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Why I Am Not A Republican

February 15, 2016

I admit it, I was raised Republican. My father told me all kinds of stories about how the Democrats gave everything away to the minorities, and made it impossible for working class and the poor who weren’t minorities or women, to make a living and get anywhere.

I backed Bush in 88 and 92.

Dole in ’96.

Even fell for the reform BS that McCain was spewing in 2000.

And thought W. Bush was too liberal, using conservatives to get him the nomination because of who his daddy was.

I rebelled against the choices forced upon me by voting for Nader, often.

I even fell back into the abyss by falling for Ron Paul in 08, and 12, and hoping that Rand Paul would breakthrough in ’16. Hell, he didn’t even get to NH. And his father walked out on his own delegates in Tampa after making them pay their own way to get there… while he like Rand, ended his campaign with cash on hand.

Yes, that is awful.

But then, there is the party.

It’s no illusion to say that the GOP is very industry, corporate friendly. They could live off of the military graft… alone.

In fact they invented the corporate sell off of power and influence that took over the Democrat party in the age of Clinton in 92-present day.

Auctioning off long held positions to be more corporate friendly to get massive donations. Even whole conventions sponsored and paid for, where the party and the apparatchiks could get their cut as well.

Everybody knows about the “us vs. them” race baiting that was the hallmark of South Carolina GOP strategist, political assassin Lee Atwater. Using nascent and overt racism to keep the poor whites beholden to the GOP.

And even the rich among them, like Steve Forbes can be so devoid of intelligence or emotion, or concern for anything other than the selfish conceit of wanting to buy his way to the Presidency, that he can run multiple times, and still have enough left over to buy what he wants from the GOP.

Plainly put, the GOP isn’t the party of the working man, and hasn’t been for a long time.

Evidence being how pissed they were when Bill Clinton would ram through their ideas at State of the Union’s and make them his own, corporate friendly policies like welfare reform, where people who can’t work have their benefits cut or eliminated because they can’t find work or a place to labor for free, to pay back the corporations for those benefits in the 1st place.

I hate the militarism of the GOP.

They hate welfare, but spare no expense in arming for war, paying for supplies and fighters the military doesn’t want or need. Have troops who “care about the Constitution” but commit war crimes overseas, and even sometimes answer survey’s asking them if they would ever fire on the American people if ordered to” with a “yes.” And let’s be honest about this: If people were protesting and trying to push away protesters, and a troop got hurt, none of those guys would hesitate to fire on and kill American citizens. Hell the National Guard did it at Kent State in 1970, and the police in the streets of Chicago in 1968. You think PTSD troops who are armed and either have come back from hellholes like Iraq have pause with their trigger fingers and perceived threats? How about the “greenies” who haven’t shot or killed anybody yet?

I don’t think bombing other nations to prop up their dictators and steal their resources to leave them to die in the desert, or lead them to die seeking reprisals for those oppressing them, or from political rivals, is justifiable in any way.

I just can’t see nor excuse it.

They don’t even take care of their own contractors. Murder, false imprisonment, rape, and torture, let alone illness from rotten food and untreated water in a war zone, are not actions of the enemy, but self inflicted wounds. That go ignored from those vile enough to tell you to your face that bringing up these concerns and giving voice to the voiceless is treason against our nation, aiding our enemies, and the greatest sin “Not supporting our troops!”


I don’t remember any of these bastards supporting my father when he came back from Korea in 1969.

He remembers classmates calling him “baby killer and evil” just for having served to get into college, while the people calling him names had scholarships, and their affluent parents paying their way, so they could party, drink, fuck, and have a good ol’ damn time, while my father’s buddies were “fighting communism” in Korea and Vietnam.

Still what is the heart of the GOP lie? What is making people so enamored with Trump in the GOP, even though he isn’t a Republican?

The greatest lie next to “every man is created equal…” “That (insert rich person here) could be you, IF you work hard enough… (i.e. compromise, prostitute and sell out) and are useful for the almighty dollar.

