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The Flying Dutchman, Democrat Party

March 7, 2016

Yes, government failed it’s citizens in Flint, MI, and all they offer to fix it, is… bigger government.

Where is the government going to get the money for the state, when they are spending it in wars, and outsourcing overseas…

You can’t fix a government program, with a government program.

Sanders goes after a failed company overcharging for toxic water.

He trust the government more than Wall St, and corporate America.

Hillary punts on EPA accountability.

Bernie would hold them accountable.

And wants to preserve the water supply.

Hillary saying she has a plan, another plan she refuses to give details about…

Sanders is right about Hillary and Bill backing free trade agreements, that killed the American worker, and kneecapped trade unions.

Hillary is actually running on supporting the Auto bailout..

And the Wall St. bailout.

Hillary actually pulls the W. “you are with us, or against us…” BS!

Sanders calls out the police state where corporate crooks buy their way out of jail, and the rest of us go to jail.

Sanders calls out the Export-Import Bank as Hillary supporting corporate welfare.

Hillary thinks that Corporate welfare creates jobs… Jesus Christ!

She supports free trade, and protectionism… Bernie kills her on that.

And adds that those countries subsidize their health care.

Hillary tries to hit Sanders for immunity for gun manufacturers from lawsuits.

She can’t hit Sanders on this, because while he was protecting gun manufacturers in the crime bill, Hillary was saying that black people were “Super predators..” She leaves the door wide open on herself for criticism that is well deserved. You can’t call crime an epidemic, and a segment of people predators, and at the same time argue for people to be disarmed and left to be injured or needlessly killed in gun or any other kind of violence…

Why did the crime bill that Hillary supported call for expanding the definition of crimes… because the for profit prison industry that Hillary supports and is funded by, is a publicly traded for profit company, that needs inmates to fill those beds so they can be paid and make a profit, for the more people they incarcerate…

Crisis capitalism… Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” personified…

She doesn’t answer the question posed to her, and asks the moderator to ask the same question tailored to her, to her opponent, instead… That is not how debates work… Unless you are a Queen…

Hillary is committed to doing plenty… She just won’t tell us what or specifically… HOW!

Sanders does a good job turning around the issue to his strengths…

Let me tell you as a white American male who grew up poor from birth until the age of 10, when we became middle class, RACE has nothing to do with systemic discrimination. MONEY does. You lose opportunity because you are POOR.. Poor people fear cops, as much as criminals, and are held hostage by the welfare/workfare brigades just as much as any other “Super Predator…”

The real super predators are the bureaucrats who zone in and use legislation to create capital starved communities, and welfare islands, that keep people in the hell they are, rather than give them the education and opportunity, to get the hell OUT!

Mr. Sanders I grew up poor in America. My block had my elementary school, a payday loan, grocery store, and GUN SHOP, in my neighborhood. We had friends of ALL races. And ALL parents looked out for their kids and the kids in the neighborhood, because we feared the POLICE more than any criminals. We had guns. We HAD to. Because by the time the cops showed up, you could be robbed, raped, beaten or dead… To say that white people can’t understand racism, let alone poverty facing another race, when poverty is NOT racist, it discriminates against EVERYONE equally! Shows how pathetically out of touch you are with the American people who are NOT like you!

Sanders is correct on justice reform, at least.

Hillary, those “super predators” were people who were “left out and left behind” you were NOT interested in supporting them. You were interested in incarcerating them!

Sanders is correct in Hillary backing the Welfare reform bill, that gave us Workfare, slave labor, in order to have food stamps, and hinder people from being able to find work, and get OFF welfare!

He kills her on her support for trade deals and Wall St deregulation that helped destroy the economy.

Sanders speaks out on poverty, but wants to raise taxes to pay for that as well.

How is Hillary going to usurp the state to run the schools… they already have mandates from the feds to run the state? That’s the problem. Too much outsider leeches, no local people to support schools.

Hillary backs teacher unions, over the needs of the students.

Just because people go to college doesn’t mean anything. If they are under-qualified or overqualified, they won’t get hired… AND will be in debt on top of it!

How is Hillary going to do an Infrastructure bank, when the public resources are privately owned, and access restricted, for profit, by hedge fund bankers… who fund her campaign?

You can’t force Corporations to pay taxes Bernie, but you can pull their charters to do business until they DO!

Why is Hillary for continuing fracking… in light of the evidence of irreparable environmental damage…

Bernie has it right about opposing fracking…

Sanders comes out for climate change taxes… or taxing, subsidizing, and collateralizing pollution…

Oh God, Hillary has another plan! With NO details! “Where is the BEEF!”

Love it how CNN is cutting off Bernie criticizing Hillary taking Corporate Campaign Finance Contributions…

Hillary is using the Supreme Court to get elected.

Hillary calling out Trump’s bigotry is hilarious when her “PUMA” movement called out Obama, in very ugly, racial terms. And Bill Clinton calling his biography a “fairy tale.”

What is a Democrat debate, doing using God as a litmus test? Dafuq?!!

Hillary is running out of a sense of entitlement, nothing else.

Bernie, is so lost in his convoluted ideologies that he can’t get himself out of a paper bag.

Every time the country needs the Democrats to step up for them, the cave and meekly step aside.

Just like Bernie will do, and already said he will do, when Hillary’s Democrat-lite party, doesn’t need him anymore…








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