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Why I Am Not A Democrat

February 15, 2016

I grew up poor, in the South. And in my backyard was the Elementary School and the local park. At the end of the block was A gun shop, and payday loan places, with a bank and a grocery store. My neighbors were black, latino, white, and the main thing we had in common was we were all poor and afraid to talk to or even look at the police.

Parents kept a jealous eye on their kids. We feared the cops, just as much as any new face that popped up that we didn’t know. Regardless of race. Yes there was interracial friendships and dating. And you were just as likely to be called a redneck cracker, as somebody would call somebody else a Nigger or Nigger lover…

There were teen mom’s in my middle school and high school.

Half the time, biracial children.

You would have mean neighbors who would pull a gun on you if you walked through their lawn, at the wrong time, and you had to jump out of the road, when people would be speeding when you tried to walk to the store for anything.

I know about being poor. And I know that government does a good job of keeping you poor.

You would think the government would take charge of economically depressed areas and zone businesses, houses, schools, and create an opportunity for investment to uplift the economy and the people who are suffering under those adverse economic conditions. But you would be waiting in vain.

You see the politicians like keeping the poor on the dole.

It makes them relevant and necessary so the people are forced to keep them in office, to have anything at all.

Does it make a difference whether the master you are wholly dependent on is a corporation or a corporate sponsored government gofer?

How about the education opportunities you get, or the opportunities for employment in such an environment.

Even if you graduate high school without being a parent, you are forced to work in a convenient store, and risk your life on the streets, and hope nobody fucks with you.

If you are unlucky, you get to be assaulted and arrested, and if you are not hospitalized or killed, by the time the police show up (should they not kill you on the spot, thinking you are the aggressor) then you have to try to work, with a criminal record and are even more broke when you are bailed out of jail.

What is the common denominator here? The influence of the state over your condition and your life.

Then you go from one kind of slavery to another. Trading economic slavery and financial slavery from predatory lenders and slumlords, to the institutional slavery of prison labor. Where you will be expected to repay your debt to society by working for 5 cents on the dollar. As a prison laborer.

And then when and if you do get out, then what?

Even if you get a degree or a trade certificate while incarcerated, who is going to hire you…


What’s left?

A lifetime on the dole, or the underground economy… Drugs, crime, prostitution, you name it.

Especially if you don’t have a high school degree.

And if your father or mother was a drunk who beat you, or abused you.. And you missed a lot of school, etc… You don’t even have that to fall back on.

So you are lost, and left to live on the Democratic plantation.

Told to vote so government can save you, when it is more like they work to save themselves from you, and their donors and corporate friendly lackeys literally try to take your last dollar from you, or create a monopoly where you must have their product or service in order to exist.

Is that meeting the needs of the poor?

When the best hope for those in poverty to escape the street is to join the military in order to get a job or feel safe, you know it’s bad. To rather take your chances on the streets of Baghdad over the streets of 8 Mile in Detroit, for example, you know it’s bad. Real bad.

Instead of dealing with your issues of poor education, bad teachers, no resources, no tools to succeed or to learn the skills of upward mobility that are a birthright to people who won the lottery and were born with people who had money, to segregate themselves from the rest of us, in eternal peace and security, you are told by the masters of the plantation that you must depend on them, fill out these forms, and wait for the crumbs from their table. Even though they taxed you to pay for them.

And it gets worse.

Now you are made to compete for those crumbs, against your neighbor. You are told that they are more worthy because of the color of their skin, or their gender, and that you must wait longer, or go without… because their is only so much to go around. And they can’t afford to help everybody…

And while you are trying desperately to figure out where you will pay your bills, and how food will be put on the table, and what to do with your kids, to try to get them out of here, or at least, through the night, where there are shootings, robbery, rape, you name it, and the police show up late, or not at all… your mind breaks, you collapse from exhaustion, and wake up to do it all again the next day and night.

Yes, people do live like this in America.

Since the housing foreclosure crisis, whole families are living in cars, and sleeping in parks. This was being reported as far back as 2007, and the economy hasn’t improved. If anything it’s gotten worse, and we are being told that this is the “new normal,” and that we need to get used to it, and “tighten our belts,” require “people to work for their welfare, to get off welfare” and cut and tax benefits, already paid by the taxpayer, when they had a job, and were compelled by force to pay into the system.

