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Why You Don’t Take Their Word For It…

August 29, 2015

“Be wary of those who tell you one thing, and speak the opposite to another”

The motto of Israeli intelligence apparatus Mossad is: “Through Deception Make War”…

One ally of Israel is not just supporting Israel on this assertion, he is embracing it as a campaign strategy.

The irony of Rand Paul’s campaign and his relationship to his supporters is, they will come out and tell you that every position Rand takes that they oppose, “he has to, so he can get in office, and do the opposite.”

This is a rationale for voting for President. “Lie to everyone, so long as I know what you will really do, is in MY best interests…”

This is hillarious, and a perversion of logic. If anything it is politicians like Rand who have to lie to his supporters and would be supporters, so he can get the financial backing to get the Presidency, and then abandon his supporters positions, for the positions of those who funded him into office.

Only the naive Paulestinians believe, Rand is betraying the big money men, and party, in their favor.

If anything his father is a hard lesson in just the opposite. Rand would not fall to far from that tree.

But lets get back to this magical thinking and wonderful deception Rand plays on his own supporters and the people.

Rand says he’s a conservative Republican, but panders to Libertarians on certain issues.

This allows Rand to get libertarians to compromise to join the Republican party and have to embrace the “whacko birds” like Cruz, Carson, Huckabee, and the rest of the lunatics from the insane asylum that reside in the GOP. The ones who believe corporations are people with unlimited rights, while the people who don’t fund or back them, are freeloaders and
“homegrown terrorists” who endanger everything America holds dear, like Israel.

On every major issue Rand dilutes the Libertarian message of freedom without compromise, for endless compromise and sensationalism of government overreach. Conveniently ignoring the fact that the very solution Rand offers is more government.

A law, or policy, or lobbied compromise meant to patch the issue for the moment, until the next time he needs a talking point to push back. Not to fix the problem, but to enhance his status and raise money for proselytizing about another overreach and abuse of power, where Rand would have the government be in control of policing themselves, over a problem they created.

Do you see who is disempowered, here?

Rand says he is for a more rational national defense, but insists on more boots on the ground, and more tools to fight terrorists overseas and here at home. But he never clarifies who he thinks a terrorist is…

The majority of the time a terrorist is anybody who opposes or organizes against American interests, even when it is localized, or specific to their region. This interferes with the “Pax Americana” new world vision of unrestrained capitalism, and corporate profits for the people of America. The corporations. With unlimited privileges, and rights to access to resources, and capital, to create more profits for them and  their stockholders, at the expense of the nation(s) and the people who are affected both back home, and abroad.

The very thing he is asking for with lassiez faire capitalism, and a global marketplace, is exactly what has expanded poverty overseas, conflict overseas due to resource scarcity and control, and created the kind of “blowback” that his father knew well, that threatens American interests overseas, and Americans back home in the US.

But instead of targeting the REAL adversary, corporate interests, and their agents who cannibalize the resources at home and abroad to create privatized profits and socialize the losses onto the American taxpayer, Rand targets the threat to capitalist, and capitalism… as… The people.

Here and abroad Rand will talk about how savage the Muslims in affected countries are, with no mention of what was taken from them to put them into that position.

He will be a blowhard on Benghazi with good reason, but he won’t condemn US interests in the region who acted to destabilize a Democratic and resource independent (read DEBT FREE) Libya, he will instead claim that al Qaeda came out of nowhere and it was the US fault that they were empowered to take Libya with NO alternative to Qaddafi present.

Here again, he is wrong.

Libya was a resource rich environment that existed to create independence not only for Libya, but the entire African region from imperialist rule of the Anglo American Establishment.

Qaddafi used the capital of his nations resources to give Libyans the highest standard of living, and literacy of any nation in Africa. And access to health care, even subsidies to get care outside the country, if need be. He took his country off the Petrodollar, 1st for Euros, and then was to use the largest gold reserves outside of North America to exchange his oil and that of Africa for gold. This would have allowed independence and sovereignty of every African country from the financial speculators and globalist banksters, in a vital resource rich environment. Worse still, the success of such a gambit would have shifted the influence of other nations, both emerging and would be emerging, away from the Anglo American stranglehold.

To say Libyans wanted to topple a man who gave them a house, car, and money for getting married… and allowed them to get access to health care, and education, even for women which is taboo in fundamentalist Islam, let alone one who welcomed black Africans to emigrate and work in his country, no questions asked, is nothing short of insanity.

To say that it’s good that Qaddafi is gone, but too bad that Libya is a failed state, while funding and training the al Qaeda who took over the country the same way Iraq was allowed to fall to ISIS, is disingenuous at best, and a pathetic cop out at worst.

