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The Calvary Aint Coming!

February 12, 2016

Sanders, wants to throw everybody in Medicaid and Medicare. Rebuilding
the infrastructure is needed… But is a temporary fix.

Makes the case that high taxes are necessary for more health care.

Hillary is fighting health care expansion to protect the monopoly of
the health insurance industry.

Sanders wants to bargain with the people against the health care and
insurance industry. And negotiate for lower prices.

Hillary wants to fight for the profits of corporations from health care.

Sanders wants Wall St to pay to stimulate the economy.

And have free public education which creates a caste system…

Hillary’s surrogates are now harassing women for their votes…

Who is trying to “setback” women’s rights? Who?

Sanders points out GOP hypocrisy on choice, for women, vs. their voters.

He speaks out for criminal justice reform to protect minorities.

Hillary blames the state government for racism.

And thinks the Federal government is the answer.

Sanders wants diversity and to put the peace back in the peace
officer, by demilitarizing the police.

He wants to educate the people, not incarcerate the people.

Sanders links racism to populism…

Hillary “I’m going to do whatever I can…” is NOT a plan!

Sanders hits free trade for pushing skilled jobs out, overseas. Which
is what Hillary and her husband pushed threw Congress… with NAFTA,

Sanders wants Amnesty… even through they broke the law, when Sanders
would agree with anybody else going to prison for breaking the law.

Hillary wants Amnesty, in order to have voters.

Sanders speaks out on income inequality, and wants to tax the rich to
pay for Social Security.

Hillary wants to target reform, Sanders wants comprehensive reform.

Hillary punts on Super PAC support.

Sanders dropped his Super PAC, and got more support.

Hillary uses her Super PAC to take money from Wall St.

And defends that, to say that she will take their money, but will not
take orders.

This is BS!

Sanders, “people aren’t dumb… why DO special interests fund
candidates…!?!” Exactly.

He hits the fact that the banks are getting bigger. And the money is
being sucked out of the economy…

She doesn’t have a response to this…

She wants to bomb the middle east and prop up proxies in the war against ISIS.

She wants to embolden the Police State at home. And ask Muslims to
turn against themselves… in fear.

Sanders understands the concept of blowback, where you bomb out the
government and radicals fill the vacuum.

Hillary hits back with Sanders previous votes for regime change.

Sanders says judgement matters, he voted against Libya and Iraq, she
voted for it.

Hillary is trying to say killing bin Laden was bigger than 911 and the
Iraq War vote.

Sanders hits Hillary for being buddies of war criminal Henry Kissinger.

Who used the anti communist domino theory for intervention then warmed
up to China after the war, hypocrisy.

Sanders wants a military buildup to threaten Russia.

Hillary doesn’t want Iranian troops in Syria, she wants American
troops in Syria.

Sanders advocates diplomacy over war, Hillary advocates war first.

Hillary wants war, but doesn’t want to take responsibility for
refugees. Cause the victim, then blame the victim…. Evil Bitch!

Sanders wants to engage the region to find a solution.

He loves FDR.

And Churchill the man who created the concept of civilian “TERROR
BOMBING” of Germany.

Hillary hits Sanders for criticizing Obama…

For Hillary to say that Bernie is personally attacking Obama is
despicable. When like he said, she ran against him.

Hillary is calling for government to fix the problems government created.

These two are insane, incompetent and pathetic.



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