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Meet The New Boss… Same As The Old Boss…

November 15, 2015

Hillary has her non-answers down pat I see.

Can’t answer a question about how administration allowed for the rise of ISIS…

Did she just blame W., for leaving Iraq, when that was policy for and the DNC… Yep.

The moderates she funded to kick out Assad are al Nusra Front al Qaeda.

O’Malley has a point advocating diplomacy.

Sanders linking climate change to terrorism is ridiculous.

Sanders calling her out on Iraq, long overdue.

Bernie teaching about blowback.

Hillary is responsible for Libya, solely. She creates instability.

Sanders is right about the US abandoning our wounded troops.

But who radicalized the Muslims? Brezinski.

Sanders advocating a world war on Muslims.

Hillary won’t declare war, because that limits the war.

Sanders calls out military waste.

So we have to screen refugees, just not who we are arming and funding overseas.

All 3 candidates want to raise taxes.

Naturally the democrats want amnesty.

Raising the wage, does nothing to control inflation.

They let Hillary go, but cut off her competition.

Sanders is right about calling out Hillary on Wall St. owning Hillary.

To say that she earned money from Wall St because of 911 is insulting.

That is low, even for Hillary.

O’Malley is doing very well in contrast to the zealots on that stage.

He points out her hypocrisy on guns.

And he rebuts her on her going soft on Wall St.

Bernie Sanders advocating meaningful criminal justice reforms for the poor and minorities, which is a civil rights issue.

O’Malley was the best on that stage. Sanders does what he can. But this was free advertising to prop up Hillary’s campaign.

The media wants the narrative. So that is what we will get. Her against a zealot from the GOP, and the country slides into a comfortable, well managed decline, that protects the status quo and those of privilege from the masses of people who will be made to work, and made to not work, and forced to give up opportunity for upward mobility for those of limited means, for unlimited opportunity for those with unlimited means, and the rights, exemptions, privileges and immunities that come from that.

Both parties are running to continue this reverse Robin Hood scheme…. and are running for the right to serve the nobility, as the Sheriff of Nottingham…

There is NO hope, there is NO change.

Just the privilege to serve your masters in perpetuity, and then they gave it a name and called it “freedom.” So much for liberty, so much for autonomy, so much for the free will of the individual. You will be made to work, or be a slave to live off the scraps of those who are permitted to work. This is nothing more than the re-emergence of feudalism for the 21st century.


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