Now, not only do they NOT get back what they paid into the system, what they get comes with strings such as, having to volunteer for community service, while having to look for work at an employment office, and trying to find the time to do that, while raising kids, struggling to pay bills, and trying not to become ineligible for what little assistance does come from government, if you are late, even once, to a meeting with your case worker, employment counselor, what have you…

Does that sound like anything else but slavery to you.

And on top of all that hardship, you get to compete with unskilled labor for low hour and low pay busy work, or with skilled people for skilled positions, you are not now, nor ever will get the opportunity to be trained or qualified for.

Because the government and their corporate sponsors are SO desperate to get you off the dole, that they will give you an inadequate temp job, drop you at the first minute they can, and in the meantime, the lecturer of the job training workshop is going on and on about his house, his wife and their FIVE kids! And how he is fretting about paying to send them to college!

Do you feel insignificant yet? Do you feel like a nat on the ass of the corporate fascist horse? Do  you resent having to survive on the corn and nuts in the pile of corporate fascist, horse shit they expect you and your family to live on, and if you don’t follow the plan to the T, you even get THAT taken away from you?

This welfare/workfare bullshit was the brainchild of Libertariublican think tanks for decades. They resented the concept of taking responsibility for the safety net, that came with an alliance with government. So they decided to work together to find a way to eliminate it altogether.

And they have.

Now, you will work, without pay, for food.

And will have to find a way to pay your bills, without work.

Or without too much work, as to interfere with your obligation to tend to your debt slavery.

Whether it be to the government, or the international bankers who are our real government.

My problem with the Democrat party is:

I don’t see my neighbor as anything other than a fellow inmate.

I don’t resent him.

I don’t want anything they have.

I just want to live.

If they are forced to steal from me, I see that as no different that how the state has already stolen from me.

My ability to have access to that which sustains life.

My ability to learn skills for upward mobility.

My ability to think, to create, to organize, to act.

My neighbor hasn’t taken those things from me.

They, like me have been forced to compete against me, for access to the Crumbs from my Master’s Table.

If we really valued children, opportunity, people, production, innovation, collaboration, and peace and prosperity, we would not rely on artificial scarcity and destitution to endanger an individual’s chance for survival or their mere existence.

We don’t.

Instead we are programmed to serve.

Serve the government.

Serve the taxpayer.

Serve the corporation.

And use Dogma and racism and xenophobia to justify it, and the nature of our existence.

We are made to worship wealth, and never question how it was created, distributed and amassed.

Just ask Bernie Sanders about what money is.

Ask Hillary about how the world’s wealth is controlled by a small group of dominant men and women, the elite of the elite, or how Hillary would put it, as W Bush did “(their) base.”

Who is subjected to the laws they write?

The people who write the laws?

The people who the laws are written for?

Or the people who are subjected to the laws, that they did not write, had no role in debating or creating, and if anything were written for them to be held hostage from.

Am I supposed to count on a Democrat to counter or stop this?

When I see the only one’s who have, get shot in the head on national television. JFK, MLK, RFK, or the one’s who live, like Ralph Nader, turned into a national pariah, because he refuses to be silent, and not call out the useful idiots like Bernie Sanders, who blames everyone but the protofascists system, the bureaucrats and enablers, and even has the gall to blame the victims of the system who dare not to agree with his capitulations, and perversions of logic, to absolve they and himself for their actions and in-actions.

And then we are told that the alternative to Sanders is a Neo Liberal Fascist, Corporatist “Third Way/New Democrat.” Who games the political system to subvert the will of the voters themselves, and walks away with 400 times the delegates as the popularly, democratically elected candidate of her party, Mr. Sanders?

Not even in the rigged game of implied consent, is the process fair?

So what is the point of participating and propping up this BS system of totalitarian control?

The party does NOT represent you, your interests, and cares not for your self preservation. They care only to use you for as much money and power and influence as your blind faith allow, and when you cease to be useful and have been sucked dry to the last drop of wealth and productivity, or justification for their privilege and existence at the expense of you, OFF you go! Into the wilderness, and are made to compete against the victims and fellow victimized for the scraps from the trash can and the crumbs from their gilded table.

