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My Predictable Encounter With Julie Borowski

February 29, 2016


FWO: More like a GOP shill for Freedom Works… infiltration of the Libertarian Party. If you work for the GOP, you are a statist. No matter what you say…

Julie Borowski: This guy knows whats up!

FWO:  Guess that Rand Paul psyop, didn’t go over too well for Rand or the GOP… Damn libertarians… Too much principle… That gets in the way of profiting and perpetuating problems. You can stir all the shit in the world, but people who are not so intoxicated with the scent, still come to the conclusion, that shit, is STILL shit…

“Stop being SO cynical… Just eat your Shit!”

She won’t even go by her full name on Facebook, she goes by “Julie Eva”

Just like most plants and shills do…




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