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Freedom, Choice, & Opportunity

December 21, 2015

If government says you are with us or are with terrorists…

And terrorists have no rights…

And your rights come only from government for as long as you consent…

And the minute you don’t consent, you lose those rights or protections…

Is the government working in your best interest?

Does it exist to serve you, or you exist to serve it?

And if that is the case, what is freedom?

The ability to be led through threat of force, fraud, or threats of such.

Doesn’t that sound like the opposite of security, and more like slavery?

And if that is the case. Are anti government people pro liberty or anti freedom?

If freedom means submission, what is the opposite?

If force is used to create peace. Does non consent mandate violence.

If there is peaceful non compliance or non consent, who is being violent?

And is that just?

Who speaks out and stands up for the victims?

If not you, then who?

And who will be left to stand up and speak out for you, when you are being targeted, marginalized, and attacked?

When your liberties are taken, and your rights, and privileges subject to obedience, become obstacles to the rights of the state and the corporations to make a profit both at your expense, and from you, and when they can’t, make you pay up again, to the point of force, fraud and abuse, to the point of incarceration or physical death…

Is that freedom?

And why would you support this system being imposed on others in other nations against their will? And demonize them for asserting their natural right to exist?

What does America truly represent to freedom loving individuals at home or abroad anymore.

Consent or die?

Say/do what we tell you, or we will destroy you, and enlist your fellow man to participate, and split the spoils of what is left behind, after you are incarcerated or dead?

We have exported this process to sovereign nations overseas, but what happens when they run out of nations overseas?

Where will the next resource based Golden Calf be, to be brought to slaughter…

Why the Good ol’ USA!

So in condemning other nations to our tyranny, we condemn our own nation to it’s own.

And paradoxically make that day of reckoning more and ever more faster.

We don’t need the same escalation of the same insane policies with new and more destructive and terrifying objectives, at immeasurable human costs…

What we need is a pause…

We need to take a time out, reassess our abilities, resources and inner needs, and address those first, and let outside influences follow their own right to self determination that we insist upon.

We are sovereigns only over ourselves, not the entire world. We have no more a right to overthrow and sanction governments, than they do to impose their will upon ourselves.

Do you see any nation or collection of actors collaborating to destroy this country?

If anything what you do see, is the ruling class, and the government in this country, subsidizing and inviting outside forces to come to this country, loot it, and threaten financial insolvency, and destruction and acts of violence and destruction, to enhance it’s reach and influence, that comes directly at the expense of the people’s wealth and liberty.

You cannot regulate and legislate wealth into existence. Because that only comes from personal liberty, to associate, act, contract, freely without coercion. The government’s job is to be an umpire, not the coach, not the players, and certainly not gamblers pre-arraigning the outcome.

If anything you need autonomy… and to enforce acts against fraud, abuse, and theft.

What would fix the economy is to once and for all reinstate the Coinage Act, and eliminate paper money. So we don’t have to pay a tax for what is required to pay for everything, including taxes. If you democratized the money, you would facilitate trade. Now with deflation, we inhibit it, after inflation mis-allocated it.

The most revolutionary idea is competing currencies.

It does not have to be gold or silver. That is impractical. For artificial scarcity would make trade and commerce, impossible.

But it would have to be something that is available in enough quantities to be distributed equitably in the marketplace.

Government has the right to coin money, and regulate the value to available supply to meet demand. Paper money has been counterfeit for centuries. Coin money can be more easily regulated. From the state and federal level. This is all laid out in the text of the Coinage Act itself.

If the Constitution is supposed to be so damn prescient and heralded, why in the HELL do NONE of the candidates ever advocate following it… with regard to the most powerful tool to create wealth, prosperity and opportunities for each and every citizen, not one, excluded? Because their power comes at the expense of your liberty. Your liberty MUST be sacrificed so they can have the privileges, exemptions and immunities, at direct expense of your natural, human rights, that are taken from you, at birth. Your birthright, has been turned into their self appointed privilege.

You are collateralized at BIRTH, so they can take money in your name, use it to their own ends to create wealth, then privatize that wealth, and make it criminal for you to access your own money. Do we ever hear a politician, a Ron/Rand Paul, or a Hillary Clinton discuss this publicly, HELL NO!

They will tell you, your freedom comes by their shtick! Paul, buy Gold, so the gold investments he has becomes more precious. Hillary, be invested in the system, so you can be dependent, instead of independent, predictable, instead of relevant, and so she can have her privileges and exemptions, at your expense, when all she offers you is an inferior return on your investment, that you can’t even get recourse from the courts from, to try to get some consideration and something back FROM government, that you paid into…

If the value of the money was stable, the pricing structure would be stable. You could work for as long as you choose. Labor would be fluid. And there would always be demand for labor as people enter and exit the labor force. But the one’s in control of it, would shift from the government and the corporation, to the people themselves…

Think about that.

What if you could work X amount of days a year. and use the money to live for the rest of the year. What if the employers had to hire workers to cover those workers? What if the people spent their money while they were off work, and invested into the economy, creating demand for more products, and demand for more workers. What if the companies anticipated this demand by offering internships as a gateway to experience, where they could be trained, and potentially employed when they graduated high school. What if college was only necessary for certain professions? Would that not as a consequence reduce demand, and consequently the cost of a college degree. Did I not just describe how education and employment worked in the 19th and most of the 20th century? What changed? And for whom?

And if the end result has been bad for the American worker, why not go back to what actually works for the American worker, and not force the people to subsidize polices that amount to their annihilation!

This is not the argument you see on the news or political debates, or the halls of Congress… because none of those interests exists for the benefit of yours. They are the TRUE parasite class, the wealth class, and the minions that privatize that wealth to accumulate resources overseas, and declare wars when they can’t get what they want in the so called “free marketplace.”

This is nothing short of absolute tyranny. So excuse me, if I decide not to listen, advocate or give one God Damn SHIT! for abject idiots who are suffering from Stockholm syndrome and instead of walk out of the cage, choose to take a badge and a gun and keep their fellow ideological inmates IN that cage, forever, in perpetuity, with the threat of local violence against them at the individual level, and mass scale violence and atrocity against them at the state level…

And if that wasn’t bad enough, now the corporations and the Tea Party ideologues want to take back services that government provides to the people, making the people’s benefit from the government a memory. So then what would the function of government be left to be? Why creating new markets at home or abroad for corporations to generate profits, at the expense of the people at home and people overseas, secure those profits and allow for the corporations to use our resources of wealth, materiel and people, to secure resources of other sovereign nations, and enslave or kill their peoples, so that those resources can be cultivated to create products to market to be sold for profit. Which is then privatized and secured from the people, and used for speculation and to create more wealth for the wealth class, raising the prices and cost of living for everyone, where they have to have multiple low wage jobs, and work to pay their taxes, so the government and corporations get a return from their investment, and PROFIT, OR the people will be punished, with a bailout, for the corporations who in spite of all their advantages, exemptions and immunities, wasted resources, bringing an inferior product to the marketplace.

Who are the real freeloaders? Who are the real victims? The people or the speculators? Who enables whom the most? The corporation, the government or the market?

Who holds government accountable, let alone corporations when they fail? Nobody…

The people, are always made to pay for the product, pay for the investment, pay for the labor costs (i.e. their own job) pay a tax for the purchase, and pay a bailout tax, if they choose NOT to buy the product. And attempt in vain to correct the marketplace.

No wonder we have shitty products, shitty jobs, no accountability, windfalls for management and kickbacks to the government. This IS the system that the United States is, and has, and is killing innocent citizens in sovereign nations to impose upon them.

This is madness! Pure and utter madness!

And every debate is a 3 hour diatribe and advertisement for this maniacal policy of self destruction.

We have to take a step back.

We have to quarantine our minds and align our thinking to what prolongs and extends human existence. None of what the media or the powerful advocate has anything to do with that. Produce, consume, die. And be faithful and obedient in the role you play to the masters of true privilege, no race, no gender defined. Real privilege is not black, or brown, or white… but GREEN!

Without it, and your consent to produce it for someone else, you are worthless to the masters of this society and have NO rights! Ask a homeless person about gender equality, gay rights, rights based on race, on privilege, on heredity, will he tell you they exist? How can they be sacrosanct, when they don’t exists for him?

Either we are all free, or we are hamsters on a wheel, running out of hunger, thirst or shock, living for the next crumb of food, the next drop of water, or are anticipating the next random shock that we will be tortured with, to make us work and run faster, focused on nothing more than producing enough value to justify our existence, and justifying our loss of everything we do have, in spite of our circumstances if we get off the wheel, or can’t run anymore, with no purpose left among us, but to orderly die for the benefit of our eternal master, NOT GOD, but the state!

There is no justification for slavery of any kind. We not only justify it, we impose it upon ourselves and among our brothers and sisters across this land, for the benefit of not us, but someone else.

Is this freedom? Is this justice? Is this what God created you for? To send his son to free the slaves of the Roman Empire, so his descendents can be obedient slaves for the Anglo American, Godless Empire?

No man or woman, with any appeal to reason or logic, can or will defend this.

It must be allowed to end.

And the role for those who wish to survive, must be to replace that which will be no longer, with something that will be.

Your freedom and opportunity are only secured when we find alternative means to obtain what is necessary to sustain life, and goods and service, separate and apart from this system and who it serves.

That is the path to freedom. It’s not in a book. It’s not on a web site. Or ad campaign… Everything you and we need to survive is in our own minds, and it begins with a choice.

A choice for independence, not dependence.

A choice to stand up to tyranny and victims of tyranny, not one person excluded.

A choice to assert the natural rights of all man, that predated government and the state, and preserved the resources of the land to be able to meet the needs of the people, and not the artificially most powerful, who obtained it NOT be consent, but by deception and FORCE!

For too long, we have justified the unjustifiable, and have martyred the just, for the benefit of the unjust.

This is a moral failing that has been repeated since the inception of man, but through man’s invention of the state, now threatens mankind itself. Through the depletion of that which sustains life, and the extensive control that technology has given man, to secure and control such vita resources from humanity, to the point where man is now becoming endangered in several parts of the world.

All of this possible from what we are told to value, and told is worthless. We never decide for ourselves, talk amongst ourselves and make such decisions. Such decisions are crafted in think tanks, distributed through media, and imposed upon us, by agents of indoctrination. Their prize always to be exempt from the very HELL they created and actively work to impose upon us all.

This has to change.

If we want to exist, we have to have the will to exist. We have to value life on principle and see preserving it as paramount. Anyone who would take life or engage in acts to harm or kill for any reason must be quarantined from civilized society. We need to throw the Generals, Presidents, and Bankers in jail. And let the victims of their ideology go free, to produce for the benefit of themselves and society.

Creativity and imagination and innovation must be celebrated, not the opposite of such, which leads to a nation of individuals who have nothing to offer society but what they take and consume, making the zero point of life and existence on this planet that much more imminent.

It all comes down to a choice…

But that does not and never will matter for as long as we demand such choices be made for us… And are made to assert their will, and theirs alone…


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