Doubling down on this further, Rand now says that we must keep troops in Iraq to protect Americans, the American Embassy that is bigger than the Vatican, and “our strategic interests” in Iraq and the region… while claming that he is the rational actor in the political arena, just because he doesn’t want to bomb or invade Iran, while stating his concern that everything we have done has emboldened Iran, and threatens Israel.

He not only won’t rule out going after Iran, but also gives hints that Russia should be punished for helping Iran be a strong counter to Israel’s interests, in the region.

Does this sound like a rational “anti-war” candidate?

Granted he is more rational that the nutcases in his party who want to nuke the entire middle east to give “liebenstraum” for “Greater Israel,” but this is no moderate. Only in comparison to the “Dr. Strangelove” element of his party, the Dick Cheney wing of the GOP. Where war is profitable. And thus anything and everything is a justification for more war, and a bigger police state here at home, to keep tabs on people who disagree with the establishment.

Rand even wants to bring the war home, by sending more money to the military, while cutting domestic needs here at home. When the needs are increasing. This sets up a scenario for a robust police state, with shell-shocked Army vets coming home to work for contractors here in the US, or staffing “domestic extremist/homegrown terrorist” task forces right back in the good ol’ USA, to keep an eye on people he doesn’t like.

He doesn’t like people that smoke pot, but doesn’t think that government workers, high level, who were caught using adultery sites with taxpayer credit cards and on government computers should be punished for breaking the same kind of laws that Hillary Clinton broke with her emails.

Adultery in the military is punishable with a court martial and imprisonment, because it compromises decisions on personnel and possibly even the battlefield. This is a threat to national security more so than a bunch of African Americans protesting abuses from the very same police state Rand claims to be opposed to.

But to Rand,  the protesters exercising their right to assemble in public, for redress of grievances, are a problem that needs to be solved. The threat to our national security from those who could be blackmailed and punished for adultery is nothing.

At the very same time he says that the main problem in the African American community is their lack of faith, and that if they were more Christian, and more personally responsible, they could overcome the barriers imposed upon them by their own government and the corporations that write policy with them. Especially if we empowered the church with tax exemptions for their helpful assistance… Even though churches DO… NOT… PAY… TAXES!!!

Rand is very concerned about the flop flopping of Donald Trump. But enforces doublethink among his own followers. Leading them on to believe he is taking un-Libertarian positions, to get in power, so he can be a Libertarian-Authoritarian, and roll back the overreach of government with Executive Orders, which are Unconstitutional, or by simply letting the laws that concern them, expire. He believes that he can use the bully pulpit to argue positions outside, as well as inside his own party, and get the people motivated to give him the capital to impose his solutions on everybody.

That is NOT libertarian. That is Authoritarian… Just like Donald Trump.

It is the kind of hubris and thinking that has led to his deficit between not only him and his party, but him and the American people.

And this is the problem that is killing Rand’s campaign.

He simply has NO credibility in what he says, and the people are catching on…

Read any article written about Rand Paul, watch any interview with Rand Paul, and something becomes readily apparent quite soon…

He doesn’t like the job.

Doesn’t want the job.

And doesn’t want to be obligated to do what comes with the job.

He says he wants to be President to bring freedom back to America.

But he backs the military and the corporate interests that feed it.

He backs Wall St., just would change one side of influence for another and call that reform.

He doesn’t even argue to end the Federal Reserve, he just wants them to tell him and Congress what’s going on.

When he doesn’t realize Congress uses the Fed as their own personal slush fund.

The very one that allows Rand to put his own family members on his payroll and government pension plans.

Then he not only contradicts himself on being the peace candidate by saying we need to stay in the middle east to defend “our interests from ISIS,” he calls activists he doesn’t like “extremists,” and thinks that the government should crack down on those who participate in the political process, in “un-sanctioned” manners and means that cannot be controlled by the media or the state itself.

This is why the only people Rand loathes more than the media, is the very same alternative media, that was the sole source of coverage and advocacy of his father and his father’s positions, without which, Rand Paul, would still be nothing but the son of a congressman, who works as an eye surgeon for a living…

Funny, I thought that was the POINT of Democracy!

The people assembling (without permission) to DEMAND redress of grievances from government, and policy that adversely affects them.

For Rand, this is unacceptable! It gets in the way of who he has to support, so he can have his privilege as a congressman, and exemption from the Income Tax, guaranteed Cadillac health care plans for his whole family and a nice pension for his staff/family, should he ever screw up big enough to lose his office, in service to/of and FOR the state.

