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Great Disappointment…

January 29, 2016

Cruz badmouths Trump while claiming the high road.

Rubio trying to scare votes with Hillary/Obama boogeyman.

Jeb running against Hillary, while using the same excuses as Hillary to run. Embarrassing!

Fox goes right after Rand Paul, calling him out on his actions that have systematically destroyed his campaign… Balls! FOX has them tonight!

Legit criticism of Cruz for bailing on the Audit the Fed vote, which can be explained by Ted’s wife working for Goldman Sachs.

Getting him with his support of NSA getting all of citizens emails and phone records. People do care about these points. But they just are not in the Republican Party. Rand picked the wrong parade to show up to and try to lead… That’s on him.

Cruz saying the bill wasn’t gonna pass and he needed votes in New Hampshire shows him, in his own words, as nothing more than a politician. Finished.

Might as well say the Constitution doesn’t matter, so lets just keep the status quo.

I am seeing the Goldman Sachs in him, not any principled statesman though…

War, torture, surveillance without cause, Rubio running as a dictator. Castro would understand.

Rand reminds the GOP what the rule of law and the Constitution supposedly means… And they ignore it.

Kasich, anybody who worked for Lehman Bros. aint a reformer. And he wants to suck up to the other party. working together to fuck over the American people.

Carson, surgery is NOTHING like running an economy or a war… Good LORD!

Cruz, promises to chase ghosts, and build up the military. And use illegal, unrestricted war, which helps Israel, and inflames the Arab region against our nation. That endangers Americans here and abroad, more than Obama has. He is Col. Jack D. Ripper. Totally fitting in the Dr. Strangelove GOP…

Rubio competing with Cruz to be the next Hitler, wiping out Arabs on behalf of Jews. LET ISRAEL FIGHT THEIR OWN DAMN WARS!!!

Cruz promises to go easy on corporations with tax reform, spend money only on the military, and bring America back to the high inflation, dead economy, were services were cut to the bone, and the rest of America left holding the bag, were called “losers…” Ahh, the Reagan years, Valhalla rising!

Jeb wants to being back his brother’s foreign policy…

Rand, speaking common sense on how taking out Assad widens the war.

Rubio, wants to commit purges of Muslims, and torture them in Guantanamo, where they will be released and commit attacks in the middle east for revenge. Do you see how he is fomenting terrorism, in the name of fighting it!

Rand calls out Rubio on increasing immigration, and not scrutinizing them.

Rubio, dodges…

Naturally Kasich wants to create back-doors to hack your phone and computer. So does al Qaeda… Are you sure he isn’t a terrorist!

Jeb, your wars are creating injured veterans, if you support the vets, STOP the damn wars!

Rand is correct on civil rights and the need for criminal justice reform.

Mr. Cruz, purchasing health insurance nationally, goes against the concept of insurance. Insurance is specific to risk factors, what you may be at risk from in California, isn’t the same as Idaho. So you would have to reform the insurance industry, and how do you intend to do that, when they wrote the Obamneycare bill? I’m listening….

Health insurance savings accounts, when you don’t have a job, you can’t put anything in, so you are still screwed.

So he wants to tie it to the individual. Which is fine. But subject it to market forces. Which makes sick people compete against sick people, and healthy people pay for it.

That isn’t a solution to health care, it’s more of the problem…

Rubio flip flops on Cap and trade carbon taxes.

…and Amnesty!


Jeb comes out for Amnesty.

Two frauds fighting over hiding how much of a fraud they truly are…

Cruz, called out on flip flopping on Amnesty.

Jesus Christ!

FOX decided to be the Trump in the room, tonight… LOL!

Cruz and Rand fighting over legalizing illegals… Umm, is this the Republican or Democrat party?

Rubio, calls out Cruz…

Cruz, calls out Rubio.

Christie, bitching about the establishment, while he is running to be the establishment…

Carson, wants to declare war on Islam… Uggh!

Rubio, has a point on merit based read skilled immigration.

Jeb, is a troll for the same interests as Hillary, while running against her. He’s a puppet.

Rubio, plays the Jesus card.

Christie running on the fact that 3 investigations proved he knew nothing… Uhh… Then why are you running as a know nothing leader?

Rand, splitting the issue on abortion. It’s either federal or state, not both. That’s a punt.

Carson wants to start WW3 with Russia…

Rubio, everything you accuse Iran of doing, America has already done…

Christie is running against Hillary, not for America… He is a one trick pony.

Rand, has a point about Hillary taking money from countries that oppresses women.

Cruz, has a point about stopping government picking winners and losers in the free market.

Is Carson still in the room?

These guys are all bad… Rand, we needed you and you abandoned us. This was your moment, you missed it. Do you realize yet? You will on election day…

Either party is more of the same.

A corporatist Democrat who is a closet Republican

A communist that takes the Democratic out of Democratic Socialism.

And these turkey’s.

Who are nothing more than a mix and match of slogans, insults, and failed ideologies…

When are the people going to realize they are on their own…

I think we are getting there…

That is the only progress to be found here…

Or anywhere…







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