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The GOP: “Be Afraid, Very Afraid…!!!”

September 17, 2015

Jeb “they gave me 100 MILLION dollars because I’m not a puppet…” So
what happens when you won’t meet them, or won’t carry their water…
and they can’t get their money back, that is insulting.

Ben Carson doesn’t believe in getting to bed with special interests
groups, that is why he has contracts with call centers like
InfoCision, to hit up the impoverished American people, to fund his
campaign. And if they don’t raise enough money for him, THEY get
FIRED! Nice Ben, really. Love the “grassroots” appeal you got.

Putin is backing Assad, who is secular, to fight al Qaeda which are
the people who attacked us on 911.

Mr. Rubio, Putin is looking out for his country and maintaining
alliances to keep him and his people safe. It would be nice if America
would do the same…

Putin isn’t trying to replace America on the world stage. America is
disappearing from the world stage, and influence is decreasing because
we are bankrupt and have spread our people and resources too thin.
Just like all empires who collapse under the weight of their own

To ignore this is either criminal negligence to the point of treason,
or unfathomable incompetence…

Ms. Fiorina goes further and thinks that Naval power (the 6th fleet)
and Air power and reliving the Cuban Missile Crisis passes for
“diplomacy”. Fear her with the Nuclear launch codes, not Trump. She
advocates intimidation and pre-emptive strike.

Conducting military exercises in the region, building up with ships
and planes is a buildup to instigate conflict, and World War 3. She is
running as the female version of Dick Cheney.

She even wants to arm Jordan with bombs and material, nice.

And agrees with Rand Paul to arm the Kurds, knowing full well we would
have to have boots on the ground to advise them, and support them with
covert operations.

That worked well for the US before… Remember Vietnam…

To Mr. Cruz, the only reason Iran is called a threat and North Korea
isn’t, is because Iran doesn’t have nukes and North Korea does. And
Iran is next to Iraq and close to Israel.

Are we under threat of imminent attack from North Korea? Did anything
change? No. In fact the region is uniting to manage their interests
with North Korea. That calls for diplomacy, not pre-emptive World War

For Cruz to say that diplomacy is a threat to the Commander In Chief,
that is utter idiocy. Perhaps he should have had a talk with
Khrushchev and JFK. Cruz and his ilk are the kind of people who wanted
JFK assassinated for treason, in 1961, for preventing a Nuclear War
with Russia.

Kasich is right about diplomacy, but wrong about military
intervention. If that was the case, we would have nuked Pyonyang by
now, and would have dead American troops by the hundreds of thousands
in the Korean peninsula, as well as the obliteration of Seoul, and
South Korea. With China exerting their influence, probably by invading
and occupying Korea, and engaged in combat with an overtaxed and
exhausted American military.

You simply cannot have war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, AND
North Korea, let alone China… while antagonizing and threatening
Russia to top it all off….

These people are simply insane!

At least Rand Paul is willing to be the voice of reason against
Armageddon, for the moment.

Walker asks why we would give a state visit to China when they engage
in cyber-attacks, when it is well known that Israel, is the biggest
espionage actor in the US to the point that government agents have
been reprimanded and imprisoned for their actions in conspiracy to
engage in espionage for Israel against the US and our allies.

Mr. Walker, you are running for President of the wrong country.

Now Jeb wants to arm Israel with American tax dollars, when we already
subsidize their economy to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars a year!
While at the same time saying we have to “tighten our belts at

What country is he running in, again?

Arming Israel is not a deterrent to war. It is preparation FOR war.

We armed Hussein in Iraq for ten years. Then HE became the biggest
“threat to national security…”

How can you trust Israel when Israel mistrust you SO much, that they
have to engage in espionage against you, and they are your supposed

Nuclear Iran doesn’t threaten the US. All it does is give Israel a
deterrent for pre-emptive, unilateral action.

Iranians are moderate. The religious order is fundamentalist. But the
people support America.

You bomb Iran, you turn the people against you, and turn the Arab
world on it’s head to intervene through proxies, just as happened in
Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It guarantees war, not peace. Mr.
Huckabee… for a pastor, you sure like threatening people with

Rubio backed down to the President on Iran, he can’t stand up to his
own rhetoric.

Rand is correct in the effect of our intervention making a bad
situation worse. But again, America is funding and arming opposition
in Iran, as well as Syria to take out Assad. al Qaeda there, just like in Libya is an
ally of American foreign policy. The best option is to stop funding
the militants and leave Assad in place. He is secular, he is tolerant
of Christians in Syria. Whoever replaces Assad, would not be. That is
a guarantee.

Is Ted Cruz insane enough to get his policy from political CARTOONS, yes he is!

Again Iran having nukes is a deterrent against Israel. And the
fundamentalist we are funding to commit acts of terrorism inside

The US has no business telling Iran or any country in the region to
give up Nukes when Israel has them.

Cruz sees attacking Iran as the most important issue in this election…

Gee, I thought it was the failing ECONOMY!!!

How can you claim to uphold the Constitution on one hand, and then say
that the Supreme Court doesn’t matter… Mr. Huckabee…???

Jeb, the words that you are looking for is the federal government
should have NO ROLE in marriage which is supposedly a religious

The issue is when you grant married people privileges or benefits for
being married.

That is a violation of equal protection under the law.

The same goes for same sex marriage.

What happens when they shut down government?

People get pissed for a week, they reopen it, and nothing changes…

Except the PEOPLE needlessly suffer…

Kasich is right.

Again, like Fiorina, Cruz cares about life, so long as it looks like
him, thinks like him, and talks like him, with NO exceptions!

The government should have NO ROLE in the patient/doctor dynamic. If
they can advocate killing innocent civilians on the basis of rhetoric,
then the woman has a right to not put her life at risk, and endanger
the solvency of her family unit. A woman looking out for her health is
the embodiment of “family” values.