It’s literally made him and his father millionaires!

You would think Rand, who wants to cut back on the mandatory life sentences to something more reasonable, like 30 years, in the name of compassion, would take up or be open TO the “Black Lives Matter” movement…

It’s a NO BRAINER! Especially for somebody trying to make inroads to the Black Community and get more of their votes, than normal, into the GOP camp.

But for a man with NO brains, even he can screw this up. Which he does when he goes in the opposite direction, like when he said on one hand he was sympathetic to the riots after the Ferguson incident, THEN joked about not having to stop in DC, since he takes the private subway for Congressman and government officials to get to his television interviews…!

He continues to be given opportunity after opportunity and screws it up!

His father’s biggest supporters, he throws under the bus for the establishment and he wonders why he can’t raise money.

His father’s position on foreign policy, that made his dad seem rational and get those supporters, Rand runs them off, in order to get support from the establishment, who break their own by laws, and the State Constitution just so he can run, illegally in order to pay them back, once he gets in office.

And this capitulation and collusion he wraps in the flag and slogan of “Stand with Rand, Defeat The Washington Machine.”

He gets national attention for a filibuster against the NDAA and drones used against American citizens, he stops it when the cameras stop, goes home, and is satisfied with a non-binding statement that they don’t interpret the law, the way Rand doesn’t want them to. While he uses these assertions as evidence that he stood up to the police state, in order to justify campaign contributions to fund his personal status and ambition.

And even when it backfires, and his own family members are indicted in federal court for breaking campaign finance laws, Rand doesn’t “STAND” up to the media, or hold the guilty accountable, he BLAMES the media, and everyone else BUT himself, while he politely asks his nephew in law to excuse himself from running his official PAC and campaign while he is being investigated and prepared to stand trial in federal court.

Does he call out the people responsible, and hold them accountable?


Does he give his side of the story with the media, and stand up for the ethics of his father, and his own ethics, making a distinction between the accused and himself?


Does he campaign and use the media like his father did to make his case to the American people…


Instead he runs away, out of the country, in the middle of a Presidential campaign, and political scandal…

An intentional failure and lack of accountability we haven’t seen since George W. Bush on the day of 911.

Every mistake is an opportunity lost.

When Rand has tried to stand on principle, it has been shown to be artificial and weak.

When he has compromised, he has lost the respect of his most loyal supporters, some of which have already LEFT his campaign, while he has also paradoxically failed to gain any new supporters from the establishment he is compromising, and casting out people, to appeal to… apparently in vain…

It is nothing but a continuous pattern of poor judgement.

A consequence of somebody who was given opportunity, but had nowhere he wanted to go with it, and didn’t even know why. He just ran(d) with it… And now he has no purpose. He has nothing to stand for, so will stand for anything and everything.

He has no one to stand behind him as the establishment comes for him, to tear down his ambition, and the monument to his own self importance.

Rand tried be defined by others through his father’s message, while at the same time, define himself by how successful he would be by abandoning it…

And the result is, he has collapsed well long before his father even ever did….

A collapse as swift as Nero, and as dramatic as Caesar.

He has no one to blame but himself, in trusting the most selfish and greedy he knew, to make the case for him to have his own selfishness and greed be exhalted as the new standard for the GOP.

But the GOP’s selfishness, greed, and jealous guard of their own status and property, was never going to allow Rand to put himself above them and their hierarchy.

He was so naive and full of ambition that he has blinded himself to the truth. That he could NEVER be one of them,of the Inner Party, he was only to be a useful idiot, a pied piper, leading the march of those in the Outer Party, and used to skillfully scapegoat the Proles to secure the spoils that was taken from the weak, and the near weak, and given to the Inner Party, with false promises that it would be shared among the Outer Party members.

Rand has self destructed, but honestly, for all his aims, and the emptiness of his goals, better he go down with the cost of his ambition, than the rest of us all.

Luckily he imploded and fell under the weight of his own delusions and self(ish) importance before his lack of ideals, and moral bankruptcy cost the rest of the country, and when you look at his foreign policy, particularly in regard to Russia and ISIS, perhaps even the world.

So now, no matter what he says. It’s a deception.

He is deceiving himself that he can salvage the mess he created if he finds the right scapegoat.

He is deceiving his supporters to think that he can, is able to, or would even want to take on TPTB, his own party, the Democrats and the rest of America who would balk at the changes he feels is necessary to make society more of his liking and utopian.

He is deceiving pawns like the Black community, by paying them lip service when it serves his ambition, and castigating and infuriating them, when he calls them out to appeal to another group of people he needs to support him to have credibility, within his own party.

