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To Protect The Power From The People

March 16, 2016

As we can see the Democrat party has no problem gaming the voting system to respect the will of the capitalists from the populist.

The GOP is not immune to the same need to quarantine the party from their voters, let alone the American people.

In fact, the GOP has gotten SO brazen and defiant in the face of the challenge from the will of their own voters that they have floated the idea of appointing their Presidential candidate, to be none other than Boehner protege and former Romney VP, Paul Ryan.

Now, what is the desperation here?

Is this an unprecedented move to cut off Donald Trump, the populist, from being the nominee of the party, against presumably Hillary?

Republican Establishment Plans to Support Hillary

This sounds crazy, but is severely logical when you consider the purpose of government from it’s invention.

Read the Founders, Read the Constitution…

You have to OWN property to be able to vote…

People were property.

Property has no rights.

And people were collateralized and their productivity was pledged as service to debts from the Revolutionary war, and every war since… Funny, I don’t remember the people being consulted for the cause of conducting such wars.

Yes Congress supposedly reflected the will of the people…

But only those like them who owned property, and were of means.

The rest were chattel, to be used as means to justify the unlimited ends and aims of those with capital. The capitalists…

Did they earn such profits and wealth ethically?

Makes no matter.

That they have it, is all that does.

No matter who’s rights were subjugated and transferred to their unelected masters, the rapid accumulation of wealth, using the mechanisms of government and self appointed power, to accumulate more wealth, ethically or not, and the means to use the privileges, exemptions, and immunities self granted, to control where that wealth can, and cannot be dispensed, is to remain only a privilege for they, the privileged.

NOW does it make sense?

Election, what election?

Will of the voters?

You only have the will to consent to their will.

Even no consent, verbally or non-verbally, is seen as consent, by they, the masters…

Does that sound like freedom to you?

Or slavery?

You tell me…

Tell me how free you are when the political class can follow their self interests, create profit, privatize those profits, and leave you on the hook for the losses…

You don’t get to see the books. You don’t get to pick who sits in the meetings. You don’t get to see or hear the meetings. You don’t get to ask questions. They meet, tell you what they choose, and tell you how you get to pay for it.

You don’t even get a honest take on how much money they make. They can pervert logic and turn profits into “shortfalls…” Using modern accounting practices they can say with a straight face that they missed projections of profit, and now have to make up for that loss, with taxes. So, in reality, they can project a 10% profit, make only 5 %, and then say with a straight face that YOU have to make up the “shortfall” of 5%, that is necessary to keep government solvent.

And if you don’t like it. You can wait to vote for the next representative of the two parties, to claim to represent you, while they serve the same wealth based corporate interests that the last two bums did…

And then they gave it a name and called it “Democracy.”

And what “the Troops” your son’s and daughters are fighting and dying for…

To impose this against the will of any and all country that dares to resist it.

Capital must flow. Freely, without restrictions or protections for the people’s of the world. Nation states must fall under the banner of Global Unions.

The wealth, power and privileged must have dominion over all men, and anything of value. For only they have the wisdom to “capitalize” on it, to create wealth, not for the people, but only for themselves.

Thankfully higher education, consistently churns out the next class after class, of vulture capitalists… Looking for the next region, resource, or “human resource” to exploit for profit.

There human rights are  reduced to becoming only attainable to those who preach and fully embody this dogma of exploitation, game rigging, and alliance building, to push the reach of those with the most, to encompass anything and everything the underclass has, to repel it, and exist outside of it.

Only the self interests of the self interested, are allowed to be given the time of day, any and every alternative, to build up the underclass, to be even half of what the superclass has attained, is heresy.

They simply exist to be used for profit, and discarded when they no longer produce enough profit, for the profitable.

Forget human rights.

Forget autonomy.

Forget equality.

Forget morality.

All that matters is that the servant class, serves the superclass.

Now what could possibly screw this up?

Well, how about if one of their own, goes rogue, and speaks in populist tones.

Meet the anger, hatred, and scorn for Donald Trump.

The media, the rich, even his own party, are dead set to steal, screw, and destroy any chance he has at being in a position of real power.


