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Redundant Arguments, Always…

December 13, 2015


“” “But muh’ real communism/socialism has never been tried.”

No shit? Maybe that has something to do with the fact that accurate economic calculation and planning isn’t possible without the prices that arise naturally by virtue of the consumer’s decision to spend or save? Maybe that’s why Communist Russia (which collapsed spectacularly) was setting prices by fiat by mimicking the prices set in the United States at the time? Maybe that’s why Communist China is loosening restrictions on its market instead of tightening them? Maybe that’s why people flee Cuba on makeshift boats built of garbage? Maybe that’s why the United State Armed Forces can’t keep the stores on their bases adequately stocked or inventoried when Congress sets store prices by fiat?

If “real” communism/socialism were ever tried, people would be starving in a matter of weeks instead of a matter of years. It wouldn’t be unlike what happened with the “not real” communist/socialist governments that failed in the past; it would just fail a whole hell of a lot faster.

Capitalism is an economic system based on voluntary exchange and consent; socialism and communism are political systems which require the initiation of force against individuals who never consented. True capitalists are Voluntaryists and vice versa; anything less than a Voluntaryist is an Aggressionist. To try “real” communism would be to try totalitarianism. Given the degree to which leftists rally against police brutality, allow me to point out that “real” communism or socialism requires the type of brutality that leftists themselves object to.

Communism and socialism are forms of aggressionism whether their proponents realize or acknowledge this fact or not, and advocating the initiation of force is not the moral high ground.””



How is it voluntary exchange? People without money don’t get shit. And the money isn’t even money. It’s PROPERTY that you pay a TAX on, to it’s owner. Money inhibits FREE TRADE because it creates a monopoly, artificial scarcity, and involuntary slavery, for the privilege, NOT right, TO use it! Money incentives WASTE, and inefficiency, when the meaning of the word economy IS to be efficient!! I see an ideology, but I don’t see any facts… Just assertions based upon faith based belief systems, like any other quasi religion… Yawn… –FWO.



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