Mr. Christie, as you well know, the reason we are not throwing out
Obamacare, and having tax reform, is because the special interests
that fund your campaigns WANT it that way! And they get what they
want. The people be damned!

Carly still wants to assert her will and gall to start WWIII with Iran
for the benefit of Israel.

Ms. Fiornia have you seen the tapes of al Qaeda and ISIS cutting heads
off, raping women, and setting people on fire. That is all paid by
American trained forces we recruited to overthrow Qaddafi. That is
disgusting. And that is the foreign policy you are defending… FOR

You have NO character, SHAME ON YOU, BITCH!

Trump wants to end illegal immigration but the corporations depend on
it. And the parties like it, because it creates Democrats on one end,
and scares the shit out of Republicans, so people keep them in power.

That is why they won’t touch it,, and kill Trump for it.

Actually Christie is tragically dead wrong. You can deport people
easily with today’s technology. Germany did it with TRAINS for Christ
sakes! Just sayin’! Priorities!

Christie wants to use electronic surveillance, drones, the ATF
(Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms… to enforce immigration, WTH!?!)
This is nothing more than a police state dragnet.

A Billion dollar fence is worthless, unless you cut the benefits for
illegals, and the demand for cheap labor from the corporations….

Trump is right on the 14th Amendment…

Ms Fiorina has her slogans. Apparently she likes “leadership.” She
likes it so much, even more than actual details…

Again Rand is finding agreement with Trump, here on the 14th
amendment. He could have been a contender..

Huckabee wants to get rid of taxes on people who produce… So
corporations get a tax break, even if they don’t pay taxes like GE.
And the people get austerity. Nice.

Walker wants people educated (in debt) to work part time jobs in
retail and service industry with no benefits, and then implement
austerity to balance the budget by scaling back on those benefits,
that they already were taxed and paid for. Shit at least a vampire,
leaves your body intact!

Walker like Rand believes in the Constitution SO much, that he is
wiling to sign Executive Order, after Executive Order, to get around
it! Jesus Christ! Do these guys bother to listen to what actually
comes out of their mouths or what?

The minimum wage is a red herring. If you stopped inflating the
currency and stopped military spending and fraud, waste and abuse, you
would have a more valuable currency, and would NOT have to price the
unemployed out of employment…

You could even follow the Constitution to do so… you know, that thing you proclaim to love SO much!!!

If Marco Rubio thinks everybody wants to kill us. How is he going to
be the one to stop them?

How can Rubio say he cares about the country, when he won’t even show
up to do his job… Voting… Is that asking too damn much from a
Senator these days?

Jeb Bush, dumb enough to say that Poppy and Shrub are his advisers. So
much for the future, he wants to take us back to the past…

Jeb your God DAMN brother didn’t keep us safe on 911! Not even the
fucking PENTAGON! He was busy reading a children’s book, and plane
hopping from one base to the next, in the middle of an attack. He RAN,
just like Rudy Giuiani on 911, cocksucker!

Mr. Rubio, you can’t GET more engaged in Syria than arming and
training al Qaeda and Al Nusra Front to take out Assad, who is secular
and not an extremist, while they bomb, kill and maim Americans in
Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan…

Now Ben Carson wants to stay in the middle east, just like John McCain… Oy!

Mr. Christie, how did Osama get Norad to stand down and not protect
were hit. JACKASS!!!

Mr.Carson, the reason the military is weaker than before is because of
the multiple ongoing interventions you are advocating… Throwing
money at the problem does NOT fix it!

Jeez Rand and Trump speaking common sense on Iran and Iraq… Rand,
you fucked up! If I were you, I’d make nice with Trump.

Mr. Kasich, you can’t get allies to fight your battles for you. See
the Iraqi Army. See Afghanistan. The only way you save yourself, is
not to commit yourself to failure, and sacrifice endless lives in
vain, it is to get out of the region, and make those nations take care
of ISIS out of their own self interests…

Carly Fiornia’s foreign policy is that of Ancient Rome. And like
Ancient Rome, we will fall.

Rand actually defends the 10th Amendment, and medical marijuana, I
think Trump is rubbing off on him…

Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina want to put kids in jail for doing
pot, while kissing ass of W. Bush who abused cocaine…

Trump is right on Social Security. If you opt out, you are no longer a
government employee and not bound by the myriad of predatory laws that
they use against you by virtue of implied consent. If he wants to let
people opt out of SS and the bureaucracy, I’m all for it… Make it

Gotta give Chris Christie credit for advocating nuclear power after
Fukishima is destroying the Pacific Ocean. BIG BALLS! Which is
probably only the 3rd reason he can never find his penis!

Asking Mr.Carson about vaccines, is like asking al Qaeda/ISIS to help
you fix your headache…

Trump is right about vaccines.

Rand said the same, but backed down when he was challenged. Trump
won’t back down!

Mr. Huckabee, you can’t declare war on an inanimate object or a tactic
such as terrorism. You can only declare war on PEOPLE!

BTW the polio vaccine causes polio…

Now it is a weaker form of polio that is now called “chronic fatigue syndrome.”

Honestly, these people except for Trump, scare the living SHIT out of me!

Could the Democrat debate get any worse than THIS!?! Is it possible? “Vote Your Fears So We Can Grab Your Rears!” (and give you cancer…) Jesus Christ! The GOP is a corpse somebody forgot to bury, and it sure stinks to high HELL!!! Trump and Hillary are the most Republican running. And he’s not A Republican and she is a Democrat. The GOP has gotten SO bad, that they need wringers! For your own sake don’t vote, don’t be a party to your own destruction! I beg you!


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