Because he believes that the people need to be taken care of.

Wars for profit are downright folly.

And rather than hate the poor, he actually wants to help them come out of poverty through work, instead of slavery.

Making them self reliant, instead of a slave, dependent on government, and self created “crisis capitalists” who come for the media coverage, do nothing, and be sure to promote and fund raise, off of how many appearances they make, and as many times as they can be seen as respectable by the establishment, and seen as having any conviction, by the people they appointed themselves, into representing.

Actually solving problems is the LAST thing BOTH sides of the equation truly want.

What they want is to seem relevant, as to keep their privileges, exemptions and immunities, that separate them from the very people they represent.

You think a reporter wants things to go smooth and make people think everything’s okay?

They need you to be scared, to be dependent on them, to get ratings, to make money, so they don’t have to live in the same world YOU live in.

You think interests groups want to solve problems? They FUND RAISE off them!

They solve the problem, they cease to exist!

You think doctor’s and drug companies want to cure sick people… That is how they make their money. By making people sick, and keeping them sick.

Most drugs mask symptoms, they do not cure anything…


Again, that kills profit.

You think corporations want people able to think for themselves, and NOT need to buy crap they don’t need, guarding their money, as jealously and possessively and the elite?

Hell no!

The less money you have, the more valuable their money is…

The more sick, tired, and poor you are, the more you have to obey.

The more you obey, the more peaceful and profitable they are.

If somebody came along and inverted the pyramid, even a little, the whole system would collapse.

That is why you are seeing the backlash and attacks on Trump by both parties, and the media, and especially against the people who support him. The vulnerable underclass, who are desperate to find any way to simply exist.

Trump, for all his money, his upbringing, and his privilege, can’t come to the point to say that the people should be sacrificed en mass, for the almighty dollar. He wants America to be profitable, and he wants to underclass to be taken care of, to preserve order, and preserve what he, and the common man, both have, with the promise for the common man to have more, should he be willing to work for it.

That seems like common sense, but is profanity to the protected classes of useful idiots, who get paid to keep those beneath them, beneath them, on behalf of those above them, who pay them, only for so long as they are useful to the superclass. To divide, to conquer, to rule…

Wealth belongs to the wealthy.

Capital belongs to the capitalists.

Opportunity, only belongs to those who are obedient and useful to the aims of those who have the means to make it happen.

Everybody else, just get’s to be a consumer.

And the more is consumed, the more scarce things become.

And those who profit, remain even more profitable, as the need and necessity gets bigger, and that which is needed, disappears.

As long as we incentivize scarcity, collectivize and privatize wealth, consolidate opportunity, and see the value of man as only as much as he or she can be exploited for, just as the natural resources that sustain life, we are in a suicide pact.

When the superclass has the last of everything, and the people are left in want, one class of people will be holed up in luxury, with every luxury, and the rest will be made to compete for the best of what’s left, and when that’s gone, just be left to kill each other, out of rage, or mercy.

Trump is not a crisis from capitalism, he is the embodiment of it.

The state sees he, himself, not as a threat, but as one of them. The only problem is, he believes he can run the world order better than they can. This is often a fatal mistake.

Just ask Hitler.

Hitler’s ideology and racialism, appealed to see that every man and woman, met their highest ideals. He truly believed in the  triumph of the will of every man or woman, to better themselves, if given only the opportunity.

Trump seems to be of similar ideology.

But government isn’t relevant, if people don’t need it.

The people of government don’t get their privileges, exemptions and immunities, if people are self-reliant, and take responsibility for their fellow man. They depend on you, passing the buck, turning a blind eye, justifying other’s hardship, and appealing to power, in the hopes that if you preserve the powerful, they one day, will let you join their ranks, if you are useful, obedient, or have skills they want or need, for a period of time.

That is your only possibility to escape.

How useful  you are, or how willing you are to be exploited, and summarily discarded, without causing too much of a ruckus, to upset the status quot.

Well, Trump is fucking that up. He is inspiring the underclass, the exploited, and he is willing to include them in the American Dream.

