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A Bully & A Worm…

March 11, 2016

Hillary promises Amnesty to illegals.

Sanders says the same old spiel in every debate, as well as Amnesty.

Hillary tries to spin a big loss in labor centric Michigan.

Love it how the media spins Hillary’s lead with Superdelegates who are
party hacks, to minimize Sanders lead with actual voters….

They are asking the wrong question.

Instead of asking Bernie how can he expect to win a rigged game, they
should be asking the DNC how they expect to win by rigging the
delegates to go against the popular will of the voters… and have
anybody left to vote for them, against Republicans…

Hillary like Nixon, in her case emails, in his case tapes, have broken
the law, and worse, their attempts to obfuscate and cover up, so
poorly, such illegal activity, have been the way in which their
campaigns and Presidency, respectively, have been mortally wounded. If
she was a Republican, they would have buried her. But since she is a
Democrat, in name only, she gets a pass…

A clear indictment of the media and our legal system.

She tries to blame the government, and claims it’s out of her hands…

No accountability, ever!

Bernie is still pushing climate change, which is a giveaway to the rich.

Asking Hillary if Trump is racist, is hilarious.

She is getting the black vote, and losing the white vote… So does
that make her a reverse racist?

Bernie kissing ass of minority groups.

And trying to play the race card, the only way and old, white liberal,
male, can.

Hillary calling out Bernie over his no vote on the last Amnesty bill.

Bernie calls out increased immigration as akin to slavery.

And threatens to use Executive Orders to enact Amnesty.

Bernie refuses to deport illegals…

Bernie kills Hillary on the Wall St. bailout.

Hillary makes the case for walls on the border…

And supports anchor families…

Hillary tries to gain sympathy by lowering the bar for herself.

Bernie gets Hillary for her support from Wall St.

They cut Bernie off, but let Hillary talk all she wants…

Hillary tries to tie Sanders to the Koch brothers…. Weak!

Hillary scapegoats the mother of a dead American soldier for her
incompetence that lead to the murder of him, two men, and a US
Ambassador in Libya.

Bernie hits Hillary for removing Gadhafi in Libya, and her support for
the war in Iraq.

Hillary called out for spewing platitudes when asked for specifics.

Bernie clearly doesn’t understand economics and employment.

Hillary and Bernie try to lower college debt burden.

Bernie has details, Hillary doesn’t.

Then she calls him out for not having details….

You can’t make this up.

Bernie points out the problems with Obamneycare…

Hillary cuts off Bernie, where is the outrage!

Bernie hits Hillary’s support for fracking.

The media cuts off Bernie.

How transparent can this be?

They hit Sanders for supporting Cuba.

He fights back by opposing imperialism.

And supports engaging Cuba.

Now they support the bailout of Puerto Rico.

Hillary ties Sanders to Castro.

She wants to replace a conservative on the Court with a liberal.

Sanders tries but the deck is stacked in Hillary’s favor.

Hillary is trying to Bully her way to the White House.

Bernie is trying to worm his way in through the cracks, and overtake her.

But when the party Chair is in your back pocket, and the Superdelegates unanimously back you, even over the popular will of the voters…

This deal is already over, and long been decided…

The only question left is if Bernie has bent enough over to Hillary’s will, to be permitted to serve her interests in her presumed administration…

Whether Bernie’s fealty has been enough, is a question only Hillary can answer now.






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