He already threw out his biggest allies, from his father’s camp who would have his back at times like this, so he could be given the false perception of inclusion and relevance within the party and the political arena.

So in sacrificing his base, and making the greatest sin for the compromised apparent, simply that he is too incompetent to run a campaign let alone the country, Rand is left in limbo.

If he continues his campaign, he will lose money he needs for his re-election for his Senate seat in Kentucky.

If he stops his campaign, he will be seen as a failure in running for the Presidency perhaps in the next election, or the one after that, if one of the “whacko birds” defies reality and wins the Presidency.

Rand is between I-raq and a hard place…

Somehow he has to reverse and repair enough burned bridges to have somebody to build him back up into a credible, solid, consistent candidate.

But if he starts to buck the people he ran to, he looks not only weak, but limits his ceiling as a politician.

He would have to be satisfied being a Senator, and getting attention an issue at a time, while the GOP or Democrat gets to set the agenda….

And perhaps, if time heals most wounds, and he kisses enough ass, and gets his priorities straight, while balancing the uncompromising positions from his father’s base, who feel they are owed something, as well as the uncompromising positions from the power brokers who demand everything for themselves at the expense of his father’s base, as well as the voters, themselves…

He can try again in 4-8 years…. That is a long time in politics…

That sounds like a hell of a burden and obligation to meet for anyone…

Considering Rand’s colossal failure in meeting his latest huge obligation…

It sounds damn near impossible.

But history has shown us, with people like Richard Nixon, claims of anybody’s political death are often premature…

First things first, Rand must decide what he wants, and rectify that with what an honest assessment of what he is truly capable of.

If he is serious. He has to mend fences, CLEAN HOUSE, and temper his ambition with ethics… The ethics that apparently were so absent in his father’s last campaign.

He must be as pious, as transparent, and as open and painfully honest as his father.

He has to be willing to go anywhere, take any audience, listen to everything they have to say… and try to meld his position to something that includes the views and concerns of those who disagree with him.

The “talking down to black people” rather than talking TO them, HAS to STOP! Instead he has to engage them. And include them. Even if he disagrees.

The blamestorming with his paid mercenaries, designed to scapegoat his father’s principled supporters, to absolve himself and his hired guns, from any accountability for their incompetence, as well as the continued funding of people who divide his movement, instead of work to grow it, must end.

He cannot alibi them, he must REMOVE them! This means Jack Hunter, Jesse Benton, Trygve Olson, John Tate, Doug Wead, Michael Nystrom, and the rest of the crew that betrayed his father’s supporters, with or without Ron Paul’s permission, THEY MUST GO!!!

He has to start OVER, with people who aren’t trying to use the Paul name to grow their business or “Brand” and are motivated by advocating and working to share the cause of liberty, with those who are in need, and are being cannibalized by this system of control.

Rand failed to get that message.

He forgot the freedom message that made his father so popular, in SPITE of the media and all the negativity thrown at him, and it was A LOT!

Instead he took on the obligation of his father’s name, the pressure of meeting his father’s supporters expectations, as well as the demand for compromise and ejection of those same principles from the self appointed kingmakers.

He forgot his audience… The American People… Black, White, Brown, no matter ideology or their “programming,” Ron showed how to break that programming, to get people to think for THEMSELVES, and listen to what is true, vs. what is popular.

Rand instead decided that his audience was his father’s enemies, took on their ideology while watering down his father’s principles, and tried to stick with his program or “Brand” that was designed by his father’s enemies to END Rand… And it WORKED! And the only way it could work was if Rand’s insecurity and lack of principle in the name of his ambition gave the opening…

Now he must treat the open wound, repair his psyche, and re-align his principles with his ambition so that the former serves the latter, instead of the latter destroying the former.

Does he have it within him to do do the self examination necessary to be stronger, a person that will stand with the principled, no matter the consequences and see that their voice is heard, and that government works FOR the people, instead of for itself at the expense of the people…

Time will tell…

He was never honest with himself, how could we ever have expected him to be honest with us???

Now, he’s got 4-8 years, to do the work.

The hard work, that he should have done in the 1st place, before he ever decided to run a national campaign for President of the United States…

Rookie mistake kid,

“Live and Learn”


“Self loathe and Burn”

This is the second biggest decision you will ever have made in your life…

Will you stand up to make it…

Or fall down and fail, yet again to meet it..

We are waiting…

We are watching…

It’s on you, now…

Be honest with us…

With yourself…

Own it.

Or walk away…



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