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Vomit…The GOP’s Latest Tribute To Bulimia

February 15, 2016

Trump asks for obstruction of Obama’s next appointed Supreme Court justice.

Carson has no idea that the President nominates justices for the Supreme Court and that Congress confirms them..

Rubio and Cruz, praise Justice Scalia, and uses his death to scare the voters to support him…

Jeb Bush is really trying hard to ignore the fact that his father appointed a liberal justice, David Souter .

Trump shows his wisdom in avoiding war, and trying to keep oil and profits from ISIS.

Rubio wants to threaten North Korea, China, and Iran, while expanding NATO to the Russian border, setting the stage for World War III… Nutjob!

Rubio is pro war and intervention but his biggest decision was to vote against Obama going to war… That doesn’t make sense.

Carson is empty. He has run out of answers and is running out the clock.

Kasich, wants to arm Ukraine to threaten Russia. And prevent Russia from protecting their borders. And Russia is being threatened by radical Islam, that we are training to strain Putin.

Jeb wants to throw out Assad, which means bombing Russian troops and creating World War III… Insane!

Jeb, the team you have been training and supporting IS ISIS and al Qaeda!!!

Russia is defeating your enemy for YOU, and you want to destroy them?

What… the… Hell…?!!

Jeb says containment of ISIS has been a disaster, but he believes in containment towards Iran?

What.. the… Hell?!!

Trump calls out Jeb and the GOP establishment for wasting money on perpetual war on the taxpayers credit card…

And the establishment doesn’t like it…

Cruz, wants to target Iran. Wants to engage in proxy war on ISIS. And throw in US troops.

Trump nails Jeb on Iraq, after all we spent, we don’t have a way out, and don’t even have money coming to us, from Arab oil, that we died to secure, for everybody else.

And he kills Jeb for the fact that the pretext that was used to go in, was false.

Jeb, the polices of your dad, and your brother are fair game. Don’t like it, then you won’t like being President, where everybody criticizes you… Everybody!

And Trump is correct when he says 911 was on his brother’s watch, and therefore the assertion that his brother kept us safe, by failing to prevent 911, and enacting a surveillance state on the people of America after 911, which cost us more liberties than the attacks themselves, is bogus.

Rubio kisses Jeb’s brother’s ass…

Since when is it America’s job to enforce UN resolutions. The UN also wants to END the right to own guns WORLDWIDE! You wanna run on THAT Marco (Polo!?!)

Rubio blaming Clinton for not killing Bin Laden, doesn’t absolve W. Bush of his failure to IGNORE Presidential Daily Brief’s entitled “Bin Laden DETERMINED to attack the United States!” Just ask Condolezza Rice… who testified this to the 911 Commission…

Trump is also right about W. Bush ignoring the call to stop Bin Laden that was being told by intelligence analyst and Cabinet level aides like Richard Clarke.

Carson is trying but just doesn’t have a clue… This is painful to watch.

Trump wants to end globalization to save American jobs, infrastructure and benefits of government. That’s a noble effort for the GOP.

He is right speaking out against the cannibalization of the American economy on behalf of elitist globalism. Man, no wonder the media and both parties HATE him…

Cruz, doesn’t get that everyone paying a 10% income tax, cost more for the poor, and the middle class, than the rich. Making the people pay a 2nd time for the benefits they get from government, while exempting the 1 percent from having to pay, and still have even their benefits paid for by the underclass. Why should the working poor have to pay for Jeb Bush’s Cadillac Health Care Plan? Or those of Congress?

And “paying your Income Tax on a postcard” KEEPS the damn Income Tax and IRS in power! Reagan wanted to abolish the IRS!!!

He wants a 16% Sales Tax, that would tax everything you buy, which would strangle economic growth and keep people unemployed, while abolishing the Corporate Income Tax, to secure the wealth of the wealthy, FROM the American people, again making the people pay double for any and everything they get from government, while the 1 percent DON’T pay, and STILL get to keep everything, AND take benefits from the government…
You can’t make this SHIT up!!!

