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Ever Drink Sand Through a Straw?

March 5, 2016

Trump rebuts Romney on trade, arguing it has  destabilized our economy.

He rebuts and disavows the KKK, and the media won’t take yes for an answer…

This is the same tactic the media used against Ron Paul.

Rubio tries to outTrump, Trump.

Cruz speaks to the victims of the economy, but advocates a flat tax
that punishes the working poor and subsidizes the rich.

Rubio says 2/3 of voters don’t want Trump, even though he keeps
winning primaries? So, primaries don’t matter to Rubio, unless you
vote for him, which nobody has…

Why is Rubio using media polls to attack Republicans? Is he running
for the media, or for the people? Because the people have rejected
Rubio and chosen Trump…

Kasich is campaigning for being the most wishy washy, liberal and
flexible Republican running… So what does he have against Trump?

Now he goes after the American media…

Rubio has no answer about job creation… Completely dodges the question.

Trump calls out globalization for killing the US economy… And FOX doesn’t like it…

Trump calls out the monopoly of Drugs and big Pharma robbing the sick and ill people of America, and FOX doesn’t like it…

They are cutting him out, one issue at a time and not totaling the
effect of his policies…

Cruz advocates a flat tax, which saves money for the rich over the
working poor and middle class…

Cruz calling out crony capitalism, is calling out the same capitalism,
he wants to impose on everyone… It doesn’t stand up.

There is no such thing as a free market when the means of exchange is private property of the Federal Reserve Bank. If the currency isn’t solvent, there can be no true “free trade.”
Neither side knows what the value of the currency will be, so they don’t know if the value they agreed upon, is the precise value they are receiving in return.

Ironically, Trump is the embodiment of the system they advocate and want to implement… He is Capitalism of the highest order, and they want to disqualify him for it. While running to uphold and enforce it. This makes no sense. In that sense, Trump IS the most qualified candidate on the economy on that stage. Sadly.

Kasich talks a good game on the budget, but advocates total war which
turns that policy on it’s head… You can’t balance any budget if military spending is off the table, and he doesn’t tell you that in order to do that, Austerity, meaning cuts to taxpayers benefits and welfare programs, they already paid for with their taxes, would have to be imposed against the people’s will, to balance the budget. Which he claims he wants to do.

Cruz doesn’t like Crony capitalism and campaign financing, but he is
bought off by Goldman Sachs, who imploded the economy… A little
disingenuous… to say the least.

On one hand, they say Trump can’t be diplomatic, on the other, when he
is, over immigration, they want to kill him for it… If Trump can’t
have it both ways, the media can’t either…

Trump wants trade fairness, and FOX News doesn’t like it…

Rubio is turned into a hippocrate over his tone. And claiming to deplore personal attacks, then running a campaign against Trump, based on them..

You can’t run a campaign on issues, while espousing vile insults, of
the guy who is beating the hell out of you.

All he is doing is giving people a reason to hate Trump, but no reason to vote for himself.

He doesn’t get it, and doesn’t care to get it.

Cruz, tries to justify his campaign, and when that doesn’t work, he
has to appeal to emotion and populism… Fine, who is your wife again?
A CEO of Goldman Sachs…!

If we give welfare to the rich, and make the poor pay for it, America
will grow again, Say What?

How in the hell is FOX News allowed to tell a candidate to root for an
adversary so the vote can be further diluted… and to what end? This
debate is an agenda driven joke!

NOW, they bother to talk about the economy…?!!

Apparently all Rubio cares about is Donald Trump, and the American
people are Shit Out of Luck!

How is anybody supposed to vote for him?

“Go to my website” doesn’t mean SHIT, when people can’t pay their
bills, or for food, and can’t keep their phone, internet, electricity,
and heat ON! Further proof these guys are out of touch with America
and the American people.

Rubio believes on Amnesty… And punts to attack Trump. He even blames
Democrats for his capitulation on Immigration.

Trump turns Rubio’s flexibility to an argument for his own call for
flexibility. Good point.

Trump wants to import skilled labor to the US, fine.

Cruz was open to immigration, then reversed. Now he’s a hard liner.

Sounds like a politician to me.

Trump is right about people not wanting seasonal work. And who can blame them. Employers don’t like gaps in employment and short job terms. So they hold out for FT jobs. They are deincentivizing employment for certain kinds of employment, and if you don’t have that, you aren’t qualified. Trump is blaming the worker here, for the consequences the employers and the market put upon them. So he aint right, but he aint wrong, either.

