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The Desolate, Mad Max GOP

March 11, 2016

All the sudden the GOP is for fair trade.

While Rubio is for the status quot trade deal that has screwed America over.

Cruz is correct on fixing trade.

Rubio is killed on backing outsourcing of American jobs.

Kasich just talks his same old spiel….

Trump is for a moratorium on trade.

Cruz copies Trump on trade.

Rubio advocates skilled based immigration, AND Amnesty… Hippocrate!

Trump wants to use Carson for education reform.

Kasich killed on supporting Common Core undercutting education in America.

Rubio wants to raise the wall of access on Social Security. He wants you to wait even longer.

Trump wants to leave Social Security alone.

And wants to reform the jobs/employment problem.

He wants to bring the troops home to save money.

This is why the media hates him.

He wants to renegotiate deals to save money.

Cruz, wants to privatize social security.

As does Kasich.

Trump calls out unemployment fraud. And trade fraud.

Trump wants tariffs. Cruz wants tax breaks.

Trump wants to reinvest in America, not subsidize outsourcing.

Trump calls out radical Muslim fundamentalists.

Cruz wants war with Iran to fight Israel’s wars.

Mr. Cruz, Israel’s Palestinians are not allowed to vote…That is not
a Democracy.

Rubio, doesn’t give a shit about peace, just supporting Israel’s hegemony.

Kasich doesn’t want peace in Israel, just permanent war on behalf of Israel.

Cruz wants unrestricted global war.

Kasich thinks the Saudi’s who fund ISIS, will fight ISIS… Jesus Christ!

Now they support veterans… why can’t they do this before they become

Rubio wants to punish Cuba, indefinitely.

He makes empty demands on Cuba, to get support from ex Cubans. That is
pandering, not policy.

Cruz wants to be absolutist… Again, against diplomacy… Unless it
benefits Israel…

Not America.

Cruz stretches the truth to criticize Trump on Iran.

Kasich doesn’t want American corporations to go to Cuba.

He wants to threaten Russia, America and China…


Rubio is correct about global warming can’t be affected by a simple law.

Kasich, buys into climate change.

Cruz tries to ride Reagan’s corpse into the White House.

Kasich wants to threaten China economically, and with ships and
carriers off the coast, as  a pretext to World War III.


Trump turns supporter abuse into a need to support police and law enforcement.

He turns an attempt to equate his supporters  enthusiasm into support
for Nazi Germany, into an attack on media bias, and reverse

Well played.

Kasich is the emoter in Chief, but has no plan.

Rubio, saying that using anger to motivate is wrong, after attacking
Trump, is hilarious and disingenuous.

Cruz wants the voters will to be respected.

Trump puts Cruz in his place, since he keeps beating him in primaries.

Rubio wants you to think he’s running for the common man, when he has
just lost his elite establishment support.

Cruz hits Trump on Super PAC’s.

Rubio tries to thread the needle between partisanship and accommodation.

Trump comes out against Executive Orders…

Kasich backed Welfare reform, which is nothing more than slavery.

While for giving the savings to those for political favors…

Trump calls on the GOP to unify and welcome the people he is bringing
into the party.

Trump is the only person running for prosperity, security, and willing to look out for those left behind.

The rest of the party wants to feed the have nots, to the haves… and turn help for those people into help, for just they, themselves….

Trump, in destroying the Republican Party, is the last hope FOR the Republican Party.

No wonder they want to destroy him, along with themselves, and anything and everything else they see, and touch.





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