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Not Even Trying…

January 19, 2016

Sanders, here is the problem w background checks and mental health
checks. If a minority lives in a high crime area, and has something
like petty theft, bad credit or god forbid, assault trying to defend
his life from imminent danger waiting for the cops to show up… you
believe he should not have the same right to self defense that Malcolm
X and MLK had…

And to say that people who question government are classified as
mentally ill. And therefore should not have a right to defend their
life or property, and should be made to depend on that same
government to defend and protect their lives, when it refuses to
protect their property or liberty, is just as disingenuous as you
believe Ms. Clinton is, about your actions on guns.

Democrats want to take your right to self defense, and force you to
call the cops, who may shoot you, thinking you are a criminal if you
are the wrong demographic.

Government racism is terrible, so we are gonna depend on government to
fix it? Most cities don’t even have civilian review boards on fatal
shootings! That is a failure of government!

O’Malley shows off his strength in race relations, now he will be
ignored the rest of the debate, penalized for results and substance.

Sanders is serious about holding police accountable.

To ask Hillary whose husband ran drugs out of Mena, Arkansas for
advice on the drug problems of the US is like asking Willie Sutton to
run bank security.

Sanders pushes back on Hillary for defending a health care system that
still leaves people without health care, and Hillary wants to preserve

Hillary defends the status quot on health care, Sanders wants to fix
it. Stark difference.

For partisan Hillary to say that she can work across the aisle with
the vast right wing conspiracy is laughable…!

Hillary, in bed with Wall St. thinks Sanders can’t reform Wall St.
because he isn’t in bed with them.

O’Malley calls out Hillary for her alliance with Wall St. He is on
point, that is why he is being ignored.

Sanders  points out hypocrisy of Clinton supporting Goldman Sachs.

He wants to tax the rich to pay for the middle class.

Hillary says she will do the same, so what?

Climate change, Yawn!

Sanders shows common sense on Iran.

Hillary still reserves the right to go to war.

She wants a proxy war in Syria.

Sanders won’t have it.

He asks the region to step up.

Hillary lies about Assad as the rebels used chemical weapons, not
Assad, and blames him for al Qaeda, when we funded and armed al Qaeda
to defeat him.

Sanders agrees with this blatant lie.

O’Malley stands up for civil liberties.

Sanders, speaks out against fascism.

Hillary defends fascism and racial profiling.

Why the hell did they end this debate early?

Sanders asserts himself as much as Hillary and the media will allow, Hillary is allowed to chat it away and laugh off accusations. And O’Malley no matter how many points he does make, is made irrelevant.

This is not a debate, it’s a coronation…




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