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What Is Missing… There Is No Ron Paul In The Debate…

September 16, 2015


Remember this: 

Something is different this time around for Ron Paul supporters, there is no Ron Paul in the debate.

What made Ron Paul stand out from the orthodoxy was his allegiance to the truth. And his courage to speak truth to power. And not care about himself.

Rand, by contrast, has taken the opposite approach from what worked for his father. He has taken allegiance to the orthodoxy, and chosen to be tolerant to them, where his father was intolerant of them.

He has used hyperbole and numerous logical fallacies to take on people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

But no matter what he does, no matter what he throws at Trump, it doesn’t stick.


Because Trump has become the version of Ron Paul in the room.

Not only do they fear that Trump will buck the party and try to run as an independent, which the GOP feared with Ron Paul; they also fear his fervent supporters will make them pay at voting time in the primary.

Rand unlike his father, is no threat to the GOP. He simply tows the party line, and talks back on superficialites.

“Hillary is horrible.”

“Jeb Bush is aloof”

“Trump is the devil”

Etc., etc.

Did Ron Paul demagogue his opponents?


He argued why their policy and positions were flat wrong for the country and history vindicated him.

What happens if Rand Paul is right about his opponents? Nothing.

It’s superficial, avoids the real issues and the policy distinctions that make them truly unqualified for higher office as they are out of touch with the American people.

Ron was in touch with the American people.

Speaking out against corporate fraud, government malfeasance, bloating military spending with objectives that put our country in MORE danger. “Legalizing freedom!” was a big part of Ron Paul’s appeal. He wanted to empower the people to get involved in their own way to make a difference.

Rand loves the corporations and thinks they deserve stimulus on top of tax exemptions.

Rand loves the military, he even wants to copy McCain and occupy the middle east to fight “radical Islamic extremism.” Just like Mitt Romney!

Rand hates the health care bill, but backs fraud in Obamacare

Ron Paul didn’t like drones killing American citizens overseas without due process, Rand wants armed drones to kill people who rob liquor stores…

Can you imagine Ron Paul advocating this?

Rand doesn’t even stand up to corporations, instead of calling them out, he calls them “job creators.” Yes, fraud creates a lot of  jobs, until the fraud is revealed, and they then leave their employees holding the bag. See Enron.

Does Enron need a tax cut, and government to “get out of the way…?” You tell me…

How about auditing the military contractors?

Where did THAT money go?

Oh and because of that, we have to implement “austerity” here at home and cut services to the public at a time of their highest and greatest need?

The very system Rand defends and imposes, makes such situations possible.

The very free market for those with means has created the disparity and social stratification that Rand claims is nothing more than a symptom of base immorality of the people coming from… “a lack of faith.”

Yes, absolve the system of any and all accountability and lay that upon the victims of society.


It’s not quite “let them eat cake” but isn’t that too far off from “Let them eat… SHIT!”

Which brings up another way Rand is missing the mark. How he criticizes Bernie Sanders.

Instead of drawing another contrast with him and Sanders, like Ron did with Rudy, we get talking points and name calling.

Which is funny since they both agree on foreign policy

This is the exact OPPOSITE of what Ron Paul stood up for, and advocated, against the media, and even his own party in a presidential primary.

This turns Rand INTO Rudy Giuliani.

Watch the Ron/Rudy throwdown again.

Watch Rudy’s old campaign ads.

Rudy speaks of al Qaeda around every corner, that we need to throw away our civil liberties to protect ourselves from terrorism, and that if you stand up for the Constitution “you only aide terrorists.”

Rand attacks a populist like Trump.

Calls him names.

Rand attacks Bernie Sanders.

Uses hyperbole to demagogue him. In much the same way, the GOP did to Ron Paul…

But unlike Ron, who refused to take the bait, and be marginalized by the media and the party, Rand ALWAYS takes the bait, and is marginalized by the media, the party, and seen by the people as irrelevant. Which is why he can’t raise ANY money from the people, OR the rich.

And when he tries to speak the truth, he fucks up royally.

Rand is absolutely right… BUT you simply do not say this in a GOP primary… Duh!

What is more accurate is that Neo Cons have supported a policy to give Israel autonomy and authority to do what they wish overseas, and that if the people have no choice but to push back to survive, they are “the terrorists.”

He is preaching that Israel is the victim. When facts prove, even testimony in the United Nations and investigation after investigation show, Israel is guilty of crimes against humanity, in the occupied territories.

Ron wanted to stay out of foreign affairs. Neither support nor condemn Israel. Let them fall on their own sword.

Rand instead has chosen to take up that sword, and while he offers to cut foreign aid to Israel, he negates that effort by choosing to re-invade Iraq and other nations “to take the fight to ISIS.”

He proposes the Kurds be the ones to fight ISIS, but as any General knows, it would take American hardware, and advisors if not US troops on the ground to eradicate ISIS.

This is fighting a war, through the back door, on the cheap, using proxies.

