished that they put themselves in position as administrators of it, rather than representatives of the people’s will, opposing it.

They did NOT want their power, won through the blood of revolution stolen from them, from a bunch of peasants and illiterate farmers… and traders.

To protect that power they conspired up a scheme…

Terrified of direct democracy from people who couldn’t read, or had the education that they had, and biases to money, power, and those with means, they concocted a system where the popular will of the voter could be usurped for their own preferences and prejudices.

Think about it.

First, you had to own property to vote, had to be male, a white male, and able to pay a poll tax…

So the common man, who had no money, no common education, or was the wrong race, or gender, or had no means after succeeding in making the perilous journey across the high seas, to reach the colonies… had NO say!

Just men of privilege, and only white men of privilege would be trusted to run for office, write and administer laws, start wars, call for taxes, even paying the war debt of the traitors who opposed the new America, during the Revolutionary War.

This wasn’t a uprising, with the people obtaining power… This was the establishment of a Star Chamber… with the Queen giving her tacit blessing so long as she was compensated for the Revolutionary war debt, along with a yearly tribute, sent directly to her, and her alone, in the form of the Income tax.

Any new wealth created, invited such a tribute to the Crown Corporation, for her blessing and tolerance of such, in the 1st place.

Otherwise, why would the Founders force the American people, who were largely poor, and illiterate to repay the cost of the war, for the Crown?

It gets worse.

What could be the biggest threat of this new establishment?

That the unwashed masses would get in the way, with referendums, and demands that countered their aims to make treaties, charge taxes, and discover new markets for trade, and “importunites and exigencies…” to use the founders own words, to use their accumulated wealth to create more wealth, and secure such from the greedy hands of the people, who they used, and the powers and privileges granted to they, the administrators, from the people, to create, secure, and protect FROM “We, the People!”

Only recently did a revolution take place, and reform the process to the point that the will of the people was even taken into consideration, with any inkling of representative “democracy.”

This is why with the rise of Andrew Jackson, who killed the 1st National Bank of America, and was nearly assassinated before he accomplished this goal, representative democracy finally took hold. Which is the greatest threat to the powers that be, and as far as they concern, will forever be…

Which brings us to Trump…

Now we are seeing the “original intent” of the Founders up close…

Now that Trump has a plurality of delegates and has won the most states, in fact being the only candidate who has won the required 8 states to be eligible for nomination, you are seeing the moneyed interests of the party collude, collaborate, and do anything and everything they can think up, to deny him his rightful place as the nominee of the party. Under their own rules.

What do they object to the most? The populism of Trump, and his appeal to the working class, of all races, and even the well off, like himself. And even a fraction of the financial elite, that he is willing to include as a part of his administration.

Trump wants to renegotiate bad deals that have hurt the American worker, producer, and American corporation, vs. the international, global, race to the bottom, monopoly cartel, competition.

He wants to tear up the bad deals, and take care of the American worker and consumer.

This is heresy to the globalist, capitalist/fascists wealth consolidators…

Therefore, he MUST be taken down…

The greatest irony is that the man who would be King, Jeb Bush, failed so miserably and publicly, in his attempt to fool the people, into thinking he was competent in the 1st place, and relevant to their aims and needs, in the 2nd.

Now, the elite of the GOP is scrambling, just like the elite of the DNC is scrambling to stop their insurrection, of their party, and their interests, by Bernie Sanders, against Hillary Clinton’s acolytes in the party, like Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Who have rigged the calendar, and have already encouraged delegates won at the ballot box, to abandon Bernie, and the will of the voters, to back Hillary, and save the party for the party’s sake alone.

No longer does it exist as a manifestation of the people’s will, it is instead a tool of the elite and the wealth class, globalists, and as undemocratic as they can be, to use power and privilege for their own ends, and condemn their people and the American people, with extreme prejudice, who get in the way of their privileges, and threaten, their exemptions, immunities (see emailgate) and their money and power that exempt them from the dystopian world they are creating for us, while they enforce and impose on the peoples of lands far away… always, just like our enemies…. to the last… dead… American.

Global capitalism, for global capitalist… No competition. No cooperation. No interference from the slaves warranted or acknowledged.

Yes Trump is a symptom of this system, but he ironically is also it’s greatest critic. Seeing that the common man has been abandoned, just as much as the entrepreneur of the 21st century has been left behind by crony globalist crapitalists….

Trump has the nerve to speak out against this insanity, and speak up for the working man… And even has the gall to say that those who fall through the cracks must be acknowledged and cared for… Let alone calling into question the GWOT which has become a campaign of conquest, benefiting everyone BUT America and the American people. Who are only left with obligations…

The danger of Trump is that he believes in America, and thinks the American people should be taken care of, first, last, and always… The world can wait. In fact, if we must intervene at all, we then are entitled to gain some kind of reciprocity… in return.

No longer would we provide security at financial and human cost, for countries and competitors in the global marketplace, like Germany and Japan. They would be expected to take care of themselves, as well as compete against us in the global marketplace.

Tariffs to protect the American worker, are heresy to free traitors who would instead allow us to be put at a disadvantage economically, while also expected to pay for the national security of nations who want to leave us in their dust.