Bernie Sanders likes to talk of a Revolution.. He wants a political revolution. But what does that really mean?

Well, think about it.

He wants to be in power, he doesn’t want to lose his position in the party, his committee memberships, and chairmanships. He can’t rock the boat. He can’t take on the Neo Liberal Fascists like Hillary in “his party.” He can’t call out the corporatists of his party, for if he did, he’d have no power. And just be a lone 1/100 voice in the Senate. With no corporate media coverage, irrelevant. The permanent purgatory of a conviction candidate, such as what was done to none other than Ralph Nader.

Bernie, will NEVER allow himself to be diminished in such a way. If the corrupt protofascist system carried out by Neo Liberals like Hillary must continue without interference so Bernie can be safe, then so be it.

Along the way, he will raise money, he doesn’t have to ever give back. From the people who were looking to him to serve them. And he did, Bernie served them up to the Democrat party, and right back into the camp to back the likely nominee, Hillary Corporate Fascist Queen par Excellence… Clinton.

There will be calls to unite the party to take on the boogeyman of the GOP. And while they are frightening, their goals and aims are the same as hers. Expansion of the welfare/warfare state for corporations and the banks. Austerity for the poor. Economic slavery, where the poor will be made to work for the crumbs of the wealth class. Always temporary and subject to obedience. Then be made to work for themselves, on their own time. And if you are Ben Carson, even the poor must be made to pay Income Tax, even if they have NO Income TO Tax!

And always their will be money for war. For war creates destruction, and destruction creates investment opportunities, with the added bonus of having less people as obstacles in how the “new order” is remade.

Every dollar that is used to make war can be doubled in remaking the new, in the ashes of the old war destruction. But you and I do not get to see the windfall of profits from these wars. We get to bury our dead, and pay taxes and pay prices for the products that will be made from the new markets created from these wars.

Sometimes there is even and added side effect, where drugs will be made available, like in Afghanistan, leading the corporations to make new drugs from the opiates, and monetize those creations, to make money of off sick people, and make people who are not sick, addicted, so they can abuse those drugs, to create even more demand, and more profits for the people who are not already sick.

Even politicians have been known to make money off illegal drugs, and seizing access to natural resources from the lands they conquered, 1st.

See VP Joe Biden’s son… Beau Biden… And the money he is making off of Ukraine.

Or Mitch McConnell’s ties to planes that were smuggling cocaine into the US.

But Bernie and Hillary won’t talk about that.

They would rather tell you that they are the only ones saving you from boogeymen, their competition, themselves, yourselves, or yourself.

You can’t make it without their help. And you are so scared, and destroyed by their self serving propaganda that you can’t see that, if anything, all they are doing is helping themselves at YOUR direct expense.

Does Hillary or Bernie empower you, or enslave you… to their agenda…

Do YOU get to question Hillary or Bernie?

Is that EVER allowed…

Then, tell me, dear boy or girl…

What is the difference between them, and ANY other candidate with a D or R next to their name…

Could it be that, there isn’t ANY!

THAT is the point!

Race/gender quotas have divided us, and punished qualified people for their competency.

This notion that everybody “has a right” to a college education… leads to people being overqualified for the scant jobs that DO exist, and force the people to scramble, capitulate and offer to take less than they deserve, and have already earned, just to have anything.

And their reward for that, debt slavery to pay off the education they took debt out to “earn” and must pay back to keep whatever they can get, after the bankers and the politicians who made it possible, get their cut, first, last and always.

An education you can’t use.

A job, you can’t keep.

A house you don’t own.

A car you don’t own.

Children you can’t take care of.

Who will be taken from you the minute you can’t.

And it’s all your fault, because you were too selfish and “didn’t give enough…”

What did you have to ever “give”?

What was already taken FROM you, that you never even saw or got to use.

Sure money was created in your name, at birth, but did YOU have a say in where that goes?

No, only to pick who has a say in where it goes…

And the Million Dollar Question is:

Does that money…. EVER… come back… to YOU!

