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Life Is Unfair, And Those Who Want To Keep It That Way

February 3, 2016


Political parties are private clubs. They make their own rules. They decide how to advertise and publicize their property, the political process. They can highlight anyone the want to, and banish anyone they want to, arbitrarily and without explanation. They can raise money, spend money, and funnel money to candidates or non profit entities to oppose or promote policy or particular candidates.

Each candidate from the party has to sign off on the agenda of the party, pledge allegiance to it’s by laws, even to their detriment. And realize that by their membership and inclusion in the party, they implied consent to whatever the party decides.

From time to time, you get people like Ms. Fiorina, who are insulted by how they are marginalized and diminished by the party, and the corporate media. No matter how much they prostrate themselves upon the altar of unquestioned fealty to the state, and the statists.

But these cries ring hollow.

The hardened and most seasoned cynic among us already knows that she is only decrying the result of the process and not the process itself. And therefore has no standing to be listened to, or even acknowledged by anyone, just as her party has willfully chose to not acknowledge and actively marginalize her.

Yes this is ironic. But it gets worse for Ms. Fiorina as she is running to run the nation and the government… like a business. Like a CEO of a corporation, even though her record as CEO of Hewlett Packard was abysmal.

Like many of her fellow travelers in the GOP, she has failed in the private sector, and is using that “experience in the arena” as her sole qualification to run the country.

Some of them, like Mike Huckabee, now out, use running for President itself to become a Millionaire….

Or to get a contract to be a teleprompter reader for the corporate media, like FOX. This also includes canidate John Kasich, who took money to have a short run on FOX News Channel, as an employee for the same Corporation that is marginalizing him, and the rest of the crew, aside from Trump, Rubio, the two most liberal candidates in the GOP, and Cruz who is the most reckless, and inconsistent, while always being wise to speak the red meat talking points to appeal to the common man, as he does the bidding for his wife’s employer, Goldman Sachs. A hypocrisy put on display where Cruz, speaks out against the Federal Reserve’s easy lending practices, with no oversight, but then doesn’t even bother to show up to vote to hold the Fed accountable under the law, as he sees his more important function to campaign for higher office to serve the people up to his corporate masters.

Basically campaigns have become a version of Corporate “American Idol,” where candidates the corporations select, get to grovel before them, and the American people. The corporation then gets to favor and deliver to the American people their preferred candidate or slate of candidates, and can then marginalize the rest to oblivion and irrelevance.

We haven’t even had an actual election. Just a caucus. And already multiple candidates have been cast out of the process, before 49 states have had their say. Is this Democracy, or Plutocracy?

Forget about citizen governance. That ship left the boat with the 1st political dynasty in America… The Adams family… (insert joke here).

Now you have to be rich, or a gofer for one of two political parties, with tissue thin differences, and alliances on principles of the role and necessity of government. They do not question government, just the extent of how far it’s reach and impact on the day to day lives of Americans, and non Americans alike, all over the world.

The slogans and ad campaigns are different, but the results are the same. Even Republicans are seeing this at the Legislative Branch, with the ouster of former Speaker John Boehner, for Paul Ryan, and the lack of any difference in the latter from the former. Just another case of a political “revolution” that wasn’t.

The GOP is the latest to see this disturbing trend, but the same can and will be said for Bernie Sanders, if he by way of favorable press, or Hillary Clinton’s incompetence, ascends to the Presidency of the United States.

I for one do not see any way in hell, the corporate fascist state would trust Mr. Sanders as the standard bearer, for the position of TeLePROMPTeR reader in chief. His war policy makes money for the contractors and interventionists in both parties, but his attack on corporations, even while being a military war hawk, just isn’t enough of a payoff to the corporate paymasters. The money primary has not been as kind to Bernie as Hilary. And the dirty secret is that the GOP would much rather prefer Hillary to Sanders or ANY candidate of the GOP, aside from somebody like Rubio. A welfarist, amnesty, corporation friendly war HAWK, of the highest order, who see’s ISIS, Russia, and even American citizens here in America as potential threats and worthy of surveillance, detention, and perhaps even death by drones, here in the good ol’ USA. Without a trial. And all in the name of upholding the Constitution.

Carly by far is the most bellicose and reckless in her lust for war as a means of diplomacy. Even going so far as to send the Navy not to the middle east, but to Russia! The very same Russia that IS wiping out ISIS as we speak!

That is the problem with limited minds, reduced to tough talking points, and advertising. They do NOT tell you a DAMN thing about how they will lead, handle adversity, PREVENT WAR, NOT inspire or provoke economic terrorism, or actual terrorism, both here and abroad.

The vastness of the emptiness of Carly’s positions, as well as her experience is precisely why she is NOT qualified to be on that stage in the 1st place. She never even held political office! And she wants to run against Hillary… Okay… But what if Hillary isn’t the nominee….

