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The Lights Are Off… Nobody’s Home…

January 15, 2016

Ted Cruz wants to fight Iran for treating American detainees humanely,
while we smeared shit, raped, tortured and killed ours in the War On

The husband of Goldman Sachs, wants you to believe he will fight
lobbyists. Really…???

Kasich, freeze regulations, cut corporate taxes, even though most
corporations don’t pay taxes, cutting the peoples taxes, compared to
the benefit to corporations taxes is akin to nothing more than asking
us to sacrifice so we can live off the crumbs from their table. A
balanced budget with unlimited military spending is not a balanced

Christie, advocating diplomacy? While threatening the world? Oh good,
the Hillary boogeyman…Yawn!

Jeb, more welfare for warfare… enemies don’t fear us precisely
because of your policy. Hillary boogeyman, yet again.

Rubio, Hillary boogeyman… Yawn! Jihadist talking points and
advocating torture…

Carson, dirty bombs and cyberattacks, and nuclear weapons are state
sponsored terrorism. Who is threatening to do that?

Trump, talking common sense on immigration.

Cruz, proud of breaking federal election law.

Punting on his birth certificate. Running on Obama’s…

Trump pointing out Cruz as a legal liability. Well put.

Rubio, has to change the subject on immigration and birth
certificates. Naturally.

Liberal Rubio, calls out liberal Christie with his talking points.

Jeb, fear Hillary! Uggh!

Carson, fear the Supreme Court!

Kasich, points out the failure of the education system. But advocates
socialism, high wages, full employment and corporate tax cuts.

Carson, advocating morality and war at the same time, hypocrite…

Jeb, target criminals with guns, holy crap he has a point.

Trump, pro self defense, it is a mental health issue, not a gun issue.
And against Executive Orders.

Rubio, tells you where criminals get guns.

Christie, supporting law enforcement to the point of restricting gun rights.

He points out how Obama has caused America to embrace Republicans.

Cruz, calls out Obama gun policies. And Clinton, who backs gun confiscation.

Trump rebuts Cruz for attacking New York. Wow!

Jeb, your foreign policy is working the military in the ground.

Threatening Arabs for Israel creates instability.

Kasich, you can’t support and threaten the Saudi’s. It’s either one or
the other, Amateur!

Carson, wants to decimate ISIS…

Christie, wants to remove Assad. Which will replace him with al Qaeda.
And a no fly zone to keep them in power.

Jeb takes on Trump on immigration.

But punts on his supporters.

Kasich, how can you include the Saudi’s to fight ISIS when they fund ISIS?!!

Christie, we need a bigger police state!

Rubio, who trained and funded ISIS, America.

Cruz, wants to destroy ISIS, whoopee!

Carson wants to put security in the hands of Israel.

Jeb wants to use his brother’s policy to save Iraq, which lost Iraq.

Trump, is right about China.

Kasich, wants to embargo North Korea.

Kasich, free trade is not fair trade!

Rubio, no tariffs, cut taxes! Whatever! Trump wins this argument.

Trump is correct on trade, and China. And Jeb is fighting him…

Cruz flat tax, not as good as Trump but adequate.

Christie, assumes a corporate tax cut will create revenue, when
nothing compels them to pay it, then or now.

Carson, a flat tax is wealth transfer from the poor to the rich.

Rubio, is right on the VAT tax.  Well put.

Cruz, rebuts Rubio’s plan very well.

Christie, calls out his own party on entitlements.

If accountability keeps police from doing their job, they can’t handle
the responsibility of the damn job.

Christie wants to put pot smokers in jail, leaving violent criminals
on the street.

Rubio, doesn’t realize an immigration state is a welfare state.

Cruz, calls out Rubio enabling refugee immigration.

Rubio calls out Cruz for immigration flip flops.

Jeb keeps advocating his brothers policies, merging government with
the corporate state.

Trump and Cruz are running for President. The rest are running from the asylum they escaped from. Rand continues to marginalize himself, doing the opposite of what his father did. His handlers have destroyed him. Right when the country and the party need him the most!


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