They will tell you it comes back in services from government.

But read the fine print.

All the Income Tax pays for is the military budget and the warfare state.

So who is paying for the welfare?

If not the well off…

Now, it is those who are NOT well off, and in need OF welfare.

The rich have finally won, and have gotten the people to accept the premise that the poor must pay for themselves. By Slavery…

And the rich must keep what they have.

In order for society to “work.”

Who the hell is this working FOR?!!

That is why there must be war, must be corruption, must be artificial scarcity through the controlled economy, instead of equilibrium of a true free market.

Because the inequality is so great, the need so apparent, only a massive, warfare state of global conquest can find new markets for the same old crap, and new resources to exploit to KEEP the people here, in slavery and servitude. One half to the state, for access to the Crumbs from the Table of the Masters. The other half are to the Corporations, least they lose their savings in the stock market, or get laid off, or the bank closes, before they get their savings when they need it after they are permitted to retire… Not if they need it before then.

Even then the bank gets to steal and hoard your money, and use it to create more money, so they can buy banks, assets, and their competition out of business, and talk regulators out of regulating anything. See Glass Steagall Act…

Taken into account, the financial malfeasance, the compulsion, and use of force or violence against the free will of man. The for profit war apparatus. And the privatized wealth consolidation and securitization in the market, as well as from the people, through Austerity, not to mention the racial and social division that is constantly spewed against people on the basis and anything and everything except what we all share, our collective humanity, and it is very hard for me to give one FUCK for ANY person who beLIEves in the Democrat party.

If you don’t believe in racism or sexism, you don’t legalize it through quotas.

If you believe that discrimination on the basis of race, or creed or gender is wrong, you don’t enforce it through law.

If you believe in free speech and right to assemble, you do not harass, censor, jail or imprison those you disagree with.

If you believe that all people are worthy and have value, you don’t segregate and discriminate against them for ANY reason.

You believe that institutions that are meant to serve the people, the banks, the currency, the legal system, actually should, and that the people have a say in that…

If you believe that nations only have a right to ask us to help their people, and not help them destroy their people, and outside of that, we have no business interfering with their free will…

If you don’t believe that identity and choice gives you the right to have the government to punish those who do not identify, or agree with your choices, or have them put upon anyone else, in violation of their free will and consent, and you do believe that boycott, or collective voluntary action is more morally justifiable, than asking someone else, to punish somebody you don’t like, for any reason…

If you believe that artificial laws made by immoral and dishonest men, should NOT apply to those who are moral and honest and do no harm to anyone in society, except if at all to themselves…

If you believe the people have a right and a say into what laws they will be subjected to, and that if they choose, what actions can be collectively taken by anyone, or those who would profit from, or take something from the commons or the people, for their own ends, and have a right to say no, if they so choose, without reprisal or threat of violence from an agent of the state…

If you believe that rights do not come from government, but by nature, and that man has a right to what is necessary to exist… if nothing else…

You just might NOT be A Democrat…

And just might have more in common with those like me…

Stop voting against your interests.

Stop watching on the sidelines as those like you are enslaved and oppressed.

Stop thinking this is the best life has to offer.

And join us to make life for each of us, a life worth living.

And share the fruits of that with our children, so they can take that opportunity and instead of being the 1st generation with less than their parents, can be the last generation with less, period….

The choice lies with you.

Turn off the tv, the radio, stop reading the paper, and the sites on the net that want you to be afraid of things you have never seen. And never will see in your lifetime.

Listen to that part of you that you felt, maybe for the 1st time, reading this.

And go where it tells you to go.

That part is you.

It is meant to lead you.

Not to be lead by anyone but you.

Those who would do that, have no interests in you at all.

Except for themselves.

There must be a Revolution yes, Bernie.

A revolution of the people of Conscience, to overcome those people like you, who obliterate it to serve your naked, selfish interests and ambition. And use it to take the people’s last dollar, just to grant it to the very same people oppressing them.

Democrats, get off the Plantation once and for all.

Join us in Freedom, Liberty, and Peace!

We will not make a law to force you to do our bidding, nor bend you to our will.

The choice remains as it always was…

… and lies with you…
















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