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With Choices Like These…

February 9, 2016

Trump reminds people he opposed the Iraq war.

Carson wouldn’t quit before the Iowa caucus… Rand Paul quit before New Hampshire…

Cruz campaign took CNN’s word about Ben Carson quitting. Derp!

Christie calls out Rubio on being a debater, but never having to work with people to make government work.

He calls Rubio out on spewing talking points.

Cruz wants to stop North Korea from firing missles.

Kasich wants to intercept ships and search them.

Jeb wants to destroy them.

Which is an act of war.

Jeb, Rubio, Christie, all want to bomb North Korea, which would start a World War with China…

Kasich wants Amnesty.

Cruz wants to be stricter on illegal immigration.

Rubio, says that is pointless…

Christie calls out Rubio for playing politics with immigration.

Trump get criticized for making sure everybody gets health care.

Jeb, kicks Trump on eminent domain.

And points out that GOP donors are booing him in the debate audience.

Of course the New York Times endorses wishy washy John Kasich who even Bernie Sanders could beat.

Rubio, can’t get off his Obama talking points… The Manchurian Candidate from Cuba.

Mr. Cruz, Vietnam proved carpet bombing didn’t work..

Watch this..

Cruz, air power didn’t work in Vietnam, you need boots on the ground. And we will NEVER bomb the oil, ISIS is there so we can GET the oil!

Carpet bombing civilians prolongs the war. A prolonged war is very profitable.

“Destroy everything, then leave!” Another vacuum for al Qaeda!

Cruz is nuts!

Rubio, if they haven’t fought ISIS yet, meaning the Muslims in the region, WHEN will they. YOU can’t make them!

You can’t “ask more of the Saudi’s…” THEY funded ISIS, you ARROGANT Dipshit!

A global war on ISIS, when will he realize that invading and bombing the Arab world, makes Arabs not like you?!!

Trump has a point about taking the oil.

Trump wants to go after ISIS funding! Oh shit! He is pissing rich people off!

He’s right if you go after their strength, which is their funding, they can’t reload and re-arm to do anything, and they will pick up and leave as they already have…

Jeb comes out for bombing and occupation of the middle east. What a shock.

Carson tries hard to seem relevant. He’s just not.

Cruz, is against waterboarding. And the audience hushes… Are you kidding me?

Trump and Jeb like torture…

Rubio, is for indefinite detention and torture.

Cruz, using Executive Orders with Executive Orders, to defend the Constitution, which he apparently never read.

Jeb wants to send power back to the states. But that would refocus the bureaucracy. More money, more power. Whether it’s DC or the state capitol.

Cruz and Christie strong on drug policy.

Rubio has talking points. But that’s it.

Carson makes a good point about Hillary abandoning troops in Benghazi.

If Kasich thinks a vet is drug free, he needs to see the rate of soldiers treated with psychotropic drugs and have mental disorders. That is an irresponsible statement. They are broken and need treatment before they need jobs!

Rubio points out the media hypocrisy slamming Republicans while ignoring the issue and not pressing it on Democrats.

First decent point addressed and made here in the last 10 minutes of this BORING debate!

Jeb Bush speaking fast and spewing words, resembles a guy who can’t swim and is drowning with no one around to help him…

Carson, thousands of people did NOT draft you for President. You contracted with call centers like InfoCision to call people and harass them for money so you could spend their money to run. You are a FRAUD!

Ted Cruz did NOT stand up to Washington when he left to fundraise, while legislation to Audit the Federal Reserve Bank was on the table, and voted down. Which kept the power of the big banks, intact. Try again Ted.

Trump was the only person not hurt here… We will have to wait and see what the voters decide.

Looks like Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and everybody else is dead in the water.


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