That would be the most expensive and worst kind of welfare/aid imaginable.

Forgetting the fact that the biggest funders of ISIS are Saudi Arabia, and that the majority of the 911 terrorists came not from Iraq, or Iran, but Saudi Arabia.

If he really wanted to fight ISIS, he would propose sanctions on Saudi Arabia and other nations funding ISIS in the region.

Instead he calls for direct military intervention, which makes his defense contractors in his home state, like Raytheon very happy.

Which is why he has gone silent on the military industrial complex.

This makes him look more like his opponents, than a distinct difference from them.

But the thing that really stands out is the fact that unlike his father, Rand uses the media to define talking points. Instead of using the media to speak to the people.

Instead of arguments that make you question the status quot, why it isn’t working for the American citizen, we get, demagoguery, a rogues gallery of scapegoats, and the claim that if we just try hard enough, and support Rand enough, things MIGHT change, just a little bit.

There is no call for comprehensive reform across the board.

No financial reform.

No monetary reform.

No health care reform.

Definitely no contraction of American military presence overseas. In fact Rand wants to expand the scope of the military here at home.


I was expecting a call to end the Fed, or at least a call for competing currencies.

I was expecting a call to scale back military intervention overseas, and a call for the region to take the impetus for fighting terrorists in the region.

I was expecting a critique of what is WRONG with Obamneycare, and a call to reform, if not repeal the law that is little more than a tax increase in the middle of a economic depression.

I was expecting a call to follow the Constitution, sure. But what would have impressed me more was a discussion of how the Constitution has not prevented this exact situation we find ourselves in, that it was designed to protect us FROM!

Always we hear “we need to get back to the Constitution” without ever discussing how it led us into this position in the 1st place.

Again we are being told, like always, that the solution is to “not compromise, and vote harder” next time.

Well the last asshole who cloaked himself in the rhetoric of the Constitution is the very same tyrant you now are calling the “Anti-Christ”… What makes you any different?

How are we to trust you, and take you at your word, after what happened with the last guy?

And the attacks on Hillary are cute, but amount to nothing.

Just like the attacks on Trump.

People don’t care about Trump the man, they care about ideas.

Most people don’t care about Hillary, but they think she can actually do the job, for better or worse.

Rand can’t even run a coherient campaign or keep his staff from abandoning him in a fight.

No wonder he broke election law of his party, and had to bribe them to do so to keep his campaign afloat.

Now does ANY of this remind you of Ron Paul, and what he stood for?

Does Rand cross party lines, or enforce them?

Is he inclusive or exclusive?

Does he practice libertarian principles or authoritarian?

Is he for peace or war?

Does he want to reform the system, or absolve the guilty, and scapegoat the people for their crimes?

Does he stand for the people or for himself?

You decide…

Is Rand Paul out there for you, or out for himself…

With his father it was always about the message, and the message was for the people.

For Rand, it’s all about him, and the message was, he doesn’t want to be fucked with, or have other people screw up his desire to see his ambition give him what he thinks he is entitled to…

In other words, Ron Paul was a statesmen, Rand is just another politician, who HATES being a politician,

Now, finally, it all makes sense…

The more I see of Rand Paul, the more I  miss Ron Paul.

At least he made the right arguments, even if he wasn’t willing to try to win.

In Rand’s naked ambition to win, he forsake those arguments, for demagoguery.

And used paranoia, and threats, al Qaeda, Hillary, now Trump is the latest public enemy Rand alone is trying in vain to save us from. In addition to save us from even ourselves, and our salvation.

He has gone from crusade after crusade, chasing headline after headline, and controversy after controversy…

In all that bluster… where are the people of Kentucky ranking as a priority?

Where are the people of his party and outside his party who want to be heard?

Not with Rand.

He is too busy listening to himself speak.

And casting out anyone and everyone who has told him, or would tell him, that it’s not about him.

It never was.

It was about the people.

The silent majority who had no voice, until Ron Paul stood up to them, and told our oppressors, the enemies of OUR freedom… to shut up.

He didn’t do it by literally telling them TO shut up, like Rand does… BTW.

He did it by showing the world that what they were saying had no basis or root in the reality of the people, and that they were using the people, and empty, fear based rhetoric, to put themselves above the people, and have the people pay the cost of their privilege.

Rand gave up on his father’s principle, to become just another demagogue, with empty, fear based rhetoric.

It cost him the Presidency.

It cost him fundraising.

It may well cost him his Senate seat.

I hope all those advisers he paid with your money land on their feet.

They had a parachute.

Rand sure didn’t.

And now, he angrily is attempting to take yours.

If you are even fortunate to have one.

For the rest, there is nothing.

If he can’t have what he thinks he deserves, then no one else will.

That is justice to Rand Paul…

And injustice to us all…

I miss Ron Paul.

Now it seems nobody will remember the “Wrong Paul…”

Maybe that is justice too…


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