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Things Must Change, We Must Change Them

October 1, 2015

The history of Neo Liberalism in 10 minutes…

Now how does the powerful push back against this…

This explains why this is necessary…

So if we are seeing a transition where education is privatized…

higher education is privatized and subsidized by corporations…

public services are being sold to private for profit corporations who are making people pay for services that tax dollars pay the government to create in the 1st place…

wars are being fought on behalf of corporations by for profit mercenaries…

resources such as water are now being privatized in the US

And what motivates this…

Leads to nightmares such as this…

And creates opportunities for people like this…

There is a campaign to roll back every advancement that created the possibility of a middle class in this country.

Health care, child care, parent-teacher led public schooling, higher education that emphasized critical thinking. Unemployment and Workmen’s compensation. The right to vote and petition for redress of grievances. The right to think, act, assemble. The right of privacy. The right to practice or not practice the tenets of one’s faith without persecution from the government or individual. The right to contract. The right to trade with or without money. The right to self defense. The right to dissent in public or private. The laws against child labor, and overwork, and the right to not be exploited by an employer or higher management. The right to reject sexual advances from an employer, even if you are a government employee, such as the US military… The right to make medical decisions on the basis of what your doctor and your beliefs say. The right to not participate in behavior that offends your values.

These and many more rights are under assault…

From our government, their agents, and their sponsors, multinational corporations.

When you read or watch the rhetoric from the candidates and the media this campaign season, you see this is being thrust right in your face.

Instead of solutions by and for the people, we see policies pushed by policymakers, and unto the people through advertising, scapegoating sets of people vs. other sets of people. Ensuring that the people as a whole are dependent on those with power, and in fact need more power taken from the people, and given unto them, to keep the people safe, from people far away, or right at home.

Now this scapegoating exonerates those who orchestrate and carry out the aims of those who are trying to destroy the middle class, and those beneath them.

They blame them, excoriate them, and fund whole armies to protect they the privileged from the rapidly growing underclass.

Blaming people for their own problems is one thing. But blaming them for their own problems and giving them no resources or recourse to address them and the inequalities that exists from them, is nothing less that evil on a grand scale.

I have watched all the debates and I have yet to hear one god damn word, that addresses the everyday problems Americans face to simply continue to exist. In the face of shortages, they offer austerity, eliminating support systems in times of their greatest and highest need.

They choose to subsidize who subsidizes themselves… Trading exemptions for them, for obligations to you.

Nobody is talking about how government can’t provide basic services, let alone the obligations they take on, to the benefit of the corporations and special interests.

They rig the game to price out the competition, then rig the price structure, and if they STILL can’t make a profit, they go to the people for a bailout.. Creating more scarcity and more elimination and threat thereof, of basic services that the people already paid for… giving up certain rights to establish government in the 1st place.

But now government does not intend to hold up their part of the bargain. In fact it seems quite content to destroy itself, so that the corporation can expand and grow, to gobble up more resources and force more people to have no choice but themselves if they want anything at all, in order to exist.

And all of the candidates so far, in BOTH parties, support this unrelenting cancer on the planet and the people…

NOBODY has stood up to the behemoth and said “HELL NO!” to the corporatist agenda…

Just a series of self congratulating platitudes, accusations and assertions, against the candidates, and the people… NEVER taking to task who is responsible, and what beliefs allow such behavior to exist, thrive, and continue without any scrutiny whatsoever…

Simply put. there are no more checks and balances to the system of global, corporatist, capitalism… And there will continue to be none, so long as the people depend on the agents of the state with their corporatist sponsors and self interested ideologies, to excuse the consequences of their actions and in-actions, there will be no progress for the people or the planet.

Just excuses, accusations, and new ideologies to alibi the guilty and to blame the victims…

What we are seeing in the (lack of) debate, and public discourse is a program.

It is designed to finish off the people and turn them into debt based serfs.

A post industrial age, where there will be people to run the machines, and the rest are bought and paid for, for whatever whim those with means decide.

No perversion too extreme, no purpose too infantile…

We are toys for the powerful, we exist to serve them only.

And if we do not honor them swiftly and with conviction, off to the labor camp we go.

And this is what we call freedom, and send men to kill civilians in far off lands to impose upon them.

There has to be a push back. A counter offensive.

An alternative to provide for the people, what the powerful are taking away.

There are no alternatives offered, just variations of the same kind of tyranny…

Now is the time to create, look for, and find those alternatives before this system collapses.

The collapse has already started, but we still have time to save ourselves.

First we tune out, the guilty.

We listen to each other.

And we act on ways and means to make such alternatives reality.

Focusing on the unreality created for us by our wardens will never allow us to leave our cells. No matter how nice and comforting they are.

If we want freedom, thought is not enough. There must be action.

And in-action towards the policies and aims of our oppressors.

We must ignore them, and support each other as we replace them and their services with that of our own.

And one person, one town at a time, reclaim America for our citizens. No one excluded.

That is justice.

That is freedom.

That is liberty.

Accept no substitutes…

No matter what package they come in.


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