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“It’s Not Rand’s Fault… Just Like It Isn’t Hillary’s Fault… It’s the People’s Fault!”

October 6, 2015

Dear Austin ASS HAT!!!

He is losing because bastards like YOU, Julie Borowski, Jack Hunter, Jim Babka, and Kevin Gutzman kicked out the grassroots libertarians who refused to be establishment republicans. And the more Rand became GOP lite, the more he didn’t speak to or for the movement, and was no longer worth supporting. While the establishment saw him conforming, the voters felt like they were lied to, and backed away from him. And kicking out his hardcore supporters left him with nothing to stand on. So he’s finished. Thanks to letting Petersen, Borowski and Hunter insult and cut his base out of his own damn movement!!! It’s on HIM. And his blamestorming JACKALS! NOT US!!!


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