The estate tax is another gift to the wealthy, as it only kicks in if you have a large amount of money and own property. You know, people like Trump…

Why don’t we instead use the Income Tax as it was designed and tax GAINS from Corporate activity, and let the people KEEP the money they earn. Which is their property from their labor. And does not meet the legal definition of Income…

You can give Corporate tax breaks and exemptions all you like, Ted, and can claim that the corporations will use that money to grow the economy. But all the people have seen is them using that money to buy lawmakers to gain exemptions for themselves, sanctions for their competition, and the people being screwed out of jobs, when those corporations use that money to shift jobs overseas… so they don’t have to pay anything back to the country, where they used the law, and the resources to get too big to fail, or even Tax!

Rubio, wants to use the tax code for social engineering, nice… Uggh!

Kasich, bought into Obamacare to expand Medicaid in his home state. The GOP doesn’t like that.

Jeb, sure doesn’t…

Since when does Jeb Bush get to dictate to CBS when the moderator can moderate?

Carson wants to tax poor people (people under the poverty level) under his tax plan. No, I am NOT kidding… And Martin Luther King, wept! Jesus Christ!

Rubio wants Amnesty with e-verify and background checks… It’s still Amnesty…

And who does Amnesty benefit? The Democratic party. And expands the social safety net, at the same time they are implementing Austerity for legal citizens in the US, and making them work without pay, to pay for their benefits… Which are not permanent…

After they, the taxpayer, already paid for it…

And the illegal immigrants, did NOT!

Cruz fights Rubio on Amnesty and the GOP donors in the room BOO him!

This makes the GOP donor’s and the GOP seem like they don’t give a fuck about the American worker who is a citizen, who is getting his hrs. cut, or his job eliminated, who just happens to actually vote in elections… Talk about cut off your nose to spite your face!

Rubio is pro Amnesty, Cruz seems to be one of the few against it.

And is getting booed for it!

Jeb Bush is pro Amnesty…

Jeb won’t even scrutinize criminal illegals… Wow!

Trump, is right to hit Jeb Bush for being weak on immigration.

Jeb backs McCain over Trump? So fucking what!

Kasich, is trying to referee… Big Whoop..

He also is for Amnesty….

Carson, wants to shrink regulatory agencies, to benefit corporate crime, fraud and abuse…

Cruz, wants welfare reform, to make you work for welfare, when the reason they are on welfare is because there are NO jobs! That is slavery.

Trump is right about taxing corporations who offshore jobs.

Trump gets Jeb to hit his brother, for using eminent domain to build a ballpark.

Cruz is splitting hairs with Trump over Abortion… And using ad hominem attacks…

Apparently all Jeb cares about is Donald Trump, so fucking what!?!

What are the American people supposed to take from this… Jack and SHIT!

Cruz on John Roberts: “The Senate should confirm him… quickly” in 2005.

Kasich and Carson are running to be polite, that isn’t the job…

Kasich is running on giving the people Hope… Oh shit, Obama lite!

Trump at least wants shit to work out. Most government agents need problems to continue so they have a job, and are exempt from those problems….

All Jeb Bush cares about is Trump, this is ridiculous…

Rubio kissing Reagan ass, and not answering the question…

Jeb Bush is trying to scare voters for the job… Terrorism, Bio Terrorism, Panic! Jeb!

Holy crap! Natural disasters, too!

“Jeb!!! SAVE US!!!”

While you walk on water and stop the mighty hurricanes with you’re will but God help us all if a Rotary Club guy shows up!!!

Rubio for Imperialist In Chief.

Ted Cruz, running for the Supreme Court, er… President of the United States.

Trump. is standing in Corporate Occupied Territory, with a media who hates him and he is still speaking to the voters. Like it or not, that’s balls…

The GOP’s has gone off the rails… Trump is speaking common sense, Sanders is speaking the same to the Democrats in their language. The GOP isn’t worth saving… The Democrats are competing to who can sell out the American people to corporations the fastest, while Sanders is running to put the people further under the thumb of government, through more compulsion and less freedom of movement or choice. I see plenty of mechanisms of control competing for supremacy, you know what I don’t see any of… Autonomy.

Apparently learning a skill, working a job, creating something people value is not how you make it in America anymore. Instead you fall in line, serve the purpose to follow orders for rich guys or bureaucrats, and if you can’t hack it, you are expendable, and an insult to your underclass, for not serving your defined purpose of the moment for the superclass.

Maybe that is the “New American Century” Rubio was talking about…

A return to feudalism…

Where the lords like these fucks serve you to their masters…

Oh joy! When can I vote to be a slave, Master!

And what happens to me if I don’t!

That, they will NEVER tell you….

“God Bless Amerika!”







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