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He Who Is Dedicated To Division For (His Own) Profit… Jack Hunter

August 23, 2015


I’ve got my own problems with the “Southern Dipshit” and my run ins with him and his compadres are well known to readers on here…

But this time, the Ultimate Sellout has and is going, TOO far!

Jack(ASS) Hunter has always been a hustler, using a hustle to get money.

He used it as a radio host, trying to be his state’s version of Rush Limbaugh…

He used it as a writer “ghostwriting” Rand Paul’s books, before Paul put him on the book cover, then had to take him off his last couple of books Jack wrote for him due to the controversy surrounding Hunter.

The controversy with the grassroots started when Hunter began to purge people from the Brand Paul movement, who had views he didn’t like. Basically anything that countered the GOP orthodoxy…

He engaged in collaboration with other hacks of the Liberty movement like Austin Petersen, to “be the scapel” and cut “the cancer” out of the Brand Paul liberty movement.

But when Jack finally was taken to task for his racist, separatist, and over the top characterizations of more people he didn’t like who just happened to be black or democrats, then the media came after him, using him to discredit Rand Paul, and the “Brand Paul” movement as a whole.

Jack erased his web site, took the money he got from Rand Paul’s donors, to be “the offical campaign blogger” for Rand Paul 2016, and RAN over to, to be their “political blogger in cheif.”

But Jack has a problem. Just like Rand did.

If he wants credibility like Rand does, he MUST sellout his people, and condemn where he came from.

Just like Rand, who used his father’s supporters, then cast them aside with Jack’s help, Jack must now do a 180, and condemn HIS supporters and followers to save his “brand,” and make sure that he is palatable enough to the Democrats, the RINO’s and sellout Republicans, to keep the people, as well as his own people, in line!

This is why he must condemn the Confederate flag, and the people behind it, even the African American Sons of the Confederacy

Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. It breaks people out of their ideological bind to party over principle, and people before power.

Jack is all about his party, himself, and his small role in controlling them and molding them into camps, to divide and conquer. There are no Libertarians, there are no Conservatives, just Libertarian-ish Conservatives.

That is his patent and trademark. Bring Libertarians into the GOP mainstream fold, and back the party and the candidate, no matter how despicable, be it Jeb Bush, or Mitt Romney, so that the GOP will let you into their club and give you position and privilege, so long as you are obedient to their propaganda, and attack any and ALL who counter it. Be they Libertarian, Republican, Moderate, or especially Democrat.

The Democrat part is important, because it must never be made public that you are using fear, and threats of ostracism, and expulsion from the party, in order to be more predictable and in line with establishment GOP control and leadership.

No matter if they contradict your position on war, on money, on taxes, trade, or any other issue. You MUST stay in line, donate, take orders from the top down, and stay on message. And while your at it, throw a few bucks Hunter’s way, or to Julie Borowski, or to Austin Petersen, or Michael Nystrom, or to Rand Paul, so that they can get even more privledges, exemptions and immunities, from not only the government, but from the consequences of their own failed, naked, partisan ideologies. They are seeking no more than welfare for them, through peddling propaganda, to preach division and scorn and contempt for those beneath them, on the basis of ideology or dogma.

They want you to serve their aims and ends. And attack anyone who would ask you to question them, scrutinize them, and take their works out of the darkness, and put them under the light of day. Exposing them for what they are, hustlers, businessmen and women who are using their advertising, or “Brand” to keep you dependent on them, for your belief system, which is nothing more than their talking points/ideology/dogma, that they manifest, to KEEP you beneath them, and them above you, with the privileges, exemptions and immunities, YOUR money grants them.

Jack Hunter would be nothing, without you funding him, and listening to him.

Same with Julie Borowski, Austin Petersen, Michael Nystrom, Alex Jones, and the rest of the Brand Paul pushers.

They ALL have to sell you out, to stay in business…

That is why they have to gate-keep, purge, censor, attack, obfuscate, and cover up their allegiances to the masters. They criticize all day, but never offer solutions. What they offer is membership into their club, and always at a price!

The cold comfort of being a member of a virtual unreality, and dystopia. That is counter to reality and how the world really works, and is.

To see Hunter use a narrative taken from the news about a crazed white racist shooter, without question, when anybody who looked at the facts of this shooting, and others, and had SERIOUS doubts about the evidence, and the endless questions of the lack of evidence, and then have the gall to say: “I’m not here to settle those arguments. I tired of them years ago.”

Shows what this article and Jack is put on this Earth to do…

Fear monger, and scare people into his “respectable” camp, by comparison…

“You don’t want to be a white male white supremacist, nutcase! So you better get in with me, because I’m NOT!” (And everybody else is?) Do you see the manipulation going on here…

“Ideologues ridicule and dehumanize people at the expense of their personhood. Ideologues believe some groups must be attacked, and although the groups are comprised of flesh-and-blood human beings, it’s better not to think of them as people too much—it could get you off message.

It’s crude collectivist thinking. It’s an intentional lack of sympathy. It’s dehumanization. It’s at the heart of everything that’s wrong with our politics and culture.”

And is precisely Jack Hunter’s stock and trade.

“In its most extreme form, it’s what’s wrong with Dylann Roof”

Here Jack scapegoats somebody for his own sins…

“I’m writing this column in a restaurant I frequent and am conscious every time a particular black server I’ve come to know walks by. I don’t want him to see the words “Confederate flag” and think I’m writing about it positively. I have no intention of stopping him to educate him about the “true” meaning of the Confederate flag, as I might have years ago. I’m certain as a black American he already has a pretty concrete idea of how he feels about that symbol.”

Yet another thing Jack has “no intention” of doing, so what IS he doing?

“I care about moving beyond groupthink where right and left stop dehumanizing people more than I care about a flag. I care about white and black Southerners and Americans coming together, as we’ve seen on the streets of Charleston, more than I care about a flag. I’d like to see more coming together.

We will have a future that can be so much better than what a lot of Southern and American heritage represents, but only if we stop thinking of each other as separate camps constantly at war. We can only improve to the degree that we begin viewing one another not as enemies to be attacked but brothers to be loved.”

You can’t bring people together by picking sides, and casting them out of “your movement.”

You can’t have relevance if you bring people across partisan lines together, you sure as shit can’t make any money off of people unless you bring down one set of people against the other, so that you have relevance and can indoctrinate them to your ideology so they are dependent on you, will listen to ONLY you, and send you money to keep you going, “for them!”

“The Confederate flag will always be a roadblock to the betterment of our natures. Let’s take it down so that we might all rise up.”

But we will never “rise up” with people like Hunter tearing us down, and pitting us against ourselves, Conservative vs. Republican, Republican vs. Libertarian, or name caller vs. other name callers…

Do you see the deception, the Bullshit, the unmitigated GALL of an ASSHOLE like Hunter, to use transference to subscribe his sins to his own people, and castigate and victimize them to absolve himself of his own sins, THEN have the gall to say that when we ALL do the same as Jack and engage in collective punishment against our own people, and treat other people SOLELY on the basis OF their race, which is what Martin Luther King DIED to eradicate, and all in the name of being tolerant and respectful to and be a part of society, you can see who Hunter serves, what Hunter serves, and to what ENDS Hunter serves…

Why was this racist, radio slug, brought back into respectable employment as a political editor of a website… So that he could be useful in balkanizing and pitting the people of the Liberty movement against each other, and make any and everybody who wasn’t a mainstream sellout Republican seem like the DEVIL.

But who is acting more like the devil these days…

Jack Hunter… or YOU!

He believes it is YOU!

I respectfully disagree…

To quote Reggie Hammond:



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