To say you want tariffs is bad enough, but to compound that with wanting to keep our troops home, and to protect our borders for our national security above all, is evil incarnate to the bankers and ruling class.

It is much easier to live with socialist Bernie Sanders who never met a war and a war contract he didn’t like, than it is to live with Donald Trump, realigning our foreign policy to serve America first, and use American blood and treasure to defend Americans, rather than the house of Saud, with their kingdom of mutilation, murder, gold plated automobiles and toilets, and the best our money can buy, for their oil.

Bernie could dare to mention that Alaska has more proven oil reserves than the entire Middle East, but he won’t. And neither will Hillary. For they both know that if the petrodollar dies, hyperinflationary depression would ensue.

Of course we could dump the Federal Reserve fiat currency, which they charge us usury fees, to use, in the name of inflation…

But then, where would Hillary and Bernie get all that money for those wars, and programs they need, to pay back their corporate sponsors, war profiteers, and economic slaves, who don’t have the luxury of a job, to pay for the cost of their slavery?

Don’t hold your fucking breath, okay….

Make no mistake, Trump IS a threat to the same moneyed interests that we supposedly fought a Revolution against, even though we refunded the cost of it, back unto them, in perpetuity. Forever…

There are alternatives to this madness…

Trump has some, Jim Webb had some, one has been vilified, while the other was summarily excused, erased and forgotten, simply because he dared to call into question not just our foreign policy, but bankrupt domestic policy as well.

And the only other alternative to the demagogues rogues gallery of the usual suspects was Rand Paul. A man who had the right balance, the right policy prescriptions, and the moral authority to do what’s right. But abandoned it, to out demagogue his own party, as well as Donald Trump. And in doing so, made himself seem inadequate and unqualified to be considered for such an ultimate responsibility.

In a perfect world, Paul and Trump would complement themselves, and even out the edges of their policies to be a strong unity ticket, against the demagogues of both parties. But this was not to be the case. Rand miscalculated and instead of attacking Hillary or taking on Bernie, he instead targeted Trump and magnified him, and made him even more relevant than the celebrity status, ratings conscious media could ever hope to make him.

Make no mistake, Rand Paul MADE Donald Trump’s campaign.

More so than Hillary or anyone else.

His shortcomings created a vacuum for Trump to bulldoze and overtake him, and those beneath him.

Rand opened the door when he forsake his father’s campaign, for a bought off, career consultant DC crew, who was willing to confuse, conflate, and exaggerate everything he stood for, to appeal to the very people, his supporters were with their last breath and last dollar, trying in vain, to remove, marginalize, and IGNORE!

You couldn’t have missed your moment, and more blatantly and tragically than Rand Paul did.

He tried to appease them, and compromise to appeal to them, but no matter what, they didn’t want him!

Trump knows better. He is not as arrogant as Rand Paul, and not as entitled, let alone as lazy.

Trump, will take on the powers that be, in the party, and out of the party, he will take on the media, in a way Rand Paul tried, and failed, so many times…

Trump builds people up, while Rand was seething with contempt, every step of the way. Trump wants to meet and talk to people. Rand runs from them. Trump challenges the media, and defends his supporters, Rand insults his…

In retrospect, it’s almost like one was fulfilling the role of the other.

Everything we expected from Rand, we got from Trump. Everything we expected Trump to behave like, Rand did…

But while Rand destroyed himself, the party and the establishment, are pulling out all the stops to stop Trump dead in his tracks, and put the steak through the heart of the people he represents and the populism he is in fact, making popular.

Rather than hearing from Obama, how much more we are expected to give, when we don’t have anything left, Trump is telling us how much better we can do, and for each other.

Rather than waiting for the government to save us, Trump is willing to hold them accountable, and give the people a say in the process.

Nobody can buy Trump, like they have bought off Obama, Hillary and the rest of the GOP.

He doesn’t need the media to like him, foreign leaders to like him, doesn’t care to enforce bad policies and bad deals that hurt the American worker, and allows our soldiers to die in vain, for anybody else’s security but our own.

That is why people like him. Even if they don’t agree with him…

This is the EXACT scenario the Founders feared and HATED when they wrote the Constitution. So when you hear Rand Paul, Ron Paul, or any other talking head or politico say that Trump doesn’t honor the Founders or gives a damn about the Constitution, keep that in mind…

Just who’s side are they on?

The people’s?

Or their own…

Trump is calling the guilty out, and they don’t like it.

But after they get him…

What do you think they are going to do to YOU!

Reprisals are a Bitch!

Who is looking out for you…

Not the Founders, or anybody peddling theories about how things work in abstraction…

While they engineer the actual system to work for only themselves…

Beware the people telling you to clutch harder to false ideologies

for they are the chains that bind you to your perpetual cross…

to bear for all eternity…

For that to change, they must first be held accountable…

Who is gonna do that…

Trump, Hillary, the GOP, opportunists like Paul and Sanders…

Or you…

That is for you to decide.

I’m not worried about Donald Trump.

I’m worried about the people afraid of him…

And what they are going to do, after they dismiss him..

And come after us…

Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, you name it..

They ALL have a common enemy…


Do you see it, yet!

The Founders will have their revenge…!

That is the underlying message of the STOP Trump bipartisan movement agenda.

God help us ALL!











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