I know Sanders may seem like a pushover, but with the right VP, (Hillary) he can shore up his weaknesses with the corporate fascist state and be tenable… He can be the W. Bush to Hillary’s Dick Cheney. And give speeches, while she does all the dirty work.

Rubio and Cruz honestly DO cancel each other out. One is extreme left, the other is extreme right, socially. But they agree on almost everything else.

The only variable is Trump. Which is why the GOP is declaring war on him. There is NOTHING to stop Trump from running 3rd party and buying access. He has barely spent ANY of his own money, up to this point. Relying on free media advertising. And because he makes money for the corporations, with ratings, he can always have his megaphone. While other candidates, like Rand Paul, are left in the phone-booth, cold calling voters in vain.

This is a testament to just how limited the people’s options and voices truly are in the political process. You get who is delivered to you, TOLD what to think about them, and then slowly made to conform to the prevailing general wisdom, of the status quot.

And then it is wrapped up in advertising disguised as media and campaign talking points, and you pick the best ad campaign, instead of best candidate. This was made apparent in 2008 when the Obama Campaign won the Advertising Award of the year, and it was a political campaign. Not a campaign about a corporate product to be sold to market… At least from what we were told…

Since that campaign Obama has been exposed for what he is. A sponsor of the corporate rape and pillaging of the United States and other nations across this land. Where control of resources, and denial of control of resources are the sole function and purpose of government, aside from securing corporate profits from the public, and making them dependent on the government for anything and everything, while the shrinking working class, has to pay for it. While corporations are exempt.

Even Rand Paul, the sanest voice in the madhouse, was not immune to corporate ass kissing, and order taking. His tax policy, his corporate friendly brown-nosing of the underclass, and even at times his own supporters, made him try to seem as exasperated as the corporate masters were, that the people expected anything from them, and government at all. This resentment of their own voters is something that is building up in both parties, and has already boiled up in the electorate. To the point that somebody like Trump and Sanders are gaining traction, one for wanting to be the premier authoritarian, while the other, satisfied to use the mechanisms of government to make it as authoritarian as it needs to be, to meet his political ends.

In that BOTH Trump and Sanders are unwitting Uber Allies. Working apart, but together for ironically the same goal. One to use government to achieve his own ends, Sanders, while the other, Trump, to NOT use government to limit his own ends.

Government does not work anymore for the common man. But either candidate is happy to see to it, that government doesn’t work for the people at all. Just work the people. Work them to create profit. To organize into ideological (if not literal) camps. And work against the aims of the other party. While the silent majority can “Join or Die.”

There is compulsion in either form. Not competition. Not innovation. Nothing that enhances or creates opportunity for the underclass or the middle class to achieve protected class status.

Where is the competition in providing services? Where is the solution to the credit/debt crisis? The monopolies, in money, insurance, health care, media, natural resources, private property, energy policy, etc, etc. The tyranny of the legal system that secures the rights of those who can afford it, and grants privileges on top of that, at the expense of those without sufficient wealth or property, who are left as debt slaves, and at any time can be incarcerated or impoverished if they get sick and can’t work. Or become expendable, in order for a company to profit, and lose not just their income, but their health care?

You will never see these questions posed or even asked because you are looking in the wrong place. Freedom doesn’t come at the hand of the oppressor. It comes from the hands of the oppressed, joining together, with like minded and aggrieved people, in common interest, for alternative reforms, for their own self preservation.

People like Hillary, Fiorina, Bush, Cruz, Rubio, even Sanders have benefited from this system of oppression, and are actively using their compliance and experience in preserving, protecting and defending this political, economic and legal system, which has served as a virus, afflicting the American people for far too long, as a qualification to lead that same system of oppression. When the Doctor with the lab coat comes with the lethal injection, you do NOT stay strapped in the chair, unless you choose to be a good, obedient citizen, and lend yourself to a good, obedient death.

You cannot fight and preserve your existence by walking into the office, consenting to being strapped down, and injected. You can only do that by, choosing NOT TO GO, by your own FREE WILL, and if they try to force you, FIGHT BACK, RESIST, and hopefully other people follow your example to do the same.

Listening to the political siren song, will lead us unto oblivion.

We are pretty much already there.

If you are ready to try to preserve your own life, and that of your family, the 1st step is NOT listening to the DAMN oppressors for what to do next. You have to listen to yourself and each other. Because only YOU care about YOU! And the only way you are going to have enough resources to preserve yourself, is if those like you bring their resources on board to defend each of you in an alliance of self interest.

The powerful have been in an alliance preserving, protecting, defending, and growing their self interests for decades. It’s high time, we flip the script on the entitled pigs like Fiorina and her klan of madmen, and did what we could, with what we have, to keep ourselves going. As their confidence game of infinite corruption and welfare at the expense of the poor, the working class, the environment, and basic morality, meets it’s logical and mathematical end.

It’s time to turn the page…

And write a new one…

This is something the political class does not understand.

But the people know quite well…

If I was the political class, the corporate wealth class and anybody who served them…

I’d take the money… and RUN!













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