Cruz wants to release Trump’s off the record talk to the New York
Times. But he won’t release his wife’s correspondence with Goldman
Sachs… will he?

Rubio wants the Arabs to kill Arabs, and keep America in the middle
east forever…

Can’t we just let Israel fight their own wars… For a change…

ISIS is Saudi Arabia funded and operated, who is gonna declare war on
the Saudi’s when America funds and arms them?

Mr. Kasich, we can’t “come home” and “take the oil” at the same time. Duuh!!!

To say that the military will refuse to carry out illegal orders is
laughable… Abu Ghraib much?

They want to call out Trump for “targeting terrorist families…” when
Israel demolishes houses and bombs whole cities for opposing


Cruz, wants to bomb the world to make America seem tough… Which is a
sign of weakness…

For Cruz to backtrack on defending Snowden for whistleblowing, and
call it treason to disclose unconstitutional surveillance on American
citizens, is despicable.

Trump’s advisers in the military are more of the same. No change.

Kasich champions a poll supporting him, of the foreign policy
establishment… Which got us in the mess we are currently in…

I think Trump is being honest about his evolution according to
information. That is what a leader does. You prefer W. Bush who won’t
admit a mistake and then defiantly runs on it?

Rubio, wants you to go to his website to hear his attack on Trump,
what does this say to, or do for the American people, NOT A DAMN

All Rubio is running for is to attack Trump, and that is what the
media thinks is good enough for the White House, are you NUTS!

Trump has a point about Rubio being absent from voting as a Senator,
and misrepresenting his constituents who elected him to if nothing
else, show up to vote.

Cruz wants you to believe that winning 3 states is the same as Trump
winning 10… How?

Kasich, a man of anecdotes and NO PLAN! He is running for therapist in
chief, not President…

Rubio, says accountability for Government is important, then punts on
criticizing GOP Michigan Governor Snyder, for doing nothing about lead
in the public water supply which harmed his own citizens.

Accountability matters, Marco…

Even to Republicans…

Kasich throws out themes on education, but never any specifics, and
more platitudes.

Cruz wants to blame the liberals and left wing media for Detroit, and
advocates eliminating regulation and giving tax breaks to the
corporations.. and a flat tax, which is calling upon the citizens and
unemployed to pay a tax to live in Detroit, since they can’t afford to get
out of there.


Cruz believes in the legal system, just not the Supreme Court, if it
disagrees with him.

Rubio and Trump, and Cruz believe in gun rights.

Trump hits Cruz for backing John Roberts who approved Obamneycare.

There isn’t one statesman on this stage. And Rubio is a child.

Rubio hits Trump for not being globalist enough.

All Trump is asserting is the Chain of Command… And Rubio doesn’t like it.

And Rubio wants you to be scared of the world to elect him President.

Trump advocates diplomacy over war, and using that money to rebuild America.

Cruz, whiffs on what to do with North Korea… and brings back
Reagan’s “Star Wars” program… And wants to threaten China.

Kasich dodges accountability over his own political ads.

Trump is handling the personal attacks and all other attacks reasonably well.

Cruz, is beginning to fall by the wayside, he can’t break his persona. And when he tries to come across as sincere, he seems to just be arrogant. Even more so than Trump.

At this point Kasich is somebody who was given a ticket to be onstage as long as he permits himself to be ignored and irrelevant.


At least Ron Paul had something to say, in between his long periods of being cut out from the debate.

And then there is Marco…

Not satisfied to speak to the American people as a robot, Rubio has pivoted and uploaded programming to attack, insult and belittle Trump at every turn.

This serves not only to kneecap the front-runner of the party, but also cut out the supporters Trump is bringing into the party, the Democrats, minorities and disaffected/alienated “silent majority” Republicans, who have been in exile since the last Reagan term.

Instead of growing the party to take on Hillary, they are marginalizing the party, and making her seem as the only adult in the room. With some in the GOP feeling she is corporate and militarist enough, to live with, as more predictable than any of the candidates on that debate stage for the GOP.

If you ever have seen a rigged election, you are seeing it now. TWO parties, imploding to coronate one particular candidate.

And they say there is no bipartisanship in government, anymore…



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