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Modern Propaganda…

October 18, 2015


Free college education… is a bad thing. But what is worse is that the lobbyist have forced kids to get into debt, in order to work low paying service jobs… but let’s blame the kids. And absolve the predatory lenders, the bribed politicians and the market economy that thrives on people being in debt, to do what they are told, work crappy jobs in shitty conditions.

Free health care is a bad thing. But what is worse is the idea that if you refuse to go into debt or don’t have any money you are left to rot and die while 99 year old David Rockefeller is on his 6th heart transplant!

Immigration is bad, until it isn’t. If a company can pay unskilled workers cheaply and eliminate benefits to enhance profits, that is good for the bottom line and good for America. If it prices the American workers out of work, even after they have gone into debt to work as a retail clerk, that is what’s good for America. They become more dependent on government and the social safety net, and make the market bigger for corporations to make a profit, and send some money back to the lawmakers who made it all possible. Rather that discuss that fact, they demonize the immigrants for being immigrants… And absolve themselves from responsibility and accountability.

The same party that accuses the other of “solving everything with a tax increase” is silent when it comes to the corporate fraud, waste ans abuse and unaccountability of military contractors…. And nobody is asking to balance the budget by cutting back on our bloated “for the troops” pork barrel spending… THAT is sacrosanct… Money spent by government to provide services to the people, which is the only legitimate function OF government, THAT is evil and immoral and WRONG!

Blaming the people for Social Security fraud is cute, when the politicians have been raiding the fund to fund their projects since the program began… Illegal immigration is a bigger threat to SS than people who are on it legally.

This article is propaganda and patently offensive in it’s nascent stupidity… All an attempt to get you to blame the victims of this system and absolve the perpetrators and true benefactors of it, from any and all accountability.

It is easy and lazy to blame the weakest among us…

But then they have the smallest impact.

The ones who write the laws, and influence what laws are enforced and ignored, have the largest reach and influence in our daily lives and the world we live in. If we keep listening to their lies, they will laugh all the way to the bank, while we will be made to fight and kill each other to survive.

It’s time to turn that back around… The first step is not buying into propaganda like this…


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