All you have to do is find a way to pimp yourself to the man, and you can have everything at your disposal. We see it all the time.

The dipshit who thinks he’s gonna make a fortune on Wall St. but finds out he aint so smart, so he goes back to teach kids the in’s and out’s of a dead corporate, out-modeled, fascist ideology that is no longer relevant.

He truly is a legend in his own mind. And thinks he worked more and harder for what he has, and the privileges that come from that, like fucking 18 year old girls in his class, than you or I ever did or could. And truly believes you can manifest success by sure will, and that everything he gets, he is entitled to, and you are not entitled to anything, but he will unfairly pay back in taxes, because you can’t take care of yourself, obviously, and left to your own devices would surely cannibalize him and destroy humanity, such as if all the “takers” took out “the makers.”

Yes, these people exist.

They are Republicans, but these days more and more are being open to the GOP lite, centrist New Democrat party of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Now you see establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, blur the line and go from populism to corporatism. One minute they believe in government programs, the other they don’t, but they all agree that welfare is first for corporations, war is always on the table and to be paid for, and the people have to sacrifice to make it so…

This I REALLY cannot stand about the GOP.

They are no different than the Democrats in principle, just in the extent of government control over the people’s lives, dependent upon how much money they have. With the least with the most, having all the privileges and rights, exemptions, and immunities, and wealth secured, while the most with the least have to pay for the difference, and the cost of their welfare as well, with next to nothing to do it with, and no expectation of it materializing anytime soon.

Thankfully the GOP have debtor’s prisons to put them into. So they can work it off… For as now the banks can get you in debt, and the government can make you work off that debt to the banks, and take it out of any benefits you paid for that the government had coming back to you…

That is the fascism of the GOP. They want it BACK! ALL of it… All the money you paid it, any money they put out. They want to leave you with nothing, and nowhere to go. That way you have no choice but to be a useful slave.

While the Democrats just want you to stay on the government plantation. Benefits subject to obedience. Service to the corporate sponsors and their useful idiot masters… In that way, order can prevail.

The tranquility that comes only from inequity and inequality, where one half of the people is played off against the other half.

Content to be rivals, competing to see who can run the hamster wheel faster and faster, while we obey orders, don’t ask questions, eat our pellets, shit our pellets, drink our water, and die, when our bodies can’t run on the wheel any longer.

If civilians and soldiers die from depleted uranium and their children are turned into hideous monsters. Progress!

If BP fractures the ocean floor to where the seafood from the Gulf is toxic and wipes out an entire food chain and industry. Progress!

If radiation from Fukushima is poisoning fish and wildlife… obviously we can’t ban that fish or even label it or even quarantine it from affecting other fish, because that would hurt a corporation’s right to profit and do business, Progress!

If corporations financing failed candidates like Jeb Bush to the tune of 100 million dollars, even though he crashes at the Iowa Caucus and barely is alive to continue is what passes for Campaign Finance Reform, Progress!

If a nascent police state, kills children, babies, women and men in their homes, innocent or not, and their property is seized and sold to the police force to have an even bigger military style police force, with insurgent tactics just taught to them by Israeli Mossad, and practiced on the ground in combat zones, and is to be used on the American people, without cause… Progress!

I could go on for a while, here…

But you get the point.

The GOP like the Democrat party is nothing to admire, or look up to.

If anything, it’s more of the same, that we need to evolve away from…

You are supposed to learn, grow, and evolve.

The opposite is death.

Is there more to live than just working and waiting to get fired, downsized, pink slipped, made to work as a greeter at fucking 80! and then if you are lucky watch your loved ones die, until you get to die of cancer or from dementia, or a broken heart when you realize you are all alone in this life, and have nothing to live for…

I would hope so.

But those damn Democrats and Republicans don’t think so.

So, if that is to be the case…

Let me be proud to swim against the (red) tide…

Of the blood of the victims…

“God bless the New Founding Fathers… for letting us Purge and clease our souls..

And God Bless America… A nation reborn…”

Let the Commencement of the Annual Purge, begin.








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