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It’s Been Too Late For A Long Time

December 17, 2015

Rand calls out myopic foreign policy and defends civil liberties…
Too little, too late.

Christie wants to destroy America over unverified threats, just like al Qaeda.

Using her dead child, cancer, misogyny and her gender, the only thing
that is missing from Carly’s case to lead, is competency.

Jeb, FEAR, military police state, bigger government.

Rubio makes his case that he is a good actor, you cannot make this stuff up…

Cruz, just watch Mitt Romney, jihad, terrorism, we will hunt humans,
we will throw out the Constitution to hunt down people we don’t like.

Carson, peace through war.

Trump, willing to deport ISIS supporters.

Jeb wants to rearm, re-invade Iraq, and embed troops with the Iraq
forces, which will make them targets for terrorism, to fight
terrorism. This man is worse than his brother!

Rubio rails off the consequences of US intervention while calling for
more intervention…

Cruz tries to split the difference on terrorism with Trump.

Fiorina, offers to make corporations more friendly to the state.

Christie, FEAR!!!

Kasich, destroy ISIS, we need to go after and racially profile
citizens, and throw out the Constitution.

Mr. Cruz is there any proof that the surveillance programs, targeted
the bad guys.

Rubio, thinks that more surveillance, in violation of the Constitution,
is necessary to keep us safe.

Paul, targets scrutiny for refugees, while Rubio targets surveillance
on American citizens.

Paul shows that terrorists have come into the country legally…
Calling out his party on immigration.

Christie, I won’t think, I’ll act! Details get in the way!

Mr. Carson, war footing, should not allow us to destroy the Constitution.

Jeb, saying you will lead, without giving details is a dodge.

Carly, wants to scrutinize everybody, not just those who are
suspected. She wants STASI.

Trump, wants to target ISIS, forgetting the fact that we armed and
trained them. This is laughable…

Mr Kasich, we have too much garbage intel as it is, what we need is
more targeted intel to people who will do us harm. You are making it
worse, and taking away freedom of law abiding people…

Mr. Cruz bombing countries, only creates more instability… And he
wants to blame political correctness, hilarious.

Cruz wants and ISIS want a war until the last dead American, scary!

Rubio wants Arab boots on the ground, but what if they don’t want it.
Saudi’s funded ISIS.

More military spending… What do the American people get out of that?

Cruz stand up for the Constitution and rebukes the Neo Cons, whose
darling is Rubio.

Trump promises to target Jihadist, and Jeb has a problem with it.

Mr. Carson, do you have the balls to kill brown people, yes, he does…

Rand Paul, calls out his party on their folly of perpetual war.

He calls out Trump on unconstitutional war…

And internet.

Trump wants to target ISIS supporters… But there is no definition…

Kasich wants to invade the middle east… But how is he going to get
the Saudis to destroy ISIS, which they created.

Rubio how can you convince the Arab’s to fight al Qaeda. America
created ISIS to take out Assad, they did not come out from nowhere to
target Assad. This is a lie. Iraq created the vacuum for ISIS and he
wants to blame Assad alone, this is a baldfaced lie to the American

If you create ISIS to throw out Assad, then bomb Assad’s forces, yes,
there will be nobody left to fight ISIS, except Putin and you want to
sanction HIM for that! Insanity… Utter insanity!

Carly, running a corporation is not running a war. Naturally she wants
to bring back the Neo Cons. And still using her sexism card. Jesus!

Christie, talking but not saying a thing.

Carson, take the oil, bomb everywhere, put troops back in, again!
Sounds like Trump. LOL!

Cruz, calls out humanitarian war. Which created more instability. He
and Paul agree on foreign policy, LOL!

Rubio lies about Gadhafi. And lies about connections to Saddam
Hussein. And defends Arab dictators. Like Jordan. Jesus!

Cruz, is correct about jihadist, and the effect of intervention
strengthening ISIS.

Kasich wants to overthrow governments and make more instability, the
man is stupid, nuts, or BOTH!

Trump is right about wasting money overseas through intervention.

Carly wants to attack logic, and compares Trump to Obama.

Carly wants to blame Hillary. For what? For intervening, which is what
Carly wants to do! Nuts!

Trump is right about how we accomplished nothing… through intervention…

Carson, uses more hyperbole. Jeez! But he’s right about how we can’t
fix the Mideast.

Jeb, doubles down on Iraq. You can’t get in, and get out, when you
destroy the government and replace it with contractors… Dumbass!

Rand, common sense on foreign policy, being the voice of reason on
regime change, making us less safe.

Trump, he’s right about our competing foreign policy. And taking on
everybody… at the same time being counterproductive.

Christie, wants to blame Iran, when ISIS has nothing to do with Iran. Nothing!

Rand, on Syria, creating more instability… and us building up our
enemies, and then fight them…

Kasich, wants to say Assad, who is secular, is doing Iran’s bidding,
who is fundamentalist… WAIT, it get’s BETTER, he wants to provoke
World War 3 with Russia for fighting ISIS, are you fucking SHITTING

Carly, is obsessed with strength? But she’s all for provoking war with
Russia and Iran. Is against diplomacy, and wants to set the stage for
World War 3, that is weakness, NOT strength! BITCH!

Christie wants a no fly zone to lead to World War 3 with Russia… Nice!

These people are NUTS!

Shoot down Russia for fighting ISIS!

Jesus FUCKING Christ!

Rand is right about America having no cover to intervene in Syria.

Jeb, admits he’s a puppet. Who will do what he’s told.

Trump is right about CNN wasting time, by talking about him.

Jeb, is full of shit. Calling out Trump, for nothing he can control.
Like CNN. Stupid.

Everybody is talking about leadership, where the fuck IS it?

How did we get here?

With these turkeys…


How many times does CNN have to ask Carson, do you have the balls to
commit mass murder for the state?

Rubio, makes the argument for amnesty… with a police state.

Cruz, links immigration to the police state.

Carly, please shut up!

Trump has the most common sense view on immigration.

Carson wants to arm the Kurds, so the refugees can come home.

Rand pushes back against Rubio over amnesty… and standing against E Verify.

Rand does dodge about deporting illegals and refugees from Syria.
While saying America should expect countries to do more. What compels
them to do so?

Carly, now wants to threaten North Korea… And threaten China. Good
fucking God!

She wants to send the military to attack Korea, Russia, and China…

Carson wants to do economic sabotage, and use the military to threaten
the world.

Christie, wants to threaten China over cyberterrorism… Not that,
that would invite a war or anything…


Trump was right about the Middle East.

Rubio gives a shout out to the military industrial complex…

Trump makes nice with Cruz.

Cruz, wants to threaten Iran, wonderful.

Cruz was strong, Paul was strong, Trump was so-so. The rest of those
guys need to get off the stage.

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