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Patent Lies And Alibi’s

February 18, 2016


Bless you Chuck, you showed why Rand Paul lost…

Supporting Rand Paul to defend the Constitution is a canard…

If you read the founders, they were property owners who created a process where you had to own property to vote. If you were property, you couldn’t vote. Just like with the Palestinians in Israel, who can’t vote in elections. While Israel claims they are sacred because they are a “Democracy.”

They supported a Constitutional Convention of delegates who were selected not by the people in a popular vote, but by the party. No wonder we have a nation of, by, and for property owners, privatizing profits and socializing losses…

Hell just look at how the GOP changed their nomination bylaws to cut out the grassroots and have the party appoint them.

Rand overtly supports, and courts Israel, and the establishment who wants nothing to do with him. And works against him, supporting his adversaries.

If you are going to pander and sacrifice people, at least get something out of it for yourself.

He never even took on the delegate change by Romney… That cut out his supporters. How was he supposed to actually win, again? Tell me… I’d like to know…

Rand wants to go after ISIS, when the Founders saw this as exactly the kind of regional conflict they wanted to stay away from…

Do we really want to invade multiple countries for decades when we can’t even hold Iraq, or advance outside Kabul in Afghanistan?

Any ground gained must be held. We don’t have the personnel to hold all ISIS regions. We would need the Arabs to do that. ISIS is a regional problem the region must face, or be obliterated. We have no need to intervene, when we have more oil on US land, particularly Alaska, than the depleted Middle East has left. And we don’t have to pay to occupy it, or sacrifice lives for it, we already have it. But the UN has made that off limits. Why doesn’t Rand use the Cliven Bundy episode to demand that the states reclaim their land from the UN and National Parks bureaucracy. Why doesn’t he return the money the feds get from keeping precious land on their balance sheets, and permitting corporations to contract to extract and keep wealth from public lands from the people?

There, a solution to our “blood for oil”foreign policy overnight… Done.

But instead of that, we hear from Rand “not one more penny for the haters of America.”

Has he been to Israel?

The Constitution gives the administrators of the Crown, complete authority over their “subjects.” The Income tax itself is nothing more than a tribute paid by the citizens, back to the Queen, for their right to rule us, on behalf of the Queen, continuing her right to rule.

When we won the Revolutionary War, why did we pay the London bankers?

Did you see the Jews pay down the debt of Germany, no? On top of that, they added reparations.

In 2014, countries are still paying off debt from World War One

Now they get to pay off WWII debt… and more reparations…

So, why didn’t the Founders do this to the Crown? They couldn’t.

They are employed as administrators of the Crown.

So forgive me if I do not want to be a subject of, or made liable to pay tribute to the Crown, and her administrators diktat’s.

You can’t hold the administrators accountable to the Crown, they hold YOU accountable so that they are EXEMPT from diktat’s of the Crown, have you noticed that most federal workers don’t pay the Income tax?

It’s all a game.

For Baldwin to see the ultimate threat as those who “‘want to get rid of government altogether,” is a craven, cowardly cop out.

Yes, the government is corrupt, it was made this way, and is enforced this way through systemic graft and corruption.

And you want to hang those victimized by it, who have lost American blood and treasure because of it?

And this is coming from a proclaimed “Man of God.” I shudder…

If Baldwin thinks the way to fight the “New World Order” is by preserving the mechanisms OF that order… Then he is a fool, or a collaborator. Just as the administrators of the Crown are.

You would have to break the shackles of their enslavement, not badger the people into picking a new warden! Dumbass!

The very reason’s Baldwin says Rand Paul failed, are the same reasons Baldwin’s “Liberty Movement” failed… As Baldwin quotes…

Jason Charles recently wrote an excellent column in this regard:

“The reason Rand Paul failed was because he attempted the impossible. He tried to maintain as best as possible a purist approach toward the constitutional principles his father used to attract so many people to the liberty movement in the first place, all the while also trying to appease the GOP gatekeepers. There is no question that the GOP saw the Ron Paul revolution as a threat to their big government hegemony, their military adventurism, corporate fascism and Wall Street cronyism. He simply was and is too much like his father for the GOP elite to stomach knowing full well he would work to dismantle their power systems from inside. The GOP power-base has never been in the people; it has always resided in the corporate fascist superstructure called the American empire. By playing ball with the GOP in the way of establishment endorsements, he lost his father’s base years ago, and by going against the establishment in the way of NSA spying, the wars abroad, the Federal Reserve, drones, and the War on Drugs he was fighting a losing battle in the GOP. His presidential campaign was quite literally a no win situation for no other reason than the political landscape has changed greatly since his father ran.”


You can’t play ball and be a reformer, no more than you can participate in the system and be more than a nat that is easily swatted down, just like BOTH Paul’s were.

Both the father and the son talked a good game, but caved in the end, with cash on hand… That is not a Liberty movement, it’s a power play, and not against the powerful, but the people gullible enough to believe you will work in their best interests, ahead of yours.

Chuck continues:

“Therefore, if the freedom movement is going to have any success moving forward, it must distinguish and separate itself from the anti-government haters who, wittingly or unwittingly, are trying to take all of us into a downward spiral of an unconstitutional, unlawful, and immoral conflict with God-ordained authority.”

Civil disobedience is the way of Dr. King and Gandhi, and Chuck sides with the government of all people, against them?

Like most pastors these days…


I hate to see this. I really do.

More from Chuck:

“If liberty is to peacefully survive in this country, true freedomists must quickly distinguish and separate themselves from these anti-government haters and hotheads and find a way to reclaim and explain the just and lawful principles of constitutionalism that Ron Paul, and so many of us, fought so hard for.”

The critics are right and you are wrong, Chuck, I’m sorry…

They see that the tree is rotten, and like John the Baptist, are telling us it’s time to cut it down and start anew.

That is scary for you. You have a good life. Just like the masters…

But the tree of liberty must be washed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Your way only helps the masters, and keeps the rest of us slaves.

You can be of assistance, or you can be a consequence, but soon the people will rise, and if we have to stand over you, to prove we will no longer stand under anyone, I’d suggest for your sake, you get out of the way…

Like your recent candidate Mitt Romney said: “No Apologies…”

Or to put it in historical terms: The motto of the Ustase: “No quarter asked, none given…”


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