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When Debates Are An Inside Job

October 29, 2015

Wall St Journal tries to discredit Trump when CNBC’s own analyst loves his tax plan.

Trump is right about Kasich with fracking and Lehman bros. and is proud to be a bailout banker.

Ben Carson is economically illiterate…

Rubio tears the media a new asshole over their hypocrisy on candidate voting attendance.

Jeb Bush and Rubio get ugly… Because their egos are more important than the American people…

Ted Cruz is sick of CNBC and so are the viewers.

Rand on bipartisan growth of government and CNBC wants to use it to attack his party.

Christie comes out for means testing.

Huckabee defends Social Security, but doesn’t think means testing is fair.

Cruz has a point on Social Security.

Jeb Bush caught raising taxes, red handed.

Holy Shit Fiorina comes out against fascism on corporate consolidation…!

Rubio is the only one talking to the American people, on that stage.

Cruz is right condemning Obama on what women have lost under Obama, but that’s it.

Rubio getting caught backing immigration, to push out Americans.

Trump comes out against Super PACS, making everybody else who needs them, look bad.

Rubio calls out the media for covering for Hillary.

Cruz finds his inner populist on the Fed.

Rand Paul gets to cal out the Fed, At least he gets something for showing up…

Carson rebuts Bernie Sanders on taxes and inequality… But leaves out inflation…

Rand Paul gets the moderators to admit they are rigging the debate.

I would argue with Mr. Kasich that legalizing marijuana would do much less harm to people than his banksters defrauding the American people, and making them pay back what was already stolen from them…

Income inequality results from debt based currency and valuing resource waste, inefficiency and scarcity for profit. Going back to school to get into more debt to acquire skills that are already obsolete… IS the problem, not part of any solution to it.

Trump is right about gun free zones endangering people’s lives.

Asking Huckabee about Trump’s morality, are you fucking serious? This debate has become satire…

Huckabee says Trump can beat Hillary…

Christie comes out in support of the police state.

Why are the debate moderators there if they don’t want the candidates to answer the questions?

Mr. Kasich if universities don’t get paid if students don’t graduate, there will be no universities OR they will become diploma mills…

Kasich’s idea of public service as debt service is a good idea, it’s also slavery…

Yes, Mr. Christie this debate is a farce when fantasy football is a topic…

Christie believes in climate change and corporate welfare for climate change economy…

I understand that Paul wants to raise the age for people who get Social Security, but I don’t see him cutting corporate welfare, in fact he wants to give out more, on top of them not paying taxes, with his Economic Freedom Zones, which have been a disaster…

Trump. Rubio and Cruz were strong.

However, the only serious candidates it seems are Trump, perhaps Rubio. Cruz may get the die hards.

For the rest of the field, it doesn’t seem that they can sustain their campaigns.

Rand Paul has taken his father’s role in the debate structure, as a soundbite afterthought.

For those who supported him up to this point, this was him mailing it in.

Very disappointing.

Personally I’d still have to back Trump here, and hope like hell Jim Webb runs 3rd party. Just so I’d have somebody to vote for, at all…


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