People are believing in themselves, being built up by Trump’s rhetoric. Just like they are by Bernie Sanders. But while Bernie is willing to cave, and turn his people over to Hillary, who will make them casualties of Crony Capitalism. Trump is willing to take on, his party, corporations, the media, all comers, to see that the exploited underclass, gets a shot at something better than slavery, or being useful for the masters, to destroy those like them, for a buck, a handout, or a threat to take what is given, for any will to disobey.

If anything Trump has exposed both parties, the media, the multinational corporations, the church, the educational system, the monetary and banking system, you name it… Showing the underclass just how much the system fucks them over.

They have woken up and are resisting…

This is how the system truly collapses…

The minute the exploited see for themselves, and believe, that the system doesn’t believe in them, and merely exists to exploit them, until the very end.

The masters and their servants can see they are threatened. And they are doing everything they can to stop this awakening, and movement to restructure society into something that is more humane, holistic, and hospitable, for every man, and those who are left behind.

I am sick of seeing people of conscience, threatened, beaten, and even killed for speaking out.

No person at a Trump rally should be attacked for wanting to hear Trump speak.

Protester’s can assemble NON VIOLENTLY to have their dissent noted. But they can NOT take the right of other’s to speak, or to act, peacefully, from them, to the point that BOTH sides descend into nihilistic violence.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

But to the masses on both sides, they seem to think it does.

The violence has to STOP!

But the people imposing their will on those who peaceably and freely assemble to meet to discuss how they choose to act, and to participate in the principles of America, should be taken to account and held accountable.

Can the people imposed upon be more tolerant? Of course. But violence only begets violence. So I would hope that the agitators, take the lead, if they truly want to be heard. Instead of be used to beat, and intimidate, and control the thoughts and the will of the people who assemble, as well as those who don’t.

Nothing is more FASCIST that that!

The reason the Trump critics are discredited and have NO moral authority, is simply because they have shown that they have no morals to speak of, whatsoever.

By trying to control and impose their will upon Trump and his supporters, they only serve to magnify his relevance, and make people open their ears, even wider, to see what so many do not want them to hear.

If the people who oppose Trump, would simply ignore him, he would disappear. But they, like Trump, must impose their will upon the voters, and the victims of the status quot.

Nothing good can come from this. Which is exactly what the status quot wants and is depending on.

In the chaos,  GOP or Democrat side, the establishment will use the tools documented here, that they have created, to take back control, assert their will, and put the people in their place.

What good can come of this?

What good can come for the people…


Even those who serve the masters, only prolong the inevitable correction that is a consequence of nature.

Some time soon, at some point, the people will rise, and refuse.

The establishment will fight back, they already have, escalating events to the point that a all encompassing war will take place, to eliminate large numbers of unnecessary disobedience, and make anything that survives the cataclysm, that more scarce and precious.

This is the chosen world order that the elite prefer. It’s just a matter of time, before they see no other alternative to save themselves from the people, as to destroy them, and all that surrounds them. And it is worth it, since it preserves, the existing order.

So, tell me again why Trump is evil incarnate…

Any more than the rest of them are…

Tell me again, how the exploited people who can no longer tolerate their exploitation and transfer of their rights, and opportunities that come from those rights, over to those, who already have everything, and still want what their neighbor has, whether they be rich or poor, tell me how they are evil incarnate, as well….

I don’t buy it. And I don’t care. There is no saving anything. Either we change, or we wait our turn to perish.

If Trump wakes those people up, the better. If he forces the hand of the elite to be more tyrannical, the more people will be forced by mere acts of self preservation, to collaborate in order to find a way to survive, let alone exist.

You will get no sympathy from those without a voice.

You will have to fight your neighbor to preserve what you think you own or deserve.

And the voiceless get 1st crack at the winner…

Hope you have something left for us.

Because we will spend our last breath taking what we can to survive.

It can come from the masters, or from you…

What can you live with.

Who are you willing to die for…

Them, or us…

It’s your decision.

The time will come soon…

If I were you, I’d stop distracting myself.

Pick a side.

And prepare to do what I have to…

to survive…

Them, you, or me…

I know which side, I choose….

Do you understand Trump now….

Welcome to the Reservation, of Self Preservation…







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