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The Young, Perpetually Immature “Turks”

March 22, 2016


When you guys become so partisan, you are NO different than what you proclaim so loudly and obnoxiously to despise! “Why don’t you come down, off the cross, use that wood to build a bridge, and GET OVER IT,” and yourselves… Jesus! “Bernie is God, Trump is the devil, and Hillary is the puppetmaster of all she purveys…” We get it.. The song remains the same. Absent moments of clarity, from Cenk, from time to time. But it’s becoming less and less… And that’s a shame. And this is the best you can do? Why is Wesley Clark’s son on the show, let alone Ana, or some of these people who have no substance. Jimmy is a comic. John thinks he’s a comic. The only decent guy you have on, is the brother who is a tech on the show. Aim higher, PLEASE! Too many people who like to hear themselves think. Why not have a discussion with people who are different and challenge yourselves and your listeners! This is becoming the PMSNBC of the internet… Aim higher!!! I mean some of the stuff you cover here, aside from politics, is frankly disgusting! And shows you are just as depraved in your search for viewers, as the Networks you stood out for, despising, and rightly so…


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