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The Insurance Fallacy

September 5, 2015


You can’t lower prices when you are mandated to buy insurance, and they have a monopoly, no matter what they offer, and have the incentive to CUT COSTS and mandates, and offer the least, while charging the most… Buying insurance across state lines is a empty gesture because only certain companies can offer what is required…. you are taking people out of comprehensive plans, and putting them into bare bones, one size fits all plans (you know men paying for Ob/Gyn procedures) that are cost inflated thanks to the Insurance companies partnership with the government agency.

You are not a person who is trying to have cover for if you get sick. You are a human resource that is given products you don’t even need or want, so they can charge more, in order to inflate profits, and send some of that money back to politicians for exemptions, and the ability to regulate their competition out of the “free market” and use government threat of lawsuit, imprisonment or taxation, to FORCE people to purchase your products, and take them for every last dime they have, and imprisonment, if they refuse…

In a “free market” you would meet with agents and they would have to design a plan to meet your needs. But only people like Trump get that privilege. You get to be exploited and jailed if you refuse. Thanks government… GOP/Democrat/Libertarian… It’s all the same…


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