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And The Song Remains The Same

December 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders learns that it’s Hillary’s party, and he is expected to bite the bullet, one way or the other, in this case with campaign data, as the bait. This was a political assassination.

Obama minimizes foreign domestic terrorism, while targeting law abiding gun owners, Hillary does the same, as do Sanders and O’Malley. The GOP wants war to save us from boogeymen overseas, while the Democrats want to use the government to wage war on innocent American citizens, on behalf of non citizens and foreigners overseas… Is this still America? When we target Americans for existing and exempt those from overseas who try to commit violence against us?

Hillary wants to bomb ISIL, killing civilians in order to save them. She advocates a stronger collaboration with the state and telecommunications companies, cracking down on American citizens civil liberties, to fight terrorists overseas, wait… WHAT? Shouldn’t you target the ones overseas?

So you want to increase surveillance against Americans, but say you want to include Muslim Americans to fight ISIL? Uhh… ??? What the hell is she talking about?

Sanders and the politicians all call on the Muslim nations to fight ISIL, when it was created, trained by Saudi’s, and funded by the US government, like the 911 hijackers… Do you see history repeating itself, here?

Why should people who have armed security have the right to take arms away from people with no security? Can somebody please explain this to me? Why can’t Hillary wait to call the cops? What makes her life more sacred that yours or mine? A job… Well last I checked, she wasn’t employed…

Mr. Sanders what part of shall not be infringed, do you not get?

O’Malley finds his inner Stalin, and wants to take arms from the American people. If combat assault weapons have no place on American streets, why don’t you take them from the police, which are civil servants and NOT military!

More people are killed by police than by terrorists or criminals.

According to the Democrats, these facts and the people’s lives affected by them, and ended by them, don’t matter.

“We need to have everyone watch what happens, and record it if it’s suspicious, reporting what you hear” Hillary, they DO that in Britain. And they still have crime… Surveillance of law abiding citizens, does not deter crime. If it did, the Patriot Act would have eliminated crime after 911…

Hillary wants you to believe Donald Trump recruits for ISIS, not the American government bombing, killing and torturing Muslims overseas, directly, or propping up dictators like Mubarak or Erdogan, who commit atrocites against their own people and neigbors… What a BITCH!

Love how Hillary gets to have comments, but O’Malley gets shut down. This isn’t a debate, it’s a campaign ad for Hillary.

Hillary, “give up your liberty for security”… So much for Ben Franklin…

O’Malley wants to bring in Syrian refugees…. Made possible by the politicians supporting those who were funded to overthrow Assad.

How do they intend to get the Arab nations to fight ISIS, when they created ISIS? This is ridiculous.

American troops have been in Syria for over a year. Look it up.

Hillary finds her inner Nixon, repeating the Vietnamization strategy that lost Vietnam.

A no fly zone strengthens ISIS and threatens the Syrian government and Assad, it is the hallmark strategy for regime change. She wants to give Syria to ISIS, and have jihadists ethnically cleanse Christians and non jihadists from Syria which is bigger than Iraq… This is creating a larger war that will swallow up nations, and threaten regions, outside the region, like Putin in Russia. As the Muslim jihadist will be used to undermine safety and security in Russia, so the global oligarchs can get their hands on Russian oil after they seized it in Ukraine…

Hillary a no fly zone means you shoot down the plane. You shoot down a Russian jet, Putin is forced to respond… hence World War 3, to say you “don’t think it will come to that…” is one hell of a gamble to be played with global security. You didn’t think Bill would be so stupid when he got in the White House, and we all know what happened then, you dumb BITCH!

Sanders is right about regime change and Hillary creating instability.

He is right about targeting ISIS over Assad.

Hillary you armed the coalition against Assad, it became ISIS.

If you raise the minimum wage, you price half the labor pool out of employment, and increase the incentive for mechanization.

Fix inflation… the decrease in the value of the dollar kills the poor, not the rich. Taxing the rich, doesn’t help the poor, it helps government…

Pay equity, is a non starter because women can choose to take family and medical leave, and the employer has to replace them. And they do not work on average as long as men do.

If you adjust per hours worked and experience, the wage gap, is not as severe as they like to make it seem. Most women do not work the identical job as men, and identical duties… Look it up.

If anything, this is an argument against a minimum wage, as then, the employer could have more flexibility to hire entry level workers, grow them in the company, and give them the skills they need for advancement into higher wages. It does not come from government, it comes from opportunity, the one thing government policy restricts…

You can subsidize colleges and universities til the cows come home, all that leaves is unemployable people, who are in debt and overqualified for the jobs that are available. And if you keep immigration at present levels, creates incentives to hire low skilled people who can be replaced, instead of highly skilled people, who need to be invested in.

O’Malley throwing taxpayer money away in heavily subsidized clean energy is a loss to the economy. It cost more than it brings in. So at some point, it will go bankrupt. That is a waste of money.

Hillary is proud to be a corporate WHORE.

Sanders wants to target the Corporations… There is a difference in rhetoric finally…

O’Malley kills Hillary on her corporate cronyism. A populist, she is not…

Hillary is the only Democrat that does not want to break up the banks.

Hillary may have more donations from students or teachers than Wall St. But the Wall St donations are ten times the amount as the total from those students and teachers. Talk about disingenuous…

Sanders calls out Hillary on her role she and her husband played to create the Wall St crisis, when they were in power.

Hillary if the police are part of systemic racism, that is indicting government for being part of the problem of racism, not the solution, and you offer more government as the solution.

O’Malley tries to reform the police state, which is commendable.

Sanders wants to reform the police state.


Sanders wants to take on the pharmaceutical industry and incarcerating addicts. Good for him.

Hillary has no credibility on drugs, when her husband ran cocaine out of Mena, Arkansas as governor.

Hillary advocated Libya, and tries to dodge the consequences of her own policy.

ISIS would NOT have ANY influence in Libya if Qaddafi was still in power. He said it was not the people trying to remove him, it was al Qaeda/ISIS mercenaries…

You use mercenaries such as al Qaeda to take out the central government, fail to secure the arms depots, which arms the mercenaries to commit atrocites against the Libyan people.. THEN have the unmitigated GALL to call out the Libyan people, who are poor, and defenseless, and just trying to survive, for not overthrowing them… Hillary Clinton personified. What a monster!

So she kicked out Qaddafi, then brings in outsiders, and then blames them for not knowing how to stop the mercenaries who are now armed, in power, and make MILLIONS a day, selling Libyan oil on the black market, to our Allies…

This woman is insane, certifiably INSANE!!!

“We offered help, and the Libyans didn’t accept our help…”

Sounds like a rapist, blaming the victim, which is what she and Bill have been doing their whole lives…

Only now, it’s not isolated women, it’s soverign goverments and their civillians who get to be victimized, and left to live in tyranny if they are lucky, and die, if they are not.

God damn!

Sanders and O’Malley rebuke Hillary on regime change. Amazing when you think the person with the most blood on their hands, is the likely candidate, and failed on such a massive scale… She blew the 3 AM phone call, and is using her experience “in the arena, making hard decisions” and failing… as proof and evidence of her ability to lead…


Utterly embarrassing and morally bankrupt.

And the media let’s her slide on this, and calls out her attackers.

White… female… privilege…

Brown and Black lives DON’T matter by comparison.

Hillary wins. Bill Clinton is back in the White House… Eww….

Just another coronation of Hillary. This is boring, predictable and pathetic.


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