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Where Campaigns Come To Die…

September 28, 2015

Utterly stupid!

The only man saving Syria from al Qaeda and Rand Paul wants to kill him…

Rand is silent on terrorism…

And then we blamed Hussein and re-invaded, bombed water, sewer and medical facilities a decade later.

We “degraded” Saddam, as a pretext to invade, you know what Rand wants to do in Syria!

“If somebody has to tell you you are free, watch out, in a free society, nobody tells you, you are free!” — Jacque Fresco.

Again, to Rand… Putin IS the enemy!!!

Neocons come in all sizes… some even call themselves, socialists…

Rand won’t stand with these Christians!

What could be more ego-maniacal than saturation bombing of civilians in extrajudicial, collective punishment?

Putin/Assad, cleaning up the Neo CONS mess…

Don’t bother voting…

If Ron Paul was term limited, we never would have had Rand Paul. And when the GOP won in ’94, they term limited themselves so they could get rich, while Democrats could get back in office….

Rand wants Snowden in Guantanamo, forever…

Ron Paul/Jesse Benton sold supporters email addresses and contact info to the Republican party. What else is new?

Let’s talk about “terrorism”…

Rand “Stands with Israel”

Trump was right, Carson was wrong, and Rand was SILENT!

Mitt Romney with tits!


Who benefits?

At least Rand didn’t get to drone them coming out of a liquor store…

Ever notice ISIS doesn’t exist UNTIL we bomb somebody…

They abandoned him, and wouldn’t even LOOK for him… what was he supposed to do. Oh, right… DIE for the cause!

The privileges of being Hillary’s whore!

The company Rand Paul keeps…

America owes Israel nothing, they started the war in Europe.

The “free market” can’t exist without a police state/occupation of resource rich regions..

Look at what they DO, NOT what they say!

When you overthrow governments, you need demons. And if you can’t find any, you make them.

Why Rand’s call for intervention against ISIS is another quagmire…

See what happens when America is out of the picture… The world/region unites! “USA, get OUT of the way!”

When “money is people” what are people without money? And how is that a Democracy?

Not a peace officer…

Why you film the cops… Now imagine you see this, then they shoot your dog, and run around the house to kill your other dog… With your kids on the floor nearby… Or your wife in bed. Feel safe yet?

If the leader of ISIS is Jew Simon Elliott, and the Jews are doing this in war zones… Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Never forget the people of Libya, and the martyr Gadhafi…

Rich people help rich people.

Send this to Rand Paul

Who are the real terrorist?

When government allows the market to fail the people.

Propaganda exist to make you pick sides.

Rand why are you silent?

Sounds like a Rand Paul speech.

Because corporations are people, and therefore must have a right to profit, at the expense of other people so that the shareholders can make money, off of nothing, and for doing nothing… and put the productive people and companies out of business… you know. By creating wealth for the wealthy, and destroying it from everybody else, you liberate the underclass and give them purpose to serve the superclass… Anything else is heresy…

A classic politician…

Never miss an opportunity, to miss an opportunity…

Kentucky deserves a Senator. Not a demagogue.

Everything is made up and the facts don’t matter…

Taxing Americans, endangering the property rights of Americans, to give Canadian oil… to CHINA! That is as “libertarian” as you can GET!

“Trump’s plan is also tough to compare with Rand Paul’s which institutes a 14.5 percent flat tax on ordinary and investment income (which is a bigger cut than Trump proposes) alongside a 14.5 percent VAT to replace the corporate tax (which would result in a big tax hike for low-income individuals, but which could wind up helping wealthy people by letting corporations off the hook).”

At least Trump gives some money back to the working class, Rand’s Value Added Tax, taxes EVERYTHING!

When you are as bankrupt as your ideas… You are finished!

When Haiti is more important than America… You are looking for a vacation from your responsibility.

Well put, a fitting post mortem of a campaign corpse.. that needs to be put on ice… As the stench is STRONG!

This just in: You can quit on Rand Paul… He just quit on YOU!


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