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When You’re Walking On Eggs… Don’t Hop!

February 26, 2016

CNN tries to turn Trump’s legal immigration plan, into Amnesty… FAIL!

Cruz, has a point, supporting legal immigrants, who are productive, over illegals, who cost taxpayers money.

Rubio, wants to secure the border with a national ID card… Ugh!

Hits Trump on hiring immigrants.

Trump is right about enforcing the law, will make illegals go back home.

Trump is right on Mitt Romney being a terrible candidate, who ran a terrible campaign.

Rubio is going after Trump, over hiring illegals.

Cruz, going after Trump on immigration.

Trump, hits Cruz for being too abrasive, and hiding money on his tax returns.

Kasich, backs Amnesty.

Why do we need guest workers, when America has record unemployment?

Carson, speaks in platitudes… pointless…

Trump, calls out Mexican President Fox, and threatens to retaliate against Mexico over the trade deficit.

He calls out Rubio for not knowing anything about China…

Rubio is flailing, trying to make anything stick to be relevant… Ugh!

He is caught flip flopping on immigration…

Cruz, calls out Rubio on flip flopping on ethanol subsidies.

Trump, calls out Hispanic media.

And celebrates, the increase in turnout, across the lines, in the Republican party.

Cruz, tries to use the Supreme Court to get him elected.

Trump, hits Cruz for supporting John Roberts as Chief Justice.

Cruz, hits Trump, for being supported by Democrats.

Rubio, hits Trump for not backing conservatives on the Supreme Court.

And not backing Israel.

Trump parallels his positions, to Ron Reagan.

Buying insurance across state lines is the GOP’s strategy on healthcare. Trump is with the mainstream GOP, and that isn’t good enough for RINO Rubio?

Marco Rubio is not taking this debate seriously. He is trying to belittle the American people, and kiss ass of the elite. This is despicable.

How many primaries has Rubio won, exactly?

And he thinks he can bully Trump?

Hell, he can’t even top Cruz!

He is struggling, and he thinks he’s winning… Charlie Sheen, winning, maybe…

Trump is right. Each state has different risk factors, so there has to be different plans. That is the point of Sovereignty. No top down authoritarian structure. A process that meets the needs of the people. and the market.

And Rubio, has a problem with this, because he is backed by the monopoly insurance industry….


I think Kasich is in the wrong party. He sounds like a corporatist Democrat.

His views on health care is identical to Trump.

I swear the more Carson talks, the less he says…

Cruz hits Trump on Obamacare.

Trump wants people to be covered, Cruz has a problem with that.

1:13:00 into the debate, and they finally talk about the economy. Compare that to the Democrat debate, where all they talk about is the economy.

Tell me the media is not rigging this election, I dare you!

Trump is offering to reform government to save money.

Why is Cruz using polls from the media to attack Republicans?

Trump actually wants to treat Israel’s neighbors fairly to try to create peace, and the GOP wants to kill him for it…

Why is peace in the middle east a threat to Israel?

Think about it…

Cruz, thinks the US being a puppet of Israel is in America’s best interests….

Too bad he doesn’t think America and American citizens deserve that kind of effort.

Rubio, says Palestinians have acted in bad faith, when Israel, attacks the Palestinians during peace negotiations.

Kasich wants to sanction and embargo North Korea, and arm the Korean Penninsula, which also threatens China, and sets the stage for World War III.

Threatening regime change in North Korea, when they have used that as a pretext to invade Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, is fucking insane!

Trump, makes the case that we abuse our military to provide security for foreign nations, while they use the savings to build up their economies, at our expense.

Carson is bitching about the fact that he is being Ron Pauled…

And is painfully repeating his talking points on foreign policy.

Cruz, is running for President of Israel.

Trump is right about being better off if Hussein and Gadhafi were still in power.

No Rubio, the Libyan people fought for Gadhafi, he was defeated by al Qaeda, which America trained, armed, and funded, like ISIS.

Cruz cares more about Israel, than America.

Carson exposes CNN, by asking somebody to attack him, so people know he is still in the room.

Kasich thinks we should have supported the rebels, which are al Qaeda.

And wants to arm Ukraine to threaten Russia.

CNN has lost control of this debate.

Cruz, is using Democrats against Trump.

Trump, hits Cruz for dirty tricks against Carson in Iowa to cut his support.

This is hilarious…

Rubio, wants the FBI to be able to seize the people’s phone and email records. Uhh, that is allowed under the Patriot Act.

Cruz, backs this as well…

Carson, does as well.

Apparently he believes in the Constitution when it suits him.

Kasich wants this done in secret… Uggh! Stasi Amerika…

Trump, gets hit for not wanting a fence for Canada.

Rubio, gets hit for not supporting Puerto Rico, declaring bankruptcy.

Naturally, he sees the solution as being corporations being able to rape the people and the resources of Puerto Rico.

Rubio is tough, so tough, he can’t win a primary… LOL!

Cruz, promises everything, even though everybody hates him.

Trump, hits politicians, for being incompetent… He has a point…

Cruz is an asshole, but he’s right. Rubio is an asshole, but he is so wrong on everything.

Kasich and Carson are verbal statues, who don’t belong on that stage, and probably never did.

Trump survived in the arena, with the media, and the candidates engaged in verbal combat and character assassination with/of him.

Trump is impressive. He is resilient. He is tough.

Cruz, is arrogant, right on some things, but unethical in others.

In that, his flaws have been exposed, and he is weak.

He just doesn’t have it in him to be Presidential.

He still thinks he’s a prosecutor. Wether his target is those who disagree with Israel, or the American people who dare to disagree with him. In that sense, he is no different than Obama, or sadly, Hillary Clinton…

This primary is now, more than ever, Donald Trump, against the Republican, AND Democrat party, as well as the media.

The only people he seems to have on his side is the American people.

And you see the politicians, the media, and those dependent on both, hell bent, and determined to destroy him.

But no matter what they do, the people defend Trump, because he is the only one on that stage, defending and believing in them…

This pisses off the media, and his competition to no end…

They don’t even care to hide it anymore…

Americans should be ashamed of what this country has become, and the power they have given up, to those who have destroyed it…











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