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What If… (Fun With Polling)

September 17, 2015

Taking an inventory of historical Presidential election gallup polling..

If only men had voted… the only different result would be in the 1968 election, where Hubert Humphrey would have beat Nixon.

If only women had voted, Kerry would have won in 2004, Gore in 2000, Carter in 1980, Ford in 1976, and Nixon in 1960.

If only whites had voted, McCain would have won in 2008, Kerry in 2004, Bush in 1992, Ford in 1976, Nixon in 1960,

If only Non-Whites had voted, Kerry would have won in 2004, Gore in 2000, Dukakis in 1988, Mondale in 1984, Carter in 1980, McGovern in 1972, and Stevenson in 1956, and 1952.

Overall it’s fair to say that in spite of what we are told, men do decide the Presidential election.

There are some surprises… Women supported R’s Ford and Nixon over Carter and Kennedy.

And Whites supported Nixon over Kennedy, who needed men and non-whites to overcome Nixon’s strength with women and whites, overall.

It seems that men pick the winners, women’s votes are fairly predictable, as are non-whites.

So in spite of what we are told to believe, most elections are largely decided by demographics before even one vote is cast.

If we factor in turnout…

The last 10 elections have seen the lowest turnout since the mid 1920’s. With a near all time low, of 49% coming in 1996. While the 2008 election saw a bump to 57%, we haven’t reached 60% or higher since the 1960’s.

So if the elections are predictable, and people’s ideolgies and allegiances are already predispositioned…

Where is the choice in the election?

It’s a program.

Based on the policies and demographics of the candidates, Vegas can place a bet on who is going to be the next President with a very high probability that they will hit paydirt.

So for all of the drama, personal attacks, and provocations of personal attacks of supporters of one pre-selected candidate over the other, the election is already largely decided, as soon as the candidates are on the ballot.

All it takes is a little inflamatory advertising, favorable media coverage, which is FREE advertising, and some name calling here and there, and the powers that be can deliver unto us, their preferred candidate A, or prefered candidate 1A.

When you factor in the abiity to use direct bribery in campaign finance and indirect bribery through PAC, and interest groups… the American people when you get right down to it, have little to NO say over who rules them.

But they do have the illusion of inclusion, or enough of such, to be able to silence opposition and the oppressed minorties of conscience and demographics, through the fraud of implied consent.

The only problem as that has shown is that those who do not vote, the silent majority of people who aren’t even registered to vote, are subjected to abject tyranny of the minority…

If you take them into the whole, they are the majority of people who are not represented by the voting process. Which begs the question, how can it be freedom if they are subjected to authority they have no confidence in, or support?

What if instead of having to deal with the orders from the tyrants, the people who didn’t vote were exempt from their edicts. Sure, there would still be law, but they would be exempt from the tyrants new laws.

What if Democrats were exempt from the Patriot Act, or the Banker Bailout Bill.

What if Republicans didn’t have to comply with unconstitutional acts of Obama…

What if the nonvoters just had to comply with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and were exempt from the rest of the artifical, special interest driven, phony laws that act as parasites, sucking the wealth and opportunity from the underlcass, in perpetual indentured servitide to the superclass…

Think about it.

Wouldn’t THAT be true freedom and autonomy for each and every citizen?

The ability to choose what laws you are held under and consent to apply unto you.

If the liberals want Obamneycare, let them create a co-op or organization that serves that purpose, but only for those who opt in.

If everybody else likes their health care, and wants to keep it, or come up with their own plan, let them do that.

There is your TRUE free market.

Why not compete?

Why not let people live by their ideals, and NOT have to live under anybody elses…

Is freedom dangerous?

Surely to the all powerful state, and their cronies.

But if people have the right to true self determination, that ALL politicans, like to tell us in debate, after tiring EMPTY debate… Let them finally put their/OUR money where their BIG mouth is… and put those beliefs into ACTION!

That is the embodiment of what America is supposed to stand for…


Where people can choose the laws they wish to live under, and have the freedom to go where conditions are more to their liking…

Are we brave enough to embrace the true freedom and blessings of a Republic that were promised unto us…

Or are will willing to submit to another’s will, live our lives, by their standards, and their aims, and be judged by how well we conform to their self(ish) interests, that is derived from our expense?

You tell me…

But “what